How to pair an Xbox One controller with an iPhone or iPad

with iOS 13 you can finally play iOS
games on your iPhone or iPad with your Xbox one controller and fortunately it's
really easy to set up as long as you have the right controller and we're
going to show you how to do that here's what you need first you're going to need
I oh s 13 or iPad OS 13 if you're on an iPad and right now that means you're
going to need to be on the beta which I'll warn you is a little buggy now
here's where it gets a little complicated you're gonna need a
Bluetooth wireless controller which that means you need model 1708 this is the
one that came with the Xbox one s it's the only one that supports bluetooth
earlier ones like this one wireless controllers will not support it and you
can tell if you're looking closely because this one has a little segment
around the Xbox logo and that means it doesn't support it should all it like
one face alternatively later this year you can use the elite 2 controller that
cost 180 bucks but it will also work with bluetooth and it will work with
your phone so to set this up first you're going to go into settings then
you're going to go into bluetooth make sure that this toggle is turned to green
because otherwise your Bluetooth isn't on we have sometimes found that it's
easier to pair stuff if you just do a reset like this really quickly so our
Bluetooth is running so we're gonna pick up our Xbox controller
now you have two ways to do this if your controller has never been paired to
anything else like this one is holding down on the Xbox button for a few
seconds will be enough to start the pairing process if it is already paired
to something else like an Xbox button first you're gonna want to hold this
down to turn it on and then this button on the back here you're going to want to
hold that down for about five seconds instead of the Xbox home button and so
in this case again we're gonna press the home button and the light should start
professional quickly immediately over here on the phone we see Xbox wot
wireless controller would like to pair with your phone
we're gonna pair that and immediately it's paired and that's all there is to
it you can see here from the light being stable that it is it is paired and then
you can use it with any MFI controller compatible game on iOS so if you're done
playing and you want to disconnect to your Xbox one controller you have two
ways of doing it on the Xbox one controller itself you could just simply
hold down the button here for about five seconds and it should just shut off
entirely and there don't even have to worry about doing
anything on the phone alternatively let's turn it back on in there it's
already connected again you can go into your control center on your iPhone go to
the bluetooth menu here hold it down and then you'll see Bluetooth Xbox one
wireless controller hold that down and you can scroll to the bottom right here
on mine at least where it says Xbox wireless controller press that and as
you can see it disconnects if you're on a trip or something and you don't want
to use your controller or you're afraid like you know you're something in your
bag will accidentally do it it's really easy just unpair it and you go to this I
here forget this device forget this device and it's unpaired to pair it
again you'll have to go through that same process but as you saw it's really

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