How GOOD is Samsung Galaxy S10 PLUS with DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Gimbal for VIDEO? Fully Reviewed.

[Music] [Applause] [Music] what an epic opening shots don't you think and guess what I took photos of it to you that's one thing I'm gonna miss from this summer those early mornings when I sneaking nobody here yes yes and I'm you know taking photos of sunrises I'm gonna miss that for sure anyways my new toy here is samsung galaxy s 10 plus and I'm gonna be pairing it today with DJI Osmo Mumbai o2 gimbal I want to fully take advantage of what this phone can do so let's look together at the video possibilities let's roll the interim [Music] and for the new faces like you welcome to my channel my name is Aslan coderre I work as a photographer since 2007 I make tech reviews tutorials and creative camera challenges so you might consider hitting the subscribe button [Music] when I was shopping for the new phone few weeks ago what really sold me on this one is the fact that it has three cameras in the back and two cameras in the front and I thought it'd be great idea to make a video about the capabilities of this phone pairing it with DJI Osmo mobile to game but just in case you are in a market shopping for either the phone or the gimbal or both hopefully this video will give you all the answers and because I love to test all the products to its full potential I have three apps installed on this phone one is a native camera app which is already on the phone then the other one is DJI go which belongs to the DJI Osmo ma to gimbal and the third one is filmic Pro I'm gonna combine it all together and pick the best from each so it can help us when we are creating videos first of all let's open up DJI Go app and let's see what's offered here in this app you unfortunately cannot use different lenses the standard rear lens will be used video resolution you can get here is 4k 1080p and 720p you can also change your white balance here I [Music] would mainly use the ji Go app to capture time lapses hyper lapses and motion lapses now that we know we cannot use all the cameras in DJI Go app let's move away from that app and let's actually look at the kimmells native app here we can definitely use all the lenses and we can operate the gimbal because it does pair together here we can use all three rear cameras wide standard and telephoto [Music] if you turn super study on you can only use one lens it is a little bit of wider than the standard lens [Music] selfie mode in video is a little bit closer than the standard lens in photo mode video size for real camera available is outer HD which is 4k and it is also available in 60 frames per second you can also shoot in 1080p and also 60 frames per second in 1080p and then we have HD at 720 front camera can also do other HD which is 4k 1080 Full HD and 720 HD in a native camera app you can shoot 240 frames per second which is super slow-motion you can either capture 0.4 seconds or 0.8 seconds and it can take advantage of super slow-motion detect on it will record automatically when it detects motion that will be recorded in 720p HD [Music] there is another option when it comes to slow motion you can record an hundred twenty frames per second and it will be saved at 1080p full-hd hyperlapse is here available as well where you can choose from outer speed four times eight times 16 times and 32 times [Music] hmm knowing this means that if I want to capture timeless hyperlapse and motion lapse I know that I'm gonna use the GI Go app because it does offer more options you can fully customize it it can change the speed and all that yeah I'm gonna use the DJI Go app but if I want to film regular footage I know now that I'm gonna use native camera app because I can use all those lenses but if I want to film video in full manual mode I want to control completely everything I'm gonna open up filmic Pro app let's look at that one filmic pro lets you shoot in 4k 3 k 2k and HD in 4k you can shoot 24 frames per second 25 or 30 frames per second if you want to shoot slow-motion at 120 frames per second or super slow-motion at 240 frames per second that will be recorded in 1080p HD which is much better than recording in 720p which Navy phone app offers and I would absolutely record slow and super slow motion in this filmic Pro app but when you are recording super slow motion at 240 frames per second you can do playback only at 60 frames per second [Music] a filmic pro app here you can also connect DJI Osmo mobile to gimbal and you can select color profile and shoot in flat or log profile whenever you need to or whenever you want to [Music] so let me summarize it I am personally making these choices if I'm gonna be filming time-lapse hyperlapse or motion lapse I'm gonna shoot it in DJI Go app because I can change all the settings if I'm gonna shoot fully manual mode if I want to shoot in flat profile log profile then I'm gonna film in the filmic Pro app if I want to use all the lenses three rear lenses and two front lenses and I want to shoot in slow motion or super slow motion I'm gonna use the native camera app and it still will work with the DJI Osmo mobile to example because it is paired together and it can still record here hit the button and even stop not a problem at all well hit the thumbs up button if you liked today's video subscribe to all future videos like these if you have any questions when it comes to Samsung Galaxy S 10 plus or DJI Osmo bio gimbal or both or if you simply want to say hello and let me know which one you are using or if you are already having that combination you can do so in a comment section below as well you know I read it all and I always respond and I'll see you my friends in the next video ciao ah Hawaii

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