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What is your friend, I am your friend Keaton and today I have brought you a unique and interesting thing. I'll show you today The world's first small-scale iPhone, which actually works. I watched the VideoApplePro video on everything in them I'm giving her the link with the EcoWad you get it in three colors The size of the iPhone is smaller than the phone shown. This is actually a small iPhone. Mini iphone, i can call it iphone se square Or again the SEC Go from four to two and two to the left Don't know me So whenever we talk about the iPhone, we talk about the true iPhone's Perhaps the iPhone 10, the new phone has such a camera, but all of these are also I am providing a link below You can see it here It actually looks like the iPhone 7 Plus It has a sky-high camera and comes with a matte finish. They are also available in other colors So without wasting time now, look at them open Open them up and let's get started See how beautiful It also has a screen protector The screen protector has already been fitted Looks like iPhone 7 Plus | Probably what the iPhone 8 is like | What's the matter | It looks like a Jaipo lighter I also liked this good lottery phone, and if you can't watch the video, either I am providing a link here This lighter phone, Gold wire touch screen and it will be available for $ 120, but so is it You can get $ 79 dollars, it's hot because of the coil, But it's really small enough for us and what's available in this pouch, an and screen protector Accessories for the rest Charging Cable, SIM Removal Tool | The rest of the phone memory and other equals? I see it from a close This leaf will be removed This is awesome | It really looks like an iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone 7 It reminds me of my colorful iPhone Watch that video for sure and learn that we made a red iPhone before Apple I have a light coat And the table is also not getting worse | It has aluminum light, SIM slot, power button Are there two cameras, not one This is the L-led flash There are buttons on this side Here is the Micro USB Charging Port | The Dead Inch screen is shown Don't know Try turning them on There's also a camera in the front It also has a home button What's the matter | This is really really working So it's on and it is welcome Look at the rest of the phone's colors until it's on Of this black color Very beautiful and looking new What's the matter | Who is sending A | Who is sent to whom? Papal came to me, it came from the color of the gold and the pin pinned to the bottom, this is awesome.

The cleanest look in red What's the matter | Now you can see the red stars The Home button is activated Swipe upwards, check out these apps I think I'm using the iPhone Swipe down It's really fantastic Let me show you the settings that are in the K version of Android I think that Android would be 4 or 5 or 6, maybe 7 Do you know 8 will be available | Android 6A | As much as less to know | This is really going on Mashalom What is amazing is this | I can make this phone better Just a little better and better I tell them to add buttons to the back and molitasking sleeves But no matter, the home button is there Beautiful It works fine This is the mini iPhone S so my hopes are working well Its touch is good The camera and all the other applications you can find such as the real iPhone Let's open the camera The front camera is fantastic | You can see that this is the viewfinder you can grab this way My Lord Focus on His Language | I swear it's not clear how many megapixel cameras there are I'm looking at a picture tattoo And a selfie | That's what makes it so good Now you will vote for me on the eCard and tell me if these money is fake or not Beautiful I can see in your face that this kind of phone is nothing short of a surprise You can expect more from a camera Somewhat jeezy ao a | It also has video mode Record the video I am now recording From the world's smallest iPhone SE | Shihab is also seen in his bed Take a look at these huge iPhone 10s earlier thanks to our sponsor Gatorade Fidget Spinner Phone To Us | That's great You can stop at the center of the video You will find some similar advantages that there is no phone in the wallpaper for $ 200 to $ 300.

Beauty module even, no matter what the mic | I didn't believe then Here's a beauty modi | I was drawn to a photo Look what I see What is the end of this face | Let's see this face This is how good it looks I can't even see one running The camera is super cool, and see what's there I found a calculator for Android Andes Calculator Marshmallow, Orio or It is seen in jellybean Download, Calendar, Sound Recorder | Let's open it up I'm still recording a sound Which looked like the new iPhone? I don't know what it says You can leave me a comment His level goes up when you're talking? What is even better for you to do inside this phone is its browser on the Internet This is the best option for me Let's connect to a Wi-Fi network Get Wi-Fi on it I like this thing Not so good at keyboard typing It reacts like an iPhone | Let us try techsmartt's video and open the browser What do I do now? | A worm or cockroach will be created for you to type Let me see how this fits into my hostel We are now on YouTube I'm taking this to a limit where some new phones just can't be found on youtube as well Want to open this now Check out my cute video Oh, this is fantastic The video looks very clear I have no word on how nice this phone sounds This is the first video Play in a video Watch the video Mashish …

Ipsy Dashi Fidget Take a look at A | What's the matter | I received a video of a fidget spinner phone but how is this Oxford therapy up? I am wrong in that I am no less Let's see I'm a fidget spinning phone I do not know what friend is behind The 720p display seems to be stopping it You can watch videos with fidget spinning phones I have to pay his link to icard I still don't believe That's what a phone can get so much Email, sound recorder, file manager, and the Play Store I like this home button At least they didn't change them at least You also have the benefit of locating your face Wasn't nice But I like the Home button very much But there's no iPhone near the EV, it has Google Pixel and that's a good thing But what he probably needs to see is that there must always be an invisible button on Android What can we do with this phone? I can conquer this world friends So what is the cheapest phone in the world right now? Furun ninja near us Download | Then 20 minutes later it was downloaded Mr.

Fly, why, why? I'm going to beat you right away Big Stop the bus There is something refreshing but it is nice This is being a ruthless game Bare | Let's not be so bad I'll show you the tax Not too bad I think it will be streamlined, Having a falling frame As seen, do not float Saw my triple combo! The game is now over and you will see in the YouTube video that the screen here is good This mini iPhone is really shameful You are truly ashamed, my friend, to be ashamed of Satyamev So much so in the world's smallest phone video If you are new, subscribe and be sure to switch to You can also follow me on Instagram.

Now I find you in his next video Until then .

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