so Landon has been sick for a while what’s going on now this gang I wish I could be there which I giving you guys all the updates on what’s going on with my situation but this is my reality right now right now there’s running a bunch of tests on me obviously it sucks cuz I’m away from home and I want to be use my little Davey my soon-to-be wife but I wanted to talk to you guys first and let you guys know that I’m in good spirits and that I’m confident and then my faith is strong I love you guys hi guys first of all I hope you guys are all staying safe I hope everyone is healthy and blessed this [Music] this video is something Landon and I wanted to do together something that we have been debating on filming because we didn’t want this to be misinterpreted as doing this for content or we didn’t want it to be this big pity party and the only reason I’m filming this is 100% with Landon’s consent is because I know with sharing his journey and sharing his journey and our journey as a family and sharing his journey and our journey as a family with us I know we feel we should share this journey is because if we can inspire if we can inspire one person help one person who’s going through something similar who knows a family a family member a friend anyone and it helps them just a little bit then it’s worth it so Landon has been sick for a while some of you have noticed his appearance has changed a little bit his energy and some of you have wished him well and others have said horrible nasty things and others have made rude mean nasty comments you know he’s not on drugs and people should really think before they comment because you never know what someone is going through so the reason Landa does not here filming this with me is because we went to see a specialist yesterday and things and things are a little worse than we thought and he had to be admitted immediately to the hospital where he is going to stay and last night was probably last night was probably the hardest night um it was the first night we had spent away from each other in a very long time it was the first night he’s been away from our daughters soul and ya know it was just really hard last night sorry about the lighting as I’m in my car filming I honestly just have been dreading making this video I didn’t know what to say and we are asking for your love your support and Landon and what Landon needs more than anything right now is your guys’s strength from you guys from us all from his family his family has been amazing throughout all of this and I’m just so grateful that we have an amazing support team and so I don’t want to make this sad I want to focus on the positive which is he is gonna be okay we are gonna be together as a family again as a unit but he’s gonna feel good he’s gonna be stronger he’s been dealing with this for a long time and the strength that he’s had to act like things are normal and going with daily life when he has been in so much pain is incredible and I respect him and I look up to him and he is my hero and we are gonna be taking you guys on this journey with us thank you for the many years of love and support so I’m not sure when we’ll be able to post next since I’m at home with Sol hold it down and Landon is we will do our best to keep you guys in the loop because you guys are more than more than supporters you guys are family at this point so we’re gonna take you along with us again guys more than anything we need your love and sweet comments go leave but go show love on our previous videos like I read comments all the time we just ask for your prayers for Landon your love your support and we are so grateful for you guys and I know in life there has to be bad in order for you to really really appreciate the good Landon knows that so this is all part of his journey so again we love you guys from the bottom of our heart until then let’s keep our spirits up let’s keep landed uplifted and we’ll get through this together love you guys [Music] stay on the biopsy and our nerves are strong but our faith is stronger [Music] they like it so much justice justice movie at least like 15 times crazy try to you know I’ve been talking about that for a couple weeks just like you know reminds that of like what can you gain from this and what’s your purpose from this and I know it’s gonna inspire so many things we love you listen this is from the oldest part of the family land and we would very much like to say hey and so this is always saying hey we’re thinking about you wish you knew nothing but the best we love you so much oh by the way how are you hi Landon it’s grandma I just wanted to send you all my love all my kisses and hugs and we’re all praying for you every moment we sure love and miss you honey and hope to see you real soon love you sweetheart bye bye what’s up Lando’s want to take in you see my positive vibes away and I let you know that too and the fan prayers and I’m keeping you in my mind and keep your head up in our main strong growth and sup big bro I’m just here to let you know that I’m praying and hoping for your well-being I hope that everything goes great for you and that you stay strong and stay positive always stay strong and stay positive even when you feel like you don’t have no energy bro push through it dig deep I want you to come back home to us bro fruit love you are you doing buddy hey Landon is your uncle just wanting to send you a lot of love hey bro bro I just want to let you know you have my support you know it’s love all the way stay strong stay healthy and most important please stay positive you got so many people behind you that care about you man stay up what’s up Landon just want to say I’m thinking about you all my heart my prayers the whole family we got you I know you’re gonna beat this I know this is a bump in the road but always know on kwazii’s here for you and with all my heart and all my faith I know this will be gone I love you very much you’ve become close this past year and you’re truly in my heart and I wish nothing but the best but know one thing we still got a lot of u-hauls to drive and I’ll be here for you anytime any hour just remember old quazy loves you peace oh my gosh okay I look crazy well so kay I just want you to know I love you I’m thinking about you every moment of the day and I’m praying for you so I got my prayer warriors out there working day and night and I can’t wait until you’re healthy and strong so that you can come over here and help me fine it’ll be waiting for you love you and you all say hi to Landon say we love you get well soon we send me positive vibes right oh yes mokuba seto kaiba Szeto Szeto get well soon bro we’re here for you love you what’s up son we’re just sitting here thinking about you and our thoughts of prayers thinking about you every second of the day just can’t wait for you two to get home so we can come see you we know that you’re going to be good you know that you’re going to be good God’s got you we have an amazing family everyone is praying for you LMS game is is incredible and amazing as well and I know that they’re going to be praying and pulling for you so you’re you’re going to be you’re gonna you’re gonna be fine you’re going to get through this we’re gonna get through this and and you’re gonna be good I’m just you know it’s kind of a for you to get home so I can come see you love you son see you soon hi babe it’s your favorite ladies here holding it down at home we love you and we miss you so much we cannot wait to see you I cannot wait to wrap my arms around you and soul can’t wait to give her daddy a kiss we love you we are so proud of you and your strength during this time is incredible and I hope that these messages from your friends and family made you smile just a little bit we love you keep your head up and we will see you very soon get daddy kids give you kids [Music] [Music]

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