Jamie and Martin Lewis Discuss Money Saving

Oh Jeanette instead of going to your supermarket each week and spending 100 200 quid you were to be billed once a year for it and the bill came in seven thousand nine hundred and fifty quid on your food then you would start saying how the hell do I cut this the one of them that drives me at the wall this people come up to me a coke I can’t out me I’m terrible with money okay the people who are good with money I can’t help it got terrible with money you’re pretty easy to help what we’ve tried to do in the book and the program is that the average cost of every meal is 38 at one pound 38 purple right and if you start throwing up next to a Big Mac which is 4 pound a you know big meal and you know you go out for a Big Mac meal for 4 people this is really normal stuff it’s nearly 20 quid KFC bucket 1699 yeah and you start looking at KFC bucket $16.99 and then start looking at what you can do with actually even like higher welfare chicken for to be of quid there’s low I mean there’s loads out there so we’re super jumpy so it’s just bread and tomato sauce and cheese and it’s an 18 coin yes I mean most profitable sector in restaurant II now buzz wants us to do a program can you save Britain a billion quid and we’ve discussed it and that’s a lot saving up saving a million people thousand pounds a year is a piece of piss right difficulties getting a million people to do it the most powerful thing when you’re going to a supermarket is a 2d linear recording device which is a pen and paper that’s it I mean annotate with your list written before you go we’ll see I always talk to supermarkets are cathedrals of consumerism they’re honed and targeted to make you spend more money than you originally intended to go in so a bit of pre-planning and a list this is what I want the reality is is god knows what the country could save a year if they did everything in the book it would be billions and billions of pounds without without well I know it would be for a fact because the average waste is sort of edging around 40 well you know that’s billions and billions straight away you haven’t even gotten so many and if you took in the indirect cost of the national health and this that and the other and absenteeism from work I mean it gets super super massive it was a sin when we were both in the top five trusted people in the country and that is about trust first I think I beat you actually on that one you beat when everything else is fine God Queen one the Queen the Queen Stephen Fry was number two yeah I got three and you got four that’s amazing what lovely company it’s not bad what dinner party we’d have yeah okay let’s go be Nagoya you’re cooking

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