Buying A House With A 0 Credit Score? – KNOWLEDGE DROP

My name is Joraine Costales with The
Costales Team. I'm a wife, mom and a full-time real estate professional since
2004 and have been nationally ranked, among the top half of one percent of all
real estate professionals, in the United States. I'm excited to share with you my
tips, strategies, and the behind the scenes look on my journey called life. Did
you know that you could buy a house with a zero credit score? Hi, this is Joraine
Costales with The Costales Team at Intero Real Estate, on this episode of
Knowledge Drop. Are you worried about your credit score, being a qualifying
factor, when purchasing a home? Well good, because it is. However, I was able to help
someone purchase a property and they had a zero credit score.

This one particular
client of mine came to us at our buyer consultation and they literally had a
zero credit score. They had no open lines of credit, no debt, no credit cards and we
were able to help them purchase a property, within one month of them coming
to us and asking for our help. If you're worried about credit and are thinking
about buying a home, please feel free to contact me for a free consultation and
we can definitely talk about your specific situation and how we can help
you get your credit to where it needs to be so that you can purchase a home.

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