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good morning everyone, we're going to see how to register at Cashback World like the various payments work as can be used once the link that I will put under the video or you have arrived via email there are known how far you will get this page here is a simple page in registration with any site name surname date of birth and e-mail etc. here, tick all those apart here if you don't want to receive any information you will click on when you click on next and it seems to me remember that there is to be confirmed by email and registration and then you will come to this page some on the main page the dashboard of CashBack world then what CashBack world is a cash back system then returns of money that every time you buy a product services in companies affiliated with this circuit I have called precisely CashBack world you will receive a percentage of money back I'll give you an example how much you can see the most famous are also the latest news about the stores on his site for example we have seen some cells for reconditioned products that from one percent of facebook how many companies there are in Italy we go on the lens enlargement and we can say that in Italy there are 27781 other companies very famous companies can be kiko Toys mondadori as we have said those who vote gamestop trenitalia how do you use this CashBack system there are several meters of this kind or you use a physical card that comes to you or online physics and online ceramides all physical you only have if you are ask at the sponsor who brought you to the circuit CashBack anyway all of you have it online or on the application like I'll show you how the application works by simply listening the phone comes out of yours that bait carc you can exhibit precisely in the companies that have an agreement with another system are just what vouchers what are the vouchers and vouchers is practically a voucher as the same word says that CashBack World has purchased from the company for example this case is who with Milan so you will have to go and buy a voucher for an amount determinant determined for example here on the vouchers are from 20 euros you will go to the Kiko of Milan in this example but in my opinion all the shops in Italy are excluded, except the one in Livigno therefore apart from that of all the other kiko shops they accept vouchers from cashbasck world at the shop you will exhibit you will show the walter and they will discount you 20 euros if you have to spend more or you won't pay anything you will have of the remaining credit in the voucher yes spend less than 20 euros if you spend 20 euros the vouchers are finished you pay nothing because you have already paid before then one kind of a credit that you have towards the company I bought you before with the 4 percent of CashBack in this case will be 80 cents a shopping then come back 100 euro so 0.2 shopping point what is the shopping point of shopping point or deals they are points that you can accumulate once with another one certain quantity you can go to here in this section shopping point and deals e the partner companies offer discounts to customers in this case you are a customer of CashBack World these shopping points I give an example knows in the mood that it will be a beauty center certainly in exchange for non-shopping points it can be worth up to 10 euro 1 you will have just 10 euro discount another example of facial cleansing always at sun and moon this time instead with a shopping point can be worth 5 euro other type of payment we have said the online or physical card how it works is very simple go to a store that accepts the card as you see go always go back to the page main internet fair you will go in searches click on the lens on the slow here where there is purchase mode clicked only CashBack Card It is therefore evident that there are 27 thousand and 93 and companies that accept CashBack card also here certainly out of 27 thousand companies there will surely be one near which I went to buy the product service how it works I give you an example of reggio emilia now this should be if this is a restaurant that ca reggio emilia accepts the CashBack Card and 3 percent of that of cash back and 2005 shopping point every 100 euro practical example go as your friends you are in five spend 150 euros 200 euros accounts little bit more even you go to pay credit cards easily or with as many as you normally pay in addition to credit cards or cash me also give them the CashBack Card of their scanner they will realize and you will receive 3 per cent out of 200 euros are 6 euros plus 2.5 shopping points on 200 euros are five shopping points of the value they can have a value up to 50 euros off so they actually are let's say the advantage in addition to the cash you have right from the cashback you also have a 50 euro discount that you can use in various other companies another example of this is this fort of a peppe the mart don peppe you can see here will be a menu I imagine with the shopping point you will have 15 euros so you go to the one here aim and spend 200 and take back 6 roll out 14 and to you even five that can be worth up to 50 euros then you practically go to eat and you earn so I recommend you bring your friends to eat where there is a CashBack, no jokes aside however very convenient also because if you come back then again you will have 15 euro discount on this menu 10 on these facts will show you one shopping point we go to see another method that that of the good ones in this case they serve the page of the euronics from he for cg cash back is a pinpoint shock every 100 euros what is the good the good is a real good of the euronics the only one difference and that indeed they take of the euronics you take it through the CashBack World site what is the difference compared to vouchers that the vouchers are vouchers that have already been purchased before from from the CashBack World circuit while these here to you when you go to buy the voucher you buy it almost directly from euronics and CashBack World from time to time practically by intermediary we say so here we can see that i vouchers here and from 100 euros are not all the 100 euros vouchers there are from 10 25 depends from the company in this case the Euronics does it from 100 euros it is clear that not you have to spend all the centers at once to spend even 50 at a time 25 at a time another method that we can use to receive the cashback and online shopping in this case we are on the page of just eat which by the way does not have a cash back percentage or even a show express rate of 1 euro and 30 plus 0.2 shopping point and standard and one euro 87 plus 0.28 shopping points the first time you call in what differs basically go when downstairs to buy on the online site instead of going directly to the online site, come to the CashBack World site look through the search if the online site ie from the CashBack if there is how just eat click online file shopping and vi the justice page will open in this case nothing this here a pre page that then sends you to the managed page once you have arrived here I made the order on how you always did and everything is tracked in fact you see above that there are two considerations to philippe details for the case of just eat the first is that if you do it from the phone and you have the application just eat from the phone if you click valhalla shopping via prè applied the applications managed and in that case not it works in fact it says they are extended to these made by the just eat so if you want to use receive cashback and use the phone you have to uninstall the just eat application and then click go in shopping otherwise you do it from the computer from the computer always works as you have visa refers to applications just eat your order another consideration of the second is the advantage of having a fixed cash week vi I will give you an example if you just call and buy you around 13 14 euros you have a 10 percent facebook which means that once in ten you eat free and it seems little but I know people who called managed more of 400 times for 1 euro and 30 are 520 euros and have put their hair in front once they knew it and then in general the advantage of CashBack yes sees much more in the long run than in the short term because because one euro is thirty that for the 130 already on 13 euros 10 percent enough however 4 x 100 out of 100 euros are 4 euros out of 10 euros are 40 cents that little though already at the end of the month if you go to see the total you will see that at home but you have received back here 15 16 euros in a year are almost 200 euros and put them in 3/4 years are still fei 6 700 euros then it depends on us they are also gardeners, however, something of the companies where spend a lot more money and 4 percent can be those two too three hundred euros at a time which I repeat to you is money that you would literally have thrown away because on joystiq you buy by passing from the application cash back or go directly to the managed applications the price is that only with the difference that you days from the casebook take back neuro trento which I repeat to you if you buy for 13 euros and 10 percent discount if club for 10 even more it is clear that it is called the spend of 50 euros a little less, however, they are one and a half euros you have avoided throwing away without any effort another example now let's go and see practice commissioned the overs I have to make a purchase at the decathlon so I already know that the acat is not there was I write decathlon or example I'm about to go to the saying I'm going right at home they come from the companies I say or by car before going there I say there was the catwalk so I spend less time but I also have to buy equipment sporting that in any case does not cost little I say I say precisely there is the cashback then I write I go to his site I write adapted and I see that there is between the other one there are two, this one is not here, this is with the decathlon coupons I advise you not to click below in these because it sends you directly on the page while I give you the example point decca yes i do so all come out and videos that the clayton is in two there are two types of decathlon voucher vouchers and there is the 3 good launcher percent so clearly better that you pack because in the end the procedure is always the same in this case I have to buy a little less than 25 euros so I'm going to buy one of 25 I go on order voucher 1 order and voucher you can also go and see what it costs on the site of the desk ton precisely what it costs what you have to go to buy so you already know exactly this costume can compare vouchers for exactly the amount I have to spend because I say okay take a 25 comes the hundred run because even the pt you threw away the cash for 75 euros 3 percent is 75 1 euro and 52 euro 25, however, let's go back to the speech you first threw away two euro 25 think of all the times that is not bad go to this company 27,780 blessed companies first and do not do this procedure pretend to take one euro for one euro and 50 70 cents throw them away just as often as the others that after when you notice it if you don't start using chestnuts as I said before we take a kiss and 25 covi also comes written as the case is present to the code and to have it scanned by the operator very simple from sheets the data is the one there if you spend 27 euros in installments even two euro clearly if you spend less on when you have the voices and then I'll do it see there is a change in the morning and let you write how much you have left on it so he said, I take a 25 euro voucher in this case, the child could also pay the banker's recommendations by bank transfer do it with a credit card which is immediate when I give him benefits facebook 75 cents because 3 percent of 25 euros I talked about shopping pong disco before to have discounts on products and services and sold by companies within CashBack World 25 deals with us ahead ok here is a summary of 25 euros what is said digital percent and valters payment by credit cards I have read I accept horner make the payment ok thanks for your purchase payment order information paid with an import credit card for cooking 25 item vouchers 25 euros quantity 1 ok mobile delivery so where I can find the purchases I can to see immediately it is immediate, I can say right away that date 14 10 9 today the company with the going to the catone decade and purchase voucher 25 euros cash back 75 cents where we can find the I look for above click on the tiny printer once you download the app, open it and log in and you will have the dashboard very similar practically equal to that of the site then where we see i vouchers that we bought we go to these three lines up here we click we can go in my vouchers and ils my vouchers and here we can see that I have exactly the 25 euro vouchers we bought first 14 04 19 the same from zani brigo ci click on it and the voucher comes out with all the codes there they will then request the cashiers from the decathlon and there is practically will discount what you have to pay at this point they become sort of discount you can see how I have already changed here residual credit is now still at 25 euros made one try me first to see if it worked this is clearly a comment not what you write and 25 c written 25 put 2 euros when you go there they do you spend at most 2 euros clearly the code for 25 euros then only serves to remind you how much you are left here is the receipt for decathlon I bought items for 17.98 euros and it is put here exactly vitality gift card in used port 17 20 98 old balance 25 euros which was the the amount of the new balance times what the 7.02 so what we have to do now back on the cash back we have here our voucher in residual credit we are going to touch on the pen and we are 7.02 so we will have another credit of 7.02 euros to use I hope you have understood everything if you have any other questions especially if specific concerns a certain company to the modalities that for the facebook I advise you to go here there is the assistance center and they will know explain everything very clearly if you want to present and the opportunity to cash back to a friend you can write to me at e I do it quietly if you want to make it a business opportunity so you can also and build a business on this type of activity write me contact us we know each other better and I can help you if instead you have a company and you don't want to do business for 30 years integrate this marketing system to your company of the memory it is currently we are around 3 million in Italy of customers and so here they are all people who, when not making a purchase, go and see if there is cash so they could choose the place of your competitors if you offer him a certain percentage of facebook I thank you good day

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