Secret Code To Check Samsung Galaxy is Original or Fake

Hello everyone, how are you? Have you ever buy a Samsung's Used Mobile? Samsung is the #1 mobile brand in the world, that is why you will find so many replicas of all Samsung models. Usually, for the new user, it is difficult to identity But if you check the screen colors, and the finishing of mobile body, you can easily identify a replica Samsung Camera result and responsiveness of touch screen is also a good factor to identify if the mobile in your hand is Samsung's original set or it's a replica. But unfortunately, there are very good fake copies of Samsung Mobiles are available in the market Because of these high quality fake Samsung mobile It is not possible for every user to identify the replica mobile Samsung has introduced few secret codes.

The purpose of these codes was to provide information to the user about the Samsung mobile model they have. The code which I am going to type here, is very useful to identify that if the Samsung mobile model in your hand is original or its a high quality replica? You have to dial *#2663 and then again # The complete code is *#2663# On a replica Samsung set, when you type this code Nothing will happen. Code will not execute on Replica. But on original Samsung Mobile, code will execute and show you a blank screen. After blank screen it will show you Firmware version Along with firmware version, It will also show you the Mobile Model. Watch it again: *#2663# When you press the 2nd "#" code will execute on Original Samsung mobile. On Replica, nothing will happen, code will not execute Few Samsung mobiles can take up to 10 seconds To show the firmware version after screen goes blank.

Few will show with in a second just like on the mobile in my hand. If it show you the firmware version and the mobile model, (like i9300 for Galaxy S3) If the mobile does't execute the *#2663# code then the mobile in your hand is fake/Replica/China Copy. Remember, in India and Pakistan, you will find few Samsung Mobiles by Verizon or At&T on which this code will not execute, especially on Verizon mobile Because they might have disabled the ability to execute these codes. But don't worry, Verizon mobiles are original. They might be repaired/refurbished, but they are geninune Samsung mobiles in any case. Thank you for watching. Please subscribe my channel..

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