this power supply is a microprocessor
control linear multiple price range up to 32 volt and 3.5 a.m. and it has one
variable output and two fixed output to fix output this fixed first fix up you
can either pick three point three or five for all the free outputs are
independent isolated floating ground and of course with this kind of setting
you can't connect that is to fixed output in series or any of them in
series with the variable output okay and it has three presets right for
frequently use voltage and current limit it has an output on/off, and all the
indications are so help you to find our state to pass the prices in okay now if
the microprocessor can show is capable of remote programming so that it wire
USB here to your PC or through the ethernet modem okay let's switch on the
power supply and all the light will be on for three seconds and then is output
off right so this is the output of button now up is on okay the variable
range of voltage is 1 volt and you can now you can increase it by 10 millivolt increment okay and the
current blow is from ten midday and you can increase by one me da it's time all
right okay she sees that's an old road and
then the current the next thing I'm gonna show you its presets okay it's
what we call a touch of field preset right so I already preset piece at one
two three okay so let's try one this is preset one okay let's hear okay this is preset to now you notice in
preset to with this setting a CC mode alright and peace at three CV mode which
is setting and preserve – okay

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