Pet Insurance | Is It Worth It? How Does It Work?

hey guys today we’re gonna be talking about pet insurance I get a lot of questions about pet insurance at work and also online so I wanted to make this video to address all the questions for those of you that don’t normally watch my videos and have no idea who I am I do work at the veterinary clinic I have worked in a veterinary clinic for eight years now and I am in school to receive my veterinary nursing degree or veterinary technology degree I also just went through the process of treating my dog Katy for cancer and I just want to share my opinions about it before we get started with this video I do want to say a disclaimer these are my personal opinions from my personal experiences I personally do use

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nationwide pet insurance there are a bunch of different ones out there so with that being said let’s get into this video there are so many different pet insurance companies out there and it is definitely hard to choose the right one for you like I said I do use nationwide pet insurance because when I was doing my research that’s the one that fit me personally and that is the one that I thought got the most bang for my buck and I have really been happy with my decision with nationwide pet insurance also another disclaimer nationwide has no idea who I am I am not paid by them I do not make any money from this video just gonna put that out there I think it’s important when you’re choosing a company to do your


research and see what company works best for you in your budget and your pet how does pet insurance work well let me just tell you I have my cat Kovu who is almost eight years old and then I just recently got a new puppy he is currently three months old the younger the pet is the cheaper the insurance is I’ll get into how much all that costs in the next question so I pay a monthly set fee every single month for both my dog and cat let’s say I go to the vet and I spin five hundred dollars I do have to pay that five hundred dollars up front out of my own pocket and then the insurance reimbursed me later for nationwide it usually takes about a month maybe two months depending on if they’re super swamped now when it comes to how much money do I get back off my $500 I get 90% back so of that $500 that I spent I got four hundred and fifty dollars back ok so how much does pet insurance cost it all nicely depicts so you can go online and get a free quote for the insurance company I will have the nationwide link in the description box if you’re curious and you want to see how much it costs but it depends on a lot of different things it depends on how old your pet is if they have any pre-existing conditions where you’re located and what breed of animal you have so for instance my cat Kovu who is almost eight years old I signed him up for pet

insurance when he was four years old because that’s when I learned about pet insurance I wish I would have done it when he was a kitten because it would have been a lot less expensive so for him I pay $50 a month he has a one hundred dollar deductible he also does have pre-existing conditions the big thing to understand about insurance is that if your cat comes to the vet and they diagnose him with a broken leg and then you decide to get insurance after it’s already been diagnosed the insurance is not going to cover that that’s why it is so important to get your pet pet insurance why they are a puppy or a kitten before they develop any pre-existing conditions because then the insurance will pay for his my cat does have cystitis so any expense that is related to his urinary problems I do pay out-of-pocket for however if he gets sick his vaccines his flea and tick prevention his

heartworm prevention and all of those expenses that were not pre-existing the insurance covers and I do not regret the decision for signing him up at four years old because the older he has gotten the more things are starting to go wrong and the insurance is covering it I’m moving on to the puppy that I just got his name is Rustin I got Rustin when he was eight weeks old and the day I got him I signed him up for his pet insurance another thing to understand is when you sign up for pet insurance you don’t have the insurance activated the next day it took about two or three weeks for the insurance to be activated so that’s another thing to consider is if your pet is sick and you’re like I’m just gonna sign up for insurance and then take him to the vet the next day that’s not how it works before the insurance is approved if you take your animal to the vet within that two to three week


waiting period that’s considered pre-existing the insurance isn’t gonna cover it so for Rustin I do pay $45 a month for him and he has a two hundred dollar deductible I believe it’s 200 or 250 but he’s already gotten sick multiple times and the insurance has already been worth it so the reason I have Rustin through month old puppy is because my other dog Katie who was eight years old she just recently passed away like within the past couple months and I did sign her up for the insurance when she was four years old because of that I paid ninety five dollars a month for her insurance and I think her deductible was around one hundred dollars I know why do you think that I’m crazy for paying ninety five dollars a month for my dog and at the time I thought I was crazy too however my dog was diagnosed with histiocytic sarcoma which is a type of cancer it honestly came out of nowhere she got very sick very fast took her to the vet did x-rays ultrasounds specialty appointment biopsies all these different kind of medications prescription foods I spent

thousands of dollars on her treatment and if I didn’t have the pet insurance I would not have been able to afford any of it I was honestly so grateful for the insurance because I got 90 percent of my money back which was really nice because I wanted to do everything I could to help my dog and I was able to and then I was able to not be financially struggling because I got my money back another thing that I thought was really neat is they did actually pay for some of her euthanasia as well which was really nice so I have my computer here and I’m gonna show you how you can sign up and get a free quote there are a bunch of different variables when it comes to how much you’re gonna pay for your pet insurance so it says where do you live I’ll just put in my Louisiana zip code then it’s gonna ask what kind of pet you have we’ll choose a dog and we’ll say it’s a mixed breed dog a small mixed breed dog I think it’s how much for us it is yeah let’s say Ruston how old is your pit he’s


between zero and 11 months and we’re just gonna put in there are three different plans you can choose from there major medical which basically covers like emergencies it says accidents illnesses some hereditary conditions cancers you can use any vent specialties ER then you have your moderately priced one which is the pet it has a list of everything it covers there I personally have the whole pet with wellness insurance I like this one because it does cover accidents and illnesses it also covers like your wellness exams the vaccines flea and heartworm prevention your $18 $42 or $70 which is weird because when I signed up for it the most expensive one that I pay for is $45 a month I guess it depends on the


area I don’t know though this is the coverage that I have 90% back on your veterinary bills no annual reimbursement limit in a $250 deductible so that’s the plan that I use on all of my animals you can go online get a free quote I hope I answered all of y’all’s questions if I didn’t leave me questions in the description box and I’ll answer them to the best of my capabilities I will have the nationwide link in the description I’ll also have their phone number they are super nice and they always answer and when you call you talk to a human which is really really nice if you like these kind of videos make sure to give me a thumbs up so I know what videos to put out for you guys what you’re enjoying the most of I love you guys so much remember to stay weird on my birch family and I’ll see in my next video bye [Music] [Applause]

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