2 Must Know Tips When Buying a New Home ⚠️

Hi everyone. This is your Tampa Bay
Realtor Lance Mohr and in this video I want to go over 2 important tips that
you must know and understand before you buy a new home. I do understand that
people don't buy homes every day and you may have bought homes before but maybe
you've never bought in a new home and things are always changing in the new
home process and how things are being done so the first tip I want to give you
is when you're walking through a model helman where you're walking through an
inventory home and you're looking at these homes in let's say yours is going
to be the exact same floor plan it may not be exactly like the model or it may
not be exactly like the inventory home that you walk through now give you an
example and this just happened to a client of mine she was buying a home and
what happened the Builder made a change to how things were done in the model so
they moved the air hado her back a little bit and she thought she was going
to have a very deep linen closet but when they did that the winning closet
wasn't quite so deep and she was really annoyed about this for good
understanding she thought when she went in and looked at the model home that her
linen closet was going to be that deep there were a couple other things as well
and I've seen this happen over the years so understand there can be changes in
modifications and the Builder rep the sales rep doesn't know what's important
to everybody so if certain things are important to you if the depth of the
linen closet is important to you or the way certain things are configured just
make sure you ask the sales rep because they might not have the we're about to
be telling every single buyer that looks or potential buyer that's looking at
their model home or looking in an inventory home that changes were made
all right now that leads me to my second tip and this is a very important tip a
lot of people when they are buying a new home they're going to have different
stages that they meet the construction manager
and they're gonna look at their home well one of the important stages is
what's called the pre drywall some builders call it the pre drywall some
builders call it the rough-in but it's before the drywall goes up well of
course you're going to want to look around you're gonna want to make sure
that you're not seeing a bunch of really crummy wood or not it would and stuff
like this but you're also gonna want to walk through make sure that what is
important to you is what you're getting so let me give you an example let's say
you're walking into the master bedroom shower and you're expecting or you want
the showerhead on one side you're expecting it to be on that side you need
to make sure you pay attention to that detail that it is over there because
it's going to be very very hard for the Builder to want to go back even if
they've made a mistake to want to go back and rip apart the entire shower I'm
not saying they should but I'm just giving you a tip look for stuff like
this if you're certain if you're in a master bedroom closet and you measured
it out and you're seeing that let's just say it's 8 feet deep and that's really
important to you you want to make sure you bring your tape measure with you and
you measure that or a linen closet or other things you want to really pay
attention now a lot of times I'll do walkthroughs for buyers because maybe
they're out of state and what I'll do is I'll do it on skype them so I'll get
them on skype burn or something else by usually you Skype and we'll walk through
the whole entire home but you need to make sure if you're out of state and
you're having your real estate agent do this for you or the construction manager
whomever you need to make sure you they you tell them what's important to you
and then it is done correct because once they do everything folks it's going to
be real hard for them to turn the corner mistakes happen and you want to catch it
before the drywall goes up before the homes complete so I hope these tips are
a value I hope this never happens to you but it does happen out there it's rare
but I do not want it to happen to you so want to give you these tips if you have
any questions or concerns don't hesitate to give me a call if you're looking at
buying a home in the tampa area we'd love to work with you just reach out to
me i'll put my contact information below and if you like these videos don't
forget to subscribe to my channel and hit the bell and you'll be notified in
my new videos have a wonderful day you

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