iPhone 7 için Amerika’ya Gitmek

The iPhone 7 will go on sale in Turkey on October 14 and as always is very expensive (1674 AZN) I decided to give it a try this time and today I got a plane ticket tomorrow morning to fly to New York tomorrow. Thanks I can get the money I came to America for the first time in my life at the airport in New York And I'll buy my iPhone and come back The airport is here right now You need to go to Manhattan Island Manhattan Island is a big island and everything is here I'll go to Aplle Store and buy my iPhone, I'll walk around until I get there Then I will return to the airport again American Woman: Where to Go Orkun: Manhattan American Woman: You are in the wrong sequence Orkun: Ohh Door closed Orkun: Really? American Woman: Yes it goes Don't know what time it will be next time reopened get get get (American movie scene :))) a coward It was like a movie scene that was pretty goosebumps it's beautiful newyork in my dream I'm the first one buildings very long buildings

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