How to set up gas & electricity in your new home

hey guys moving home is a really exciting time but it can also be pretty stressful and expensive too so in this video I’m gonna talk through how you can get your gas and electricity set up in your new home with zero hassle and how you can make sure you’re on the best deal available for you let’s get to it so the first thing to do and getting gas on electricity set up in your new home is to take a meter reading your new suppliers will need this before putting you on supply there are a number of different types of meter out there but generally speaking you read the digits from left to right and you ignore any digits written in red or after the decimal point if you haven’t taken a meter reading before or you need a refresher check out the guide which is linked in the description below it’s super easy when you know how so once you’ve taken your meter reading the next thing to do is find out what the nprn and the GPRA numbers are at your address your MP Iran is an 11 digit number which relates to your electricity supply and your GP RN is a seven digit number which relates to your gas supply now you can ask your landlord or a state agent to give you these numbers but if they don’t have them to hand you might be quicker phoning ESP networks directly yourself or your MP RN and gas networks aren’t for your GPR n the numbers are in the description below so the next thing to do is to compare gas and electricity suppliers now don’t just go with whoever your landlord or your estate agent recommends because this can easily lead to overpaying you should compare all suppliers to make sure you’re getting the cheapest price for you in many cases as well over 300 euro in the difference between what suppliers charge over the course of a year so to compare suppliers just go to bonkers daata eak and select the option which says I don’t have a supplier or I have just moved in then you’ll see a nice list of all your options sorted in order of price once you’ve decided which gas and electricity supplier is one to go with you can sign up online on bonkers sada e in a matter of minutes you don’t need to contact your new suppliers directly you just enter your meter reading your ampere n in your GPR N and a few personal details online and you’ll be up and running with gas and electricity in your new home in no time thanks for watching the video guys hope it helps take some of the hassle out of moving homes so you can focus more on the fun and excitement of this time if you know anybody else that’s moving home soon tag them below and if you have any questions just leave a comment and we’ll get right back to you

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