Top 4 Things You Need to Check Before Buying Property in Turkey

Four things to check before buying a property in Turkey Number one: the real estate developer (construction company) The real estate developer is the person who will make you fail Or it will make you very happy, you need to check this developer, who is this developer What are his previous accomplishments? Is this their first project or was it already delivered? Do they have any bad experience? What is their financial situation? Is the project land owned by the developer or not? And everything is important, you need Check and find the right developer to buy from.

Second: Verify the site, yes I heard correctly: You need to verify again the site Because we hear … customers complain about the site And that they have been cheated, because you will see many companies It advertises projects on specific sites but in reality it is the project they are trying to sell Totally elsewhere !! For example "Beylikdüzü" or "Bahçeşehir" These places in Istanbul have very good names and are well known places in good locations The environment and everything is fine and luxurious, but the projects are actually in 'Esenyurt'. While mentioning in their ads that they are in 'Beylikdüzü' It is like if you wanted to buy in the Dubai City Center But when you go see the project on the ground, you find it in "Sharjah" !!! Three: Payment terms Will you buy cash? Or do you want to buy in installments? Some companies Which makes amazing payment plans for three, four or five years There are absolutely no benefits.

Purchase in installments without interest, of course It can be very profitable for you compared to cash purchases, you need to check You need to negotiate when the purchase is cash, how much discount do they offer? Because that shows you already Whether or not they have added benefits privately within the installment plan or not, yes they will tell you That there are no benefits, but if they offer huge discounts when buying in cash This means that they have already added hidden benefits, so you should negotiate them well, and if not you can To negotiate on your own, let us negotiate for you Fourth: Title-Deed is the most important point Imagine buying a car, but the car license will be in the name of someone else do you accept this? You will pay and someone else will own the car This will drive exactly the same car in the apartments when buying Real estate You should always ask for a title deed even if it is a method Pay by installments, so there is no problem because the real estate developer can transfer the property To your name and put a mortgage visa on the title of the property that you buy within the installment plan This will make you guarantee your right, and the developer will guarantee its right Always and never ask this question, even if you are buying in cash or in installments Title deed is the most important because it shows you that you own this property For more questions Visit our website fill out the form and wait for a call from us Thank you so much

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