The #1 Reason You’re Not Losing Weight On Weight Watchers Freestyle! (MyWW Blue)

For the reason that weight watchers freestyle wasreleased i have observed that there are particularly two unique sides to the weightwatchers freestyle workforce humans either like it or they hate it most of thepeople hate it seeing that they aren’t finding success with the freestyle plantoday i’m here to tell you the largest mistake you are making on weight watchersfreestyle and why you aren’t shedding pounds hiya my acquaintances welcome back tomy channel my identify is Breanna and on my channel we can to find all sorts oflifestyle associated content material mainly based on my weight reduction trip go aheadhit the little subscribe button down there for all sorts of different informativecontent so like I mentioned there seems to be two little camps of Weight Watchersfreestyle there either loving it or you might be hating it and odds are you’re hatingit seeing that you haven’t rather figured out tips on how to drop some pounds on Weight Watchersfreestyle weight enthusiasts freestyle presented a list of over 200 foods thatare zero clever facets and with that comes its possess challenges with 200 zerosmart point foods you gain a variety of freedom however you additionally reap some newchallenges for starters everybody bought docked seven shrewd facets and for thoseof us that have been at the minimal of thirty shrewd points before now we’re at an evenlower minimum of 23 which seems outrageous whilst you see how excessive somesmart aspects values are for given meals but with all the zeros from our pointfoods to be had it’s still very very effortless to make a day’s valued at of food thatfits into your intelligent aspects price range in my opinion speakme i am loving theFreestyle plan considering the fact that it’s helping me to incorporate very healthful smooth WholeFoods into my eating regimen on a day-to-day groundwork and considering i am eating these particularfoods i do not need to quote pay for them by making use of up my smart aspects it’s abrilliant high-quality plan however for some you’re struggling and in the event you’restruggling odds are that is why you are right here so i’m right here to tell you why you arelikely no longer shedding weight now i’m a member of more than a few Weight Watcherscommunities i am a neighborhood member on Instagram i am on several Facebookgroups and so I see folks’s posts always about their frustration withthe free variety program and people will say things like I ameating so many zero smart factor meals i am staying inside my 23 clever pointsbut i’m my weight is coming down slowly or my weight goes up once I readthat I can not support but suppose there may be one essential factor that they are forgetting interms of wise features are you capable for this little reality bomb zero smart pointsdoes now not imply zero calories i am gonna let that sink in for a 2nd thinkabout it on the end of the day it doesn’t matter what diet plan you’re following you’reonly going to reduce weight if the energy you soak up is much less then thecalories you burn in a day that’s the simple mathematical equation that equalsweight loss Weight Watchers has executed some things to take dietary valuesinto consideration which is mighty and fully the best way we should be eating butat the tip of the day its energy in versus energy out going back to what Isaid zero clever features does now not mean zerocalories and that is how it’s invariably been but when the only zero shrewd pointsfoods were fruits and greens it was once a lot less difficult to replenish on fruits andvegetables when you consider that for most fruits and veggies the calorie rely is so lowthat it can be just about like eating zero calorie food proper no longer thoroughly likedon’t do not take this as fats nevertheless it’s it can be in general the same however now we’veadded matters in like eggs like fowl like fat-free Greek yogurt like corn andbeans these are all foods which can be so superb for us however they do not comewith the identical calorie rate tag as fruits and vegetables my neighbors theyare rather more calorie dense so the biggest mistake you make is byeating too many zeroes intelligent factor foods completely after which going and eatingall of your day-to-day clever facets do you recall when Weight Watchers used topreach at all times eat all of your everyday smart elements back when fowl and fishand the whole lot counted as intelligent facets that is due to the fact it was once quite easy tosend your physique into starvation mode or not eat adequate energy for those who didn’teat all of your smart points now that every one of those nutrient-dense meals thatused to price us smart aspects at the moment are Oh sensible features that’s not thecase in the event you didn’t know with the intention to earn your little blue dot for the daywhich is your healthy consuming range that you can eat as much as ten points much less then yourdaily sensible aspects amount and still be viewed inside your healthy eatingrate that is given that which you can get all of the energy you need from zero smartpoint foods for that reason if you’re a kind of individuals that’s having you knowfour or five eggs for breakfast with tons of greens which could be very goodvegetables very superb don’t get me flawed the lesson you must be taught fromthis is not to eat much less produce trust me that’s now not the place you’re making themistake eggs for breakfast enormous salad with fowl for lunch Greek yogurtisn’t a cup of Greek yogurt for a snack salmon for dinner oh sodelightful so good and so many calories that you are not taking intoconsideration on a daily foundation I imply particularly frankly I would end this videohere that is what you particularly have got to comprehend zero sensible elements does now not mean zerocalories however to position it into standpoint for you I’ve come up with a list ofcalories for things which are zero clever features or things that we make that arelow and sensible aspects however maybe you do not believe about the energy so right here we gofor just a little viewpoint to begin with a banana is roughly a hundred caloriesjust just so you understand so no eating three or 4 bananas in aday please cuz that’s just now not no longer gonna support you eggs I cannot inform you howecstatic I used to be when eggs went zero seeing that I bought so ailing of just eating eggwhites that I began to pay two shrewd features for an egg every single morningand I was once tired of it so the fact that they went 2-0 is mighty but one egg canrange at any place from 70 to 90 energy they are ninety for me in view that i buy theJumbo ones in view that my husband likes to consume so ninety calories for one egg everymorning now I devour two eggs which is a hundred and eighty calories that’s no longer together with thingslike the fat-free cheese that I put with it and the 2 ingredient dough bagelthat i have with it within the morning that is a mammoth amount of caloriesthat if you are not enthusiastic about it 200 more energy just for your eggsalone and that’s handiest two eggs chook is 185 energy for four ounces odds areyou’re consuming somewhat bit greater than four ounces in a serving anyway so that you’reprobably speaking over 200 calories for bird that you’re now not taking into anaccount black beans are 100 energy for 1/2 a cup corn is 80calories for 1/2 a cup salmon for 4 oz. Of salmon is 230 calories goodfats good protein however nonetheless 230 energy guys these are things we have got to preserve inmind smoked salmon is 100 calories for 3 ounces of it i like thatsmoked salmon is zero elements oh my gosh now this is a kicker are you capable thattwo ingredient dough that we all know and lovethe one section self-rising flour one part fat free Greek yogurt combination right thatquarter cup of flour is 100 calories 100 energy which doesn’t sound like muchbut in case you add the thirty three further calories lose the 33yeah thirty to thirty three further calories for the yogurt you will have ahundred and thirty-two calories for your three sensible factor two ingredient doughnow most people shall be like a buffer half a cup as a substitute of six facets you getit for five if you make double the amount but you are additionally doubling theamount of calories throwing in that additional quarter cup of flour goes toadd one more a hundred energy in actual fact what i am trying to get to right here is caloriescount there’s a purpose that i’ve said zero shrewd factor meals this whole videoand no longer free meals there is not any such factor as a free food the one factor youcan consume free of charge is water the only factor even coffee technically has like acalorie R – so you already know but you recognize what i’m saying you get the point ofwhat i’m pronouncing food just isn’t free it is no longer there may be zero smart elements andthey’re doing that to encourage us to eat the right sort of foods however I’mwilling to guess that if you are struggling to shed some pounds on weightwater’s freestyle odds are it is due to the fact you are abusing the zero sensible pointfoods and eating a ways too many of them paired withif all of your every day clever features so what if this is you what can you do wellwhat i might endorse doing is one among two matters you relatively have to tune in toyour starvation indicators and if you’re eating all of these zero SmartPointfoods and having a two to factor dinner or a zero factor dinner that is fine butI want you to tune into your hunger signals if you’re not hungry for adessert later don’t eat it just considering the fact that you’ve gotten the aspects left not meansyou must eat the meals you don’t must zero out your day-to-day features anymorethat is the joy of weight walkers freestyle it has quite truly taught methat if you’re no longer hungry you do not ought to devour so that you may both maintain doingwhat you are doing and go away a few of your smart aspects at the end of the day Iknow a person on instagram who mentioned how she truely best eats 18points a day for the reason that of all of those zero wise factor foods that she consumesso you quite have got to toy round with what shrewd facets worth works for you ifyou relatively wish to overindulge so that you can speak in the zero clever point meals theother thing that you can do and that is form of my technique to it’s devour smartpoints with every meal like each morning this is no joke virtually everysingle morning my breakfast has been two eggs splash of egg whites for probablyten or fifteen additional energy fat-free cheese and chives all scrambled up thatis technically zero smart features what i’ll always have with it is a twoingredient dough bagel or biscuit I call it because I just roll into a ball fromit me or fryer i do not hassle to shape it into some thing but that is three smartpoints or if i am having it as a brunch i will make five clever features one onbehalf a cup of flour one might be i will throw an rx bar on it or i’ll make surethat my snack is exclusively something with wise features so I ensure thatthroughout the day i get wise features I would have a sandwich with mypita bread which is just one smart point and perhaps i’m going to put a smart factor of mayoor use now not fats free cheese for a for a couple features with my zero clever pointmeat as a rule i’ll devour whatever with some intelligent factor worth sowhat that would come to be doing is give still giving me seven or eight maybeeven ten facets to debris with on the finish of the dayspecial splurge however that’s not all 23 of my facets that i’m saving for a specialsplurge you’re now not going to drop extra pounds if that is what you’re doing so that’sjust some thing to examine if you wish to maintain monitor of what you are doing I highlyrecommend definitely writing down the meals you’re consuming together with the zerosmart point meals we already tracked these smart factor meals with a numericvalue rather then zero but write down the meals that you just have been eating that rate tozero and look up the calorie counts that is some thing you might do anotherthing you could do is measure the meals which are 0 clever aspects so you are noteating an obscene quantity of them make certain your portions are nonetheless inside yourcontrol and the way you’re having one serving and now not two or three servings ofsomething that is zero sensible facets you get what i’m pronouncing so there you have got itthat is the number one mistake in my view I don’t want any feedback sayingbut this is not my crisis i do know i’m just saying that within my observationof the weight Watchers community this appears to be a common complaint so I amgiving you an handy resolution and that is what i’m calling to your attentionmost persons are having this battle it is a entire one-of-a-kind story if yourstruggle is however i don’t like every of the zero wise point meals if you wish to have thatone 2d method to that it is suck it up and eat them anyway however that is astory for a different day so that is my two cents on the mostcommon mistake individuals are making a Weight Watchers freestyle let me understand inthe comments below for those who believe me or disagree with me and why what’s yourexperience on Weight Watchers freestyle are you finding it handy to strike thatbalance do you will have some our features left over do you devour all of your elements whatare your weight watchers or outcome because of it thank you guys so much fortaking the time provide this video thumbs up and subscribebutton down there so that you get notified whenever I upload whatever new I willbe you in my next video bye you

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