2 Unfair Advantages to Buying HUD Foreclosures

I did everything myself in here, that is
not how'd you do the business and that right there is a
house that I have already flipped as well I already know that I can flip
this house to a buyer on my buyers list I got a strong buyers list in this area Hey guys John Cochran here and today is System Saturday the day that I bring you a system that I use in my business you can rip off duplicate using your own
local market now do you dig this system saturdays you
have to get to one of our live events I haven't even scratched the surface on what
you're learning these system saturdays on what what I cover in on these live events two full days of
nothing but content that will blow your mind that will make you a ton of money
On today's session I'm going to be talking about
HUD foreclosures and how I got over 500 of these things
accepted and why I love them okay so what is a HUD foreclosure guys a
HUD foreclosure is literally when a homeowner gets an FHA loan which is a loan that is backed by the
government and then they default on that FHA loan what
happens is that the government has to foreclose on that house and they send it to the auction the
courthouse steps now when nobody buys it out the
foreclosure auction the government will put that property
back up onto the market for the market to buy and then they
call it a HUD home now there's two reasons on why I really
really love buying HUD foreclosures now the first
reason is because they don't have any deed restrictions unlike short sales and bank-owned properties that's exactly
the way that it should be you can buy a property today they don't
put a deed restriction on you and you can sell that property today you can make an infinite amount of money
they don't care unlike bank owned properties were you
buy it an then literally they say that you can only sell it for
this amount …

In this amount of days they don't do that with HUD foreclosure
so there's no deeper searching and you can buy today and sell today meaning that you can do
back to back transactions on HUD foreclosures the number two reasons why I love these is that
a whenever you are bidding on a HUD home you are actually bidding against
a computer not against a person so whenever you
submit an offer your bidding against a computer meaning
that you you put the offer in and then the
computer is telling you yes or no if you got that property or not bidding against a computer and knowing that
you can be absolutely deadly with it because that has to mean
that computer has pre written guidelines in it saying that they will accept this percentage or that
percentage and then they will always counter at these percentages so if you
know the percentage on what that computer will take you can
get really really sexy with it There system is so on made that I can even tell you whenever you submit your offer on a HUD
home when you are going to hear response from their computer it's gonna be the next
business day on when they either accept your offer or they counter your offer now if they
accept your offer they're gonna come in at 11 a.m.

on your time zone if they counter your offer they're gonna
come and on 3 p.m. on your time zone guys stay tuned to next week system Saturday I'm gonna give you all
the details on how we bid on these homes live I'll see you there good.

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