How To Lower Electric Bill and Save Money By Kill A Watt

this is kilowatt and it's something that I recommend to everyone so let's check it out hey guys this is a sauna thank you for coming back to yet another video where I'm going to show you guys the best product the best gadget to make your life just a little bit easier so let's get started so a couple of weeks ago when I received my electric bill I was shocked I had no idea of why my electric bill is so high and I was wondering what causes it but it was so hard to determine what is the main issue is my refrigerator not working correctly is my TV's making the problem or is it the audio or the video equipment that I use and on top of that I just built my PC and everything from my PC such as my monitor my computer my speaker everything is just connected to one outlet and I did not know if that outlet is sufficient enough for all those juice coming Adam and I had to check it but there was no really way for me to check it easily until after a little bit of research I came at wat kilowatt this is a really cheap solution that can reduce your energy cost and identify the real energy abuser in your house just simply plug it into your appliance and plug your kilowatt to the power and it will assess how efficient they really are if there are a problem or not the large LCD in front will display the power consumption by kilowatt hour just like your local utility company and it can tell you what is causing all of those issues and you can easily figure out your electrical expenses by day week month or even a year and evaluate the quality of your electrical power and decide if it's sufficient or if it's okay to have those device plugged in or it's time for you to upgrade and go with something that is energy store and it can save you some money again this is a really cheap solution but yet very effective and kill what makes an awesome assortment of a product that can help you in such solution again this is a p3 model and I picked like around $30 for it so without further ado let's open it up and let's see what we get inside since I lost my trusty knife I'm gonna rely on this hanging knife is there plastic packaging which is not recyclable so companies out there let me put this down don't wanna look violence so companies out there change your packaging to cardboard this is hurting the environment don't use plastic first of all it is extremely difficult to take this out of the box and second of all why you hurting the environment – upon opening the package you basically get only this item and that's it this is inside of it with the instruction manual which is actually printed on the box itself but this is the unit itself it is pretty simple pretty straightforward and self-explanatory with one plug-in and a little LCD right here and couple of different knobs on the top that you can differentiate what or how you like your data to shown they have in what in-app in volt and in Hertz and in TV which I'm not sure and right here kilowatt per hour that's what you need so simply you plug in your item to the unit and after you plugged it in you press kilowatt and you simply connect your device to it so right now what I have here is my battery power bank and I'm gonna plug it in right here and this thing is gonna tell me how much juice is gonna is it taking and this is it it shows that is taking 0.02 amps which is about 1.1 watt which is not bad this is really low this is a cheapo power bank that I got at Northeastern University it will given it out this by no means is taking a lot of power and if you want to convert it to hurt this is the information that it shows so it's really easy to switch between your options and see what actually is happening and if you go to kilowatts per hour you can start a timer and see how much energy is at taking out and every city every state charge differently based on their kilowatts an hour so simply get this number and you get the amount they're charging per kilowatts and then do a little calculation I figure out how much if you have this plugged in 24 hours a day will cost you and we prepared that something like a television or your computer even blender turned off you're drawing power for them to do all those updates and stuff especially your ps4 if you're a ps4 player if your Xbox player they consume power even when they're off so something like this can help you a lot and I highly recommend it to everyone out there check it out let me know what you think and I hope you guys liked it so as always stay happy stay classy and Steve beautiful and I'll check you guys on the next one [Music]

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