Do NOT Click This Link on Any iPhone (Part 2)

laughs there have to be they know I'm hacking hey what's up guys Olaf the snowman here and if you guys haven't seen part one to this video check it out link below basically there's this hack going around for your iPhone you can screw with your friends it's the best prank ever go check out part one so basically in part one it's bad you know there's a way around it but in part two as I told you guys it is so much worse so you guys are portrayed alright guys so I gotta give credit to the hack spot for finding this thing if you guys want to check out his channel links down below and I really want to emphasize this here do not send this to family Senate maybe send it to some friends friends that can take a joke because what you're about to see would freak me out and I make tech videos like just understand that if I send this to my parents which I probably should they're gonna lose it so just I really want you guys to know that and also go check out the original video drop a like on it I said if we had 50,000 likes on that video um I will call the scam number that like wants you to send your credit card info to get your stuff back I really want to do that so make that happen all right so let me show you how this works basically if you've already seen the first video you have to click a link and then you're screwed from there this gets worse so how this works and this is gonna take a little planning if you want to pull this off and get the best prank possible you need to get your friends phone okay needs elite the mail app you can always your download this it's not the end of the world you're not gonna lose anything and then from there okay you need to drop a like on this video I honest I'm not even joking here the scammers talked and they said if there's like a hundred thousand likes in this video it's gonna work drop a like on this video all right now you need to send your friend the link the links right up here it's also down to the description below so I'm gonna hit on max therapy with it sending the link all right send into doing it thing all right got the link out the link okay they click the link and this is when you know your phone is trashed normally it would open up the mail app like you guys saw in the original video now it's trying to find the app and can't so you can try to hit home legit look like I'm trying to hit the home button not working ok I'm legit hitting the lockscreen once or twice and it didn't work press the home button open do you see what I'm saying your phone is legit fried do this to people that can take a yoke ok that's a joke I am trying to be funny huh it wasn't really funny but you see what I'm saying you could try to cancel all you want no nothing they can lock the phone it's not always gonna come up when I want it to and you see the same thing over and over no good now I already see it I already see a bunch you guys type in the comments just turn it on and turn it off who'd be good ok I'll show you it doesn't work hold it down Oh sometimes the phone just resets itself and that doesn't always work alright let's power this thing on the phone doesn't even want to turn on oh it came back to life oh boy you guys are about to see this thing Oh so even resetting your phone if you accidentally go into Safari it's gonna do the same thing again let me let me make this clear even if you try to use Safari you're toast no good you're gonna have to use the same method as before so let me show you how to fix this before if youyou get punched in the face gonna have to force restart so hold down the power button for five seconds and then if you have an iPhone 7 there's no physical button so you need to hold down the volume button and the whole button together so 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 let go legit I haven't seen my phone the phone screen just turned off there and it was just black but it was so on you could see it it's weird this one be careful with this one that's all I'm saying and then if you look in Safari nothing's there you're all good to go the phone's good to go you can even go back to the App Store download the Mail app I'm very scared for a lot of you so I know a few guys are confused let me just recap here make sure you send this to your enemies and you have their phone delete the mail app then send in a link they're gonna click it cuz they're your friend of course once they click it you have all the power you can tell them to reset their phone you don't have to that's up to you but just know if they try to turn their phone on and off that's not gonna work they're gonna have to do the the hard reset method they call it that's the call you know hold down this button and then hold down the home button with decide the lower volume button here that's the cure but oh guys yeah it's they're gonna flip so yeah guys that's pretty sure it for this video if you guys made it the end and are gonna try this prank on your friends drop a like on this video and as you guys know I respond some comments and go someone text me that's unbox therapy what do you send me send me a link dammit II got me again if you guys are new around here make sure you get subscribed you can just click or tap this button or click it down below check out my last video over here and please stay safe

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