How to Use an Apple iPhone : How to Reset an iPhone

Let's say that your phone has locked up. Your
icons aren't responding, your text isn't responding, nothing is working properly. There is a way
to manually reset your phone. Whether your lockup is in the iPod, or in whatever software
is loaded, you'll click your main menu and your power button, and hold them for eight
seconds. This will cause the phone to do a reset, just like this. Click both at the same
time. It's asking if we want it just shut off, but of course, we want to reset it. Once
it's done it does a hard reset; it actually goes to the Apple logo, and now it?s redoing
all the insides of your iPhone. It's resetting everything; trying to clean everything up.
It cleans your cache if you've been on the net too long, things like that. It actually
resets your phone nice and neat, so that when you start it back up, everything works properly.
We'll give it a few seconds to load back up; Of course, if you're seeing the Apple logo
it's a good thing.

We'll just wait here patiently. Once this is done it will take you to the
unlock screen, just like it was in standby. Here we go, everything seems to be fine, our
clock is going, animation is running. We'll slide across and everything is loaded back
to normal. That's a great way to reset your iPhone if you have any problems with your
iPod or any other software that's on your iPhone. That's pretty much it

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