Samsung Galaxy Note 2 128GB (64GB Marble White + 64GB MicroSDXC)

hi everyone so we're looking at a samsung
galaxy note 2 it is sixty-four gigabyte marble white version and i want to give
you glimpse of what to expect when owning a 64GB samsung galaxy note 2 definitely you don't get the
entire sixty four gigabytes and it looks like they do take a
little bit more for the system as well it looks like the total space reported here is 52.75 GB total space is available to you and doing calculations it look like the result about 4.48GB for the system so does 4.48GB
plus 52.75GB equal 64GB in any sense i think it comes up a little short but
still fifty gigabytes is a lot a lot to work with and if you have
one of these it's a 64GB micro SDXC card so this gives you an additional fifteen
nine point some gigabytes so in the end you end up with over 110GB
storage space so that's definitely a lot to work
with what can you do with all that memories it's up to you but what i like
doing is I like downloading videos on the internet and then i watch them on
the go I'm here in Korea and i ride the subway a lot and
it is a great place to catch up on all the TV shows that you missed out and with 110GB space you could put all the
episodes you want to watch and maybe you could include an entire seasons of your favorite shows like i have a entire nine seasons of seinfeld with me
and all the episodes of the
office and all of the twilight zone I like to just have those around and i
watch one of them and it's kinda like chicken soup for the soul kinda feels good just know that you could watch any of those
episodes when you have them with you or if you just like carrying a large
amount of files it's a great way to do it so anyway I put the 64GB
storage card and now it reports additional 59.46GB storage space and it is mostly full so that's what it feels
like a owning a smartphone that has almost 128 gigabytes of storage space that's all i want to show you

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