Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Changes GOOD and BAD?!

Renren Movie and TV Original TranslationMore information Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 codename leaked And some positive and negative news Huawei Mate X seems to be released, someone has posted a hands-on video Rumored Galaxy S11 Lite has further news This time it's color matching information My name is Jaime Rivera Yesterday (the day before yesterday) the Google conference was really crazy We took a hands-on video But then I want to elaborate on the evaluation video I will know the specific reason after watching the video Here is the PocketNow Daily Let's take a look at the discount information today It was actually just released Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL Horizon now has a buy one get one free discount Pay $ 33 a month and get a mobile phone for 24 consecutive months If you transfer to Horizon, you will get a $ 200 discount.

Actually worth it See more details The specific value is not worth watching the evaluation video Motorola's G series is really worth buying Want to buy a cost-effective mobile phone with good performance Now G8 leaks news Motorola G8 supposedly equipped with Snapdragon 665 processor 6.3-inch screen 4000mAh battery and headphone jack The headphone jack is also a feature Camera includes 48-megapixel main camera 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle action camera And 5-megapixel depth of field with laser autofocus Think of the G series actually 48 million pixels There are currently 5 models of 48-megapixel sensors Should be different Let's take a look at the Galaxy S11 Plus or S11 Not sure when it will be available But it should be the same early next year as before Some details have been leaked It is said that the device passed the HTML5 test There will be narrower borders, not necessarily S11 Plus But it should be The screen should be 20: 9 instead of the 19: 9 of the current S series But the phone wo n’t grow Not like Xperia 1 But likely similar to OnePlus 7T Although not particularly narrow, it is narrower than before Look at the real machine behind Let's talk about the Galaxy S10 Lite before watching the news below Currently the heat is still And Note 10 Lite The Note 10 Lite is said to be available in three colors Like the S10 Lite, it was released in white, black and blue.

Sources say Samsung is indeed in development but not sure when it will be available Or will it be available only in certain regions, such as Europe It should be available in India and other places, but the price of mobile phones is a bit high Remember to follow us anytime to update the latest news Look at the news of Huawei Mate X again I got the non-foldable version in China very close to the production machine Actually we also made a video But something went wrong But Huawei Mate X is still my favorite folding phone And now it ’s one step closer to launch There were rumors two days ago that Mate X has started mass production.

YouTube now has unboxing videos Should be on sale in October The matching box is large and the matching bag is If this phone is still the original one Even with so many changes May also support Google services But there are other rumors that it will not support it, which is a bit awkward. Last is the hottest news Related to Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Now there is new news, good and bad I am looking forward to this phone Galaxy Fold I have used for a while Reviews will be posted soon But the current rumors don't seem right The code name for this phone should be Bloom Samsung phone department confirmed the news And said that software development based on Android 10 has begun The news also said that the phone may use an 8-inch screen So it may not be open-closed This will ensure that the size is not too large but the external screen is also larger.

There is also news that the shell material will be changed to ultra-thin elastic glass material Avoid creases in the middle of the phone But still can't change the fragile screen What are your thoughts in the comments? It's okay to use better material code Bloom But what I care most is whether I really like folding phones This shell-shaped mobile phone I really like the feeling of a phone becoming a tablet But I don't like typing on the tablet Unless they make the screen change I am also not certain Any comments please comment Do you like the new Galaxy Fold 2 Want to master first-hand informationFollow Subscribe to our channel View more of these foods Follow us on social media accounts Ins account will post more content Follow my private account See how i play mobile If you like this video, remember Sanlian I ’m Jaime Rivera, thanks for watching see you tomorrow Renren Film and TV Original Translation More information Follow Weibo @PocketNow 中文 站 @ 人人 电影 Subtitle sharing production: somehacker SumenQ

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