iPhone 3GS SCAM!

I got scammed. Now this isn't a clickbait title at all, because it's a hundred percent true, true story. If you've seen the unboxing that I posted a few days ago. *background music* During that entire unboxing video, I was super suspicious from the very start. This is not the handy work of an original, unboxed iPhone. I just want to tell you. Unfortunately for myself, but fortunately for everyone else in the world, I am extremely naive, and I want to believe that there is good in the world, and everyone is nice and kind. And they would never just willingly screw someone over. But who am I kidding, this is the internet. That's like the most contradictory thought, that you could ever have. There were so many telltale signs, that the 3GS phone that I bought that said it was factory sealed, was in fact, not factory sealed at all.

There was a very common theme, in the comments, and most of you guys who especially are Apple fans said: Justine, why did you not watch EverythingApplePros video? I missed that one. And I wished I would have seen it, because I probably wouldn't be here, making almost the exact same video that he made. Thankfully, though, I didn't spent as much as he did on the phone, I only spent 450 dollars, and I know you're saying only, but he spent thousands. Only to find out that it was a scam. Repackaged, to be sold as brand new. I should have known that it was to good to be true, because I was like wow 450 like I think that is a pretty good deal for a perfectly factory sealed 3GS from 2009. So let's get through the top things that i found, that proofed that this phone was not what it said it was. Number 1, the box was terribly sealed.

In my feeble mind, naive heart I'm wanting to think that everyone in the world is good. I was like, well maybe it's just because it's old. No, it's not because it's old. It's because somebody resealed it. My one main concern though, is… *phone box making a strange noise* After doing a few simple searches, it is actually really, really easy to reseal a box and then make it look like it's new. Well, you didn't even do a good job at making it look like it was new, bro. But I looked past it. *giggling* This is what we came for. I moved on, I moved on to number two. Now if nothing else, this was the huge red flag for me. I was like this can't be, there is absolutely no way that Apple would have made this mistake. They would never ever, ever do this. These people are liars. There was a terribly placed screen protector over top of it when I opened it.

And not only that, there was a perforated, little line, that clearly made it seem like this was some sort of a roll type thing, and they just threw it down, ripped it off and on you go. I wanted to believe. Number three, is this something that looks brand new? No. It's like super scuffed. There's fingerprints on it. *annoyed* But yet, I still wished to believe Number four, this was a very small detail, but one that was just another red flag, just waving itself in front of my face. *strange noise from box* What's that? This is the little SIM card ejector. This was placed, rather strangely wrapped up with the headphones. That I also thought that was very weird, because Apple is very particular about everything that they do, everything has a place. And most of the time that I can recall, this was always neatly wrapped inside of here.

On the same note of the SIM card, I was like that's weird, this little cover seems to be super scratched. That's strange, I'm actually gonna see if there's anything in here. Okay, there is, there is still a SIM card. A brand new phone, that has never been opened would not have a scratched cover like this.

Can you see it? It, it's very faint, actually it's not that faint at all. It's like a huge gash. Number six, this is something that completely slipped my mind, in the timeline of Apple history. So i guess it worked, uhm, I'm gonna not use iCloud. I basically can't remember what I did yesterday, so the fact that I didn't remember when iCloud was originally announced, is not really a surprise to me. It may come as a surprise to you guys, because I'm clearly a huge Apple fan. So this is something that I feel I should have realized. I'm so upset, this iPhone came out in June of 2009. The first mention of iCloud was not until like 2011. Flashing, flashing in front of my face is the answer. There was no iCloud in 2009, there was no iCloud until October of 2011. Two freaking years. A huge oversight on my part, and a huge thank you to so many of you guys who actually pointed that out right away. And last, but not least the one final missing link to the puzzle piece, to find out if this phone had ever been activated before, is putting in the Serial Number or the IMEI number online and it will tell you if your phone has been activated before.

And if it hasn't been activated, it would not say Valid Purchase Date, if the phone wasn't activated, that is what it would say. I'm a hundred percent being a little bit over dramatic right now, this is iJustine talking, this isn't Justine. iJustine is dramatic, she is over the top, and when she gets upset about an Apple product, this is what happens. I feel like I am the real life version of Unikitty from the Lego movie, like that's me. Like honestly, i just figured it out, I'm Unikitty. Guys, it gets better, like honestly I wish that this was the end of my video and you might wish it was too, but guess what, it's not. Because I would like to walk you guys through the conversations, that I've been having with my eBay seller. Oh boy… So in my world, of Unikitty Legoland, I was thinking, wow, you know what? I'm gonna give this guy the benefit of the doubt.

He probably bought it and thinking that it was new and then he is like, wow, I'm gonna resell it. You know, I'm not so sure if that's the case, at all. So in the iJustine world, where everyone is perfect and kind and everyone loves each other and would never be a fraudulent scammer, I asked the guy: So hey, I was just wondering, where did you originally get this phone from? And he says, I need to read it verbatim, I bought it from one of the cell phone stores. Cell phone stores? Okay! Still wanting to believe, having faith, mistake number 1, 2, 3, 1 through 8. He tells me that he bought it 3 years ago from a store and that it is a collectibles item.

Yeah, no kidding, why do you think I bought it? You think I bought it because I was like I have 450 dollars that I would like to just buy something that's in a box. For fun. Which is essentially what I did do, but yeah, I know it's a collectors item. He then proceeds to tell me that it only has value if it is sealed and unopened. Okay (whispering). Once you open it then it doesn't have any collector value and it is highly undesirable. So is that how collectors items work? What?! Continues to say that he purchased it from a reliable store and cannot figure out why i would have opened the box. Exclamation point, exclamation point. "What was the purpose of opening the box?" he says.

I have the iPhone 2, 3 and 3GS all of them I purchased from stores and kept it as collectibles items and he sold all three. He even bought the iPhone 7 from the same store and never had any issues. Well, you never had any issues, because nobody else opened the boxes, did they? And if they did open it, clearly they weren't as, uhm, maybe Apple knowledgeable as me or all of the Apple fans, that watch my videos? I need a drink! So I wrote back and detailed everything that I just previously said in this video and he's acting a little sassy. I said that I wanted a mid condition 3GS phone, and it doesn't matter why I opened the box or what I wanted to from this phone. Like, you advertised something and I purchased it as advertised. What is the use of a mid condition 3GS opened in your hand? Apple don't support this phone anymore and almost all carriers are on 4G.

It's actually a very true statement, so you get one point. Before buying this item, I weight tested this product and it was accurate. And yeah, if you're gonna weight test, I mean I'll be honest with you, this phone is in very, very good condition. So, out of all of the things that had happened, it is a great phone. It's good, it's just not what I was expecting. Like I was a 100% lied to. And I take these things very, very, very, very seriously. When I bought the original iPod on eBay, there was no issues, because I bought this as is. I knew it had been opened. I never had any other issues on eBay before, so this is the first time I've run in to any type of issue. And I think the best thing about eBay is they do have a money back guarantee. So buyers really end up always winning. So I'm not worried about that, I'm more concerned with anybody else who tries to buy a sealed iPhone. Don't make the same mistake that I made.

Don't make the same mistake that EverythingApplePro made. I think that just means I need to watch a few more of his videos. So, take the tips from me, take tips from him and be careful out there. Because in the world of Unikitty and iJustine everyone is perfect and nice and kind and harmless, but that's not the real world, kids, at all. Alright, I'm gonna play Zelda, so at least there's that. I love you guys, I'll see you later, bye. This video is gonna be extra special, because I'm gonna be importing all of these Amiibo, into Zelda Breath of the Wild. The Nintendo Switch is officially out, so to celebrate, I'm gonna get really wild.

Now I did this yesterday, but you can only use an Amiibo once per day, I kind of ruined my chances of filming this yesterday. This time I'm going to take documentation and we're gonna see ….

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