SAMSUNG GALAXY FOLD 2 – This Is Incredible!

the Samsung Galaxy fold 2 is looking
incredible and I'll be sharing all the details right after this if you knew hearin won't stay up to date
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the Galaxy fold had many issues initially but a report from SlashGear
revealed that industry insiders believe but we could see the Galaxy fold 2 as
early as April 2020 let's go digital have also discovered a
patent filed by Samsung in this device looks incredible the new patent filed by
Samsung reveals affordable device with a different form factor than the original
this is of course more of a Galaxy Tab but with a folding form factor the
Galaxy fold 2 is expected to be a clamshell based folding display that
folds from top to bottom unlike its predecessor the same folding is the 2019
razor but we get a much larger display with a better aspect ratio for media and
gaming the patent also reveals a full-screen display when unfolded
we've got no notches and no punch holes which suggests we could be looking at an
in display camera given that this is going to be another luxury product from
Samsung that this would make sense the whole design of this folding device is
aimed at having a tablet with portability it will be designed to fit
comfortably in pockets but still provide a large enough display the device can
also be used in the form of a mini laptop by resting at the bottom on the
surface and folding the top part up we then have a display on the top portion
in a keyboard on the bottom previous reports are stating that Samsung is
going to be using ultra-thin glass on flexible devices instead of the
transparent polymide currently used that is vulnerable to scratches and damage
one feature commonly complained about on the original fold is the absence of an S
Pen unfortunately due to the transparent polymide and S Pen would not be suitable
but it may be the case that ultra-thin glass could actually be durable enough
for use of a stylus when it comes to Hardware inspects it will be very
dependent on release date but given it's a luxury product it will no doubt
receive the latest snapdragon system-on-chip with some generous RAM
and storage configurations the patent makes no mention of cameras but I would
imagine we get some things satisfactory but not over-the-top the
device will be aimed at heavy media users and gamers so photography it won't
be as is important unfortunately we don't have any solid leaks when it comes
to launch or the price and given that this is a patent it doesn't confirm the
device is ever going to make it to market either it does however seem a
sensible design that could take off if done correctly we know that despite
their initial issues however Samsung are continuing to push their foldable
devices we've already had the launch of the new W20 5G folding phone well it was
expected that this was also going to be a clam shell type folding phone it
turned out that it was just an improved version of the original fold and
probably what should have actually been the original fold the main improvement
in the W20 5G was that the device had less of a gap when folded and had a
white edge instead of the plain metal this was of course to help stop debris
making its way inside the device in damaging the display and on top of this
it also uses the newest snapdragon 855 plus system on chip foldable devices are
still very much in their infancy however and being luxury products with such high
price tags we're yet to see if they will take off as they find cheaper ways to
manufacture these devices we will see some price drops but we're still going
to be many years away from them being somewhat affordable of course if any
more information comes to light about the new folding phone I'll be sharing
with you guys straight away but as always I'd like to know your thoughts in
the comments what do you think of this folding phone from Samsung is there
anyone out there waiting to get one or is there another foldable device that
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