Capital One Quicksilver Card

Researching Capital One Quicksilver Card?
Duane here with how to build credit TV and in this video I'm gonna talk to you
guys about the capital one quicksilver card. This is a card that I actually own
and I've had for quite some time. So I'll be sure to talk about the details
regarding this card but before we get started I have a quick message. Once again my name is Duane with how to
build credit TV. This channel offers 100% free information about how to build
credit, how to get cash back actually catched money using credit cards, as well
as credit card views. So if this sounds like something in which you're interested be
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thing. Okay so you're researching Capital One Quicksilver card, there are actually
two different cards.

One has an annual fee, one has a sign up bonus. I'm gonna go
over the details of both cards in this video. As a matter of fact I actually own
this card this is one of the first cards that I got when I was trying to
re-establish my credit and I just had a simple 1.5% cash back and I was actually
able to accumulate a lot of cash back with this card.

This was one of the first
cards this was the first card that I got all my success as far as cash back is
concerned so that was kind of the card that I got my feet wet in regards to
cash back. So I'll make another video later on talking about the cash back
that I've accumulated with the Quicksilver card but for now I'm just
gonna go ahead and talk to you guys about the two different cards that
Capital One offers two different Quicksilver cards that they offer.

So I'm
gonna go ahead and jump all over to my laptop and I will see you guys on my
laptop give me one second. Okay so I'm at the Capital One website
and I'll go ahead and put the mouse over credit cards on the top left here and
I'll click on compare cards. I'll go ahead collapse this, okay so I'll just
scroll down to where the Quicksilver cards are.

Okay so this card is
Quicksilver rewards I'll start with this one okay so this one says quick silver
one rewards. Okay this one says earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every day on
every purchase every day. Which is straightforward this one has an annual
fee of $39 the main difference between the two cards is number one this one has
an annual fee the other one does not have an annual fee. And the credit level
that's required to get this particular card is an average credit level. So this
one is like I said $39 for the annual fee and you do get to earn cash back
which is 1.5% on every single purchase. So for the people that want a simple
cash back card where they don't have to think about 5% this 5% percent that 3%
on this this one is just 1.5 percent on everything so it's there's no thinking
required but this one.

You don't have to like you know keep track of categories
and so on and so forth alright. So the next one the one this one here is the
Quicksilver rewards and this one is a little bit better the credit level
that's required for this one is excellent and there is no annual fee and
they there is a signup bonus. So that's pretty cool this signup bonus is
actually really easy you just have to spend five hundred dollars within three
months of opening the account and you get a hundred and fifty dollars.

When I
got this card which was almost four years ago there was no signup bonus. Well
I don't know I don't think there was I think the card that I have did not does
not have an annual fee but I'm not sure I get I get confused now it's four years
ago so it's not that big of a deal but I don't remember. However, this card like I
said it's it's hassle-free you just get 1.5% cash back on every single purchase
to me now that's not really a lot but it's something if you're getting your
feet wet as far as cashback is concerned. This is a pretty decent card to do that
so like I said five hundred dollars you spend five hundred dollars in the first
three months you get $150 cash bonus and you can redeem this by getting gift
cards through Capital One.

I use the app all the time I've actually never
redeemed my cash back for a gift card. I just went ahead and used my credit card
and then after i used it i used my cash back and paid my credit card bill so i
credited my account. But that's pretty much it this card is the better between
the two the Quicksilver rewards and the Quicksilver one let's see quickly is it
one yeah okay so Quicksilver one rewards versus the Quicksilver rewards. Okay so
once again one has an annual fee that one is the Quicksilver one rewards this
one here has an annual fee of 39 bucks and you get 1.5% cash back on everything.
And then of course you have the Quicksilver rewards this one does not
have an annual fee and you get $150 cash bonus when you spend $500 within your
first three months which is a very easy goal to attain.

$500 in three months like
if you pay your cellphone, your car insurance, your cable bill, your light
bill you can certainly accumulate $500 in
three months so that'd be pretty easy to do. Alright so that's pretty much it as
far as the Capital One Quicksilver card is concerned I'll see you guys back in
just one second. Alright and that's pretty much it for the Capital One
Quicksilver card like I said there are two different versions there's a Capital
One rewards which has a thirty nine dollar annual fee and you get 1.5% cash
back on everything and then there's a Quicksilver rewards that one does not
have an annual fee and you do get 1.5% cash back on all your purchases. As well
as a sign-up bonus which is one hundred and fifty dollars after you spend five
hundred dollars in three months I think that's a very easy goal to attain so if
you're interested definitely want to give Capital One a shot and if you have
any questions please leave them down with a comment below I'll do my best to
answer them as soon as I see them.

Also I will be making future videos showing you
guys some cashback success that I've had with this particular card the Quicksilver
card from Capital One. So stay tuned for that video alright. Thank you so much for
watching video be sure to LIKE,, comment subscribe and share until next time take
care and be blessed. Peace! .

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