iPhone 6s vs Samsung Galaxy S6 edge #colepsze #1

Welcome to the first episode of the new series
#Which one’s better? Rafal suggested this name in his comment and won a PS4 console. Come on; turn it around the right way so we can see the front. That’s perfect, look at this beautiful bow! And you also get a pretty good game to go with it. Great job Rafal! Was it a good idea to organise a competition in youtube’s comment section? In all fairness, probably one of my worst, but I’ll try to make up for it! But let’s talk about that later. For now, let's start the first episode. So what is it going to be about? I’m going to compare smartphones! That would be incredibly boring, if I didn't compare… iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge! Let’s start with something simple.

Which one fits your hand better? iPhone, I think. In my opinion it’s designed to fit your hand well. Samsung feels more secure, but I still prefer the iPhone and because I’m a woman I can’t really logically explain my choice to you. But definitely iPhone. I think it has to be the Samsung. Nope, that's a flawed idea. The first thing they do is look at the brand. After that their thoughts just follow the general views out there. For this test to give us objective opinions, it has to be blind! It seems really slippery when you touch it.

It has really rough edges so it’s much harder to hold in your hand and use It would totally work as a beer bottle opener I don’t think I would like it. Nope, definitely not, I’m convinced. I think this one feels much more comfortable to touch. But as for me this one is a bit too big I think this one really fits your hand better It fits your hand much better I really don’t know which one to choose, but I’d probably go for the right one It just feels so nice when you touch it I would have picked this phone But you won't open a beer bottle with it And that’s definitely a good thing, since phones are slightly different from bottle openers.

For example, they have a screen. Whether they’ll get scratched or not depends on the material they’re made of, and their coating. But let’s not fool ourselves here; it’s all just a matter of time. Same thing goes for falls. Whether our screen will break or not, is for the bigger part, just a matter of luck. That’s why I’m skipping the crash tests Not just because I only have one of each, but also since it seems that they’re still perfectly usable. On that day, the sun was exceptionally kind to both of our smartphones. I set both displays to full brightness and… after looking at them live, I have to say that iPhone performed a bit better. And since we’re talking about looking…

Cameras. The manual mode will satisfy the most demanding users. Just like women will appreciate a lengthy foreplay. But even though the effects of both can be fantastic. In most cases, we simply don’t have time for either. So I set both cameras to auto mode and unexpectedly found a talented model to test them on in the park. The results of this spontaneously arranged photo session show… Well, just have a look for yourself, what they really show. Ok, time for a landscape shot. Beautiful autumn leaves I’m so original right? But, since you’ve seen millions of pictures of autumn leaves already, it will be easier for you to judge which camera comes up with a better image.

It’s also easy to see that in the highest resolution setting, the Samsung leaves you with an image in a 16:9 format whereas the iPhone 6S in a 4:3 format. What’s better? Let me think about it… My eyes sparkle! Especially in the case of the iPhone, which uses the screen to provide additional light when taking selfie. Samsung on the other hand smoothens your face and takes wider photos I even managed to fit a piece of Maciek on mine. Let’s just make the challenge harder and take a bottom-up selfie, which usually means crappier light conditions and… I can move on to the problem, which bothers the users of both presented smartphones… A problem of the sticking out camera objectives.

As the independent research of the scientists from Nowhere Univeristy tells us this problem makes it difficult to fit your phone in the pocket of your super skinny trousers. I decided to verify their hypothesis in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible. The conclusion is… Women have surprisingly shallow trouser pockets. And men Even for those wearing skinny trousers, a sticking out objective is really not a problem. Let’s get back to some more creative tests. A picture is worth a thousand words. And a moving image is worth even more. Maybe that’s why we like to make movies so much? But a shaking video… is like two guys on a tandem bike not everyone wants to see it.

In theory Galaxy S6 should be better at stabilizing the image, since it’s equipped with the optical stabilization tool lacking in the iPhone 6S. But if my choices were based on theory I would have never chosen to ride a tandem bike with a guy wearing a pink helmet. Let me pick a more serious topic the passage of time. Too many things in our lives happen too fast. So fast, in fact, that we are unable to capture them.

Fortunately, we have slow motion. iPhone is able to record 240 frames per second. whereas Samsung can only do half of that. Remember though, that the more frames you shoot in, the more light you need. And you’ll have to come to terms with decreasing quality. Other useful functions? There you go! iPhone has 3D touch Samsung comes with Edge. Both solutions have their advantages and can’t really be compared. We can however, compare the sound.

Especially, the built in speakers. Are they loud enough to drive our fellow passengers on public transport mad? Nope! They’re not even able to draw their attention! Conclusions? Both phones are way too quiet. Feeling pretty bummed about this, so bummed, in fact that I just want to leave. That’s it, I’m leaving. So what else is bad? The last 5% of the battery and a question that probably each of us has asked, at some point. How many minutes can we spend chatting away on those 5%? Hi, hey, so glad you called. How are you feeling? A bit tired after work, you know.

But I think it’s getting better, I’m getting used to it. I’ve just started working on my nails and I decided to call you. No way, you know I’ve literally just started too? See, I always pick the right moment! Both phones are working in the battery save mode. 24.5 minutes! That’s how many minutes you can chat away on iPhones last 5%. Samsung only lost 2% of its battery life in that time. It’s easy to calculate that in the case of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, 5% of the battery allows you to chat away for at least an hour. No one is going to believe you that you have to go because your phones battery is dying.

It’s going to die eventually though, and will have to be charged. Let’s assume that you only have 5 minutes to charge your phone. In this case, the Galaxy S6 Edge will make it up to 9%. The iPhone 6s on the other hand, will make it only up to 5%. The Samsung can also be charged in a wireless way. So after you buy the wireless charger you’ll figure out that it’s much slower than the standard one. In fact, about 3 times slower. Do you also think I haven’t yet tested the most important feature? Of course! How could I forget to test which of the two vibrates louder.

Samsung vibrates louder. Ok, since we’re done with this one, let’s test something that hasn’t been tested before. The intuitiveness. This task requires to give the phones to someone really young. Yes And… the same person should test both phones. I asked Ivo to change the display background in both phones. On iPhone he managed to… switch on the torch As for the Samsung, he managed to turn on… a game. Conclusions? For this test to make any sense I need to pass the phone to someone older. Not this one. Hmmm, bugger! Well… it seems I can’t make it. It’s not like this and not like that either. Now I'ts clear! Those are simply not intuitive phones at all. And you know I'm right. Delicious! And where is the technical specification? There is plenty of that online, which you can read, but I really couldn’t care less about it. If you’re upset there weren’t any technical details and standard tests in this video, you’re very welcome to express your anger in the comments section below.

A website adress is going to appear on your screen just about now. God, it’s huge! You can either take a note of it, or simply click on the link in the description below and vote – either for this phone, or that one. You should of course vote only by following your heart.
Not reason. Because if you were voting following reasin, you would have voted for the phone you would want to win because by voting you’re taking part in a competition, where the phone that wins the vote is the prize. Complicated? Of course not! Just open the link and you can find everything you need to know on the website. You have a whole week to do this. From today, until the 28th of October, inclusive To decide which of these two is better Answer one simple question, vote, take part in the competition and meet me on the 4th of November in Media Markt to pick up your prize.

From a beautiful woman, or a beautiful man. This still has to be decided, so you don’t really know what you’re in for. Neither do I – and that’s beautiful..

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