How to Save Money Even When You’re Broke SAVING MONEY TIPS

Hello and welcome back to my channel
AJ Life Hacks! Today I am really really excited to talk about money and
to talk more specifically about how to save money when you're broke because
I've been there and being super transparent with you I don't make a ton
of money like I mean I'm fine and stuff but I would like to make a ton of money
but still like with you know making an average income my husband and I are able
to save thousands and thousands of dollars a year so I wanted to share with
you the top tips for how to save money when you're broke because let's be real
all of us are broke at some point in our life and saving money is always a good
idea so let's get on to these tips for you to save some serious moolah. My first
tip for you is to figure out your money goals. So many people are told that money
is evil that money is bad if you want money you're a bad person so they don't
think about money.

They don't learn how to manage money they don't have money
goals and that is mistake number one especially people who find themselves as
broke or poor they typically don't have financial goals and don't know how to
handle money and so the tape that I have for you right here is to actually set
some financial goals and to take the time to sit down and say how much money
is enough money for me or how much money can I make and be really like satisfied
with or how much money do I need to make and figure out your goals another huge
part of this tip is to study money one of my favorite books I have it right
here is on the Total Money Makeover by Dave
Ramsey. I love this book my husband and I I read it on my own twice and then my
husband and I read it together and it has changed our lives because I first of
all loved Dave Ramsey I love everything that comes out of that man's mouth but
it's so critically important to know how to handle money because if you read any
book like "Rich Dad Poor Dad" or "Money" by Tony Robbins
they are teaching you that there are laws and principles to money and the
first thing to saving money and stop being broke or poor is to figure out not
only your goals but how to actually handle money and the laws of money so
tip number two now that you've figured out your money goals and how to handle
money is to set a budget now this can be a dirty word to some people budget to me
is like a golden word.

I love budgets! I love knowing where my
money is going and so you can't view a budget as like I can't buy fun stuff
anymore no you totally can you have a set amount of twenty dollars a month
that you quote-unquote spend on fun stuff or that you are just figuring out
where your money is supposed to go that is a budget and so I can't emphasize
enough like how important a budget is for saving money and that seems really
obvious but figure out a budget for yourself because I bet money that most
of you watching this video don't budget and that you just look at your bank
account and if you have money in there awesome and if you don't well dang it so
find a budget go online google it there are a million out there find what works
for you but use it my next money tip for you so my third one is to avoid debt
avoid debt like the plague now I know you've heard that from your mom from
your grandma but you're like oh yeah well I have this awesome credit card
that I was pre-approved for and you know I have to go into debt for student loans
like that is a good thing no debt is never a good thing
now some business people whatever might have problems with what I just said
there but debt for you right now is not a good thing and yes some of us like I
had to get a car loan but I paid it off as fast as possible and guess what
I was completely 100% debt-free through college because I understood that when
you have student loans they can cripple your success later in life because
you're paying like a second mortgage to pay off an education that's only making
you an average salary so avoid that.

Avoid it
everywhere. Don't put stuff on your credit card. You know work your way
through college like people are gonna look at you like you're crazy and
they're gonna say don't you want to build your credit don't you want to have
nice and wonderful things oh you need a new car you need a new phone block them
out because the way you are living right now and if you can avoid debt well build
a tremendous future for you in the in the future but it will help you in the
long run and so avoid debt like the plague and those people who are like oh
you need all these nice things just tell me I'm gonna have those things later in
life when I can pay cash for my for tip for you is my absolute favorite and it's
just save money where you can now yes that seems so obvious with saving money
but a lot of people don't understand how much money you can save so case in point
I'm wearing a really fun shirt that's like Avenue and something I don't know
is a designer brand guess how much I paid for this I paid a quarter a quarter
yes like for those make up a dollar I paid a quarter for this shirt almost
practically brand-new at a garage sale and garage selling is my favorite hobby
I guess you call it in the whole world I'll go out on Saturday morning this is
my mom and my sister and I find amazing things another way is to go thrift
shopping um there are so many wonderful ways to save money on clothes on
groceries I know you think you need to go to Sam's Club or Costco but um
sometimes they don't have the best deals or sometimes you don't need all of those
fancy treats and like eating out oh my word that is a huge like I don't want to
say waste of money cuz you know food is good and I get that sometimes we just
need a really good like cafe Oreo or Costa Vita taco if you know what I mean
but like I would limit that that's in your budget you can spend $20 a month
eating out um and that's a really awesome like Milla Cafe Rio but you just
are really aware of where your money going and that you're saving money where
you can you're eating at home you're buying thrift store clothes which by the
way is the only way to get like amazing clothes and a great deal also like just
start to open your mind to ways that you can save my husband and I when we got
married we furnished our whole house like I'm talking a house I bought a
house thanks to these tips I had enough money
we've furnished that whole house for under a thousand dollars
how garage sales we paid cash free stuff people will give you discounts if you
ask for discounts but also you're like hey I have cash with that lower the
price like don't snuff that you stuff it's
amazing and so I can do some more videos on those if you'd like but through
hitting and saving money is the way to go
my last tip excuse my rant tongue thrifting but this is my last step and
that is to focus on the reward of saving money all of us I don't care how little
money you make you can always save money if you you know have some goals you set
a budget you're living within your means but it can get hard when it comes down
to those hard times of when you feel really stupid saving money or you feel
like you deserve to dip into your savings because you've been so good for
so long or you really want to go buy something kind of on an impulse focus on
the reward what are you like saving towards things back to your first goal
of figuring out your financial goals do you want to be financially independent
is that why you're saving do you want to retire early do you want to start a
family do you want to provide great things for your family what is the
reason you're saving and it can be as silly as you're saving for a new
Lamborghini this is your goal and your life and so and it's your money like you
worked so hard for this so make sure that you're focusing on the reward and I
would really have you focus on the fact that you are learning and growing and
you're telling your money where to go instead of your money telling you where
to go oh there you have it those are my top tips for how to save money when
you're broke because like I mentioned earlier all of us at some
in our life are broke we really are if that's whether we are in high school and
college and just starting our career and feeling like we're not making the money
we should saving money will always be a great great solution great answer it's a
great thing to do not only does it help build yourself discipline it helps you
out in tough times when you need money and if you have money you are going to
be able to weather the storms of life without like completely devastating
yourself or throwing yourself far into debt so use these tips let me know what
you think please comment below on your favorite ones and possibly if you want
to see some drifting videos those are so fun to me and I love saving money anyway
I can't so as you can tell I'm jazzed about this video.

So please give it a
thumbs up and if you haven't yet be sure to subscribe to my channel because I
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for stopping by to see this video and I will see you in the next one so Abbi J out..

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