Audio book “Money saving expert will never tell you this” about how to save money easily

What is this audiobook about? hello, and thank you for purchasing this audiobook and we are about to discover many new things that are happening in our Daily life we [earn] and spend money every [single] day and in this [audiobook]. [I] will help you analyze how exactly we do that. I Am interested in this topic, not only because money is an important part of our life But also because I have many new insights into this topic all money related ideas I have faced in the past seemed a bit superficial and vague to me I was quite incapable of reaching the core essence of the topic and Furthermore they were limited in practical application some of the applications [seemed] dry some of them appeared to be contradictory and some were [even] too esoteric and unexplainable using common sense I Felt that a certain system to put everything in place was needed I Am a deep thinker, and I was seeking a transparent and solid system that would enable me to find answers [for] [all] money related questions once I have a very clear understanding of how everything [works] it is so much easier to make decisions [I] Studied and held seminars on the topic of money for many years and had some paradigmatic breakthroughs in my thinking There have been three key moments of insight which turned my understanding of money by 180 degrees after these revelations the whole concept of money all of a sudden seemed novel and fresh and Answers to seemingly impossible questions appeared right [in] front of me Consequently I have decided to record this audiobook and share with you my insight I hope you enjoy it and learn many new things [I] Intuitively sense that something else something much more powerful was hiding beneath the act of purchasing When the bottom line of basic needs is crossed and we have everything we were required to feel comfortable in a society We start trying to blindly satisfy some other needs from deep within us We buy more and more stuff, and it seems that it is never enough Even the stuff we just bought somehow is not satisfied those unknown desires we had we cannot identify our deeper needs and that cost us a lot of money because we can't find ways to Satisfy those needs and so spend money habitually By understanding our core needs and how we try to satisfy them you will save yourself a lot of time energy and of course money You will know yourself and feel more in control of what is happening in your wallet the three main mistakes of overspending One website has organized a competition on how to create a present for a friend for $1 People thought of many great [ideas] in that way the effect of a present can be better than more expensive Standard gifts it means that you save more money and have a better effect However, we do not behave in this way all the [time] when we are buying a gift Behavioral habits and stereotypes of thinking are triggered we always shop with our internal scales and our selection Criterion are rarely stable rational and useful to us Everything depends on what we have available if we have one sort of variety We use one set of buying rules if we have another sort of variety we use another set of rules We think that a gift is a trifle, and we don't save money on it People tend to think that this is not the kind of purchase where we should save money it Is not appropriate [to] save on gifts we say Why? because the gift involves relations if We buy for ourselves.

We save money because we have an identity [of] what we are and what stuff is appropriate for us we more easily lower the standards for ourselves if no one is watching if I buy [something] that will be related to others my second identity of better me triggers and it is about what I project about myself to society and When we are showing ourselves for others we tend to show our better side we can talk about more examples here But long story short we apply different rules for different purchases We are very rationally minded and save every penny on small everyday purchases But we spend big when others are watching I would say that there are three main cases when people overspend First we spend more if it is somehow related to others if others will see and judge our stuff cars clothes and accessory if we buy a gift or want to make an impression a Guy can overspend on a date if he wants to make an impression if I am celebrating my birthday I will [overspend] a bit because I want to have fun with my friends The more we are visible to others the more we care about what stuff We have the more [we] overspend trying to show the better me The second case is when we buy stuff [rarely] and don't have enough information about it It is too difficult for us to understand how stuff works We don't know that business and what rules there are Because we buy rarely we haven't collected data and basically we overpay for Lack of knowledge and lack [of] know-how If I buy something for the first time I usually overspend [I] watch myself Overspending for car repair the car was very simple to fix, but that breakdown happens very rarely And I didn't have the know-how of how to fix it now I could do it on my own but at that time I had to overpay a lot so watch carefully when buying something for the first time and The third case when we overpay a lot is if we are in a hurry We rush and don't have time to look for the best deal So we take the first option even more if we encounter an experienced Salesman who sees that we are in a hurry He raises the price instantly when I review my silliest buying mistakes [I] usually have found that it is one of these three [I] wanted to show my better side I bought something for the first time or I was in a hurry Does stuff provide happiness? Some people think that money and stuff have powerful energy and they give us happiness and other positive emotions This idea is formed by authors who write about money and mystify it Thanks to those who write things such as money is power money is energy money is the sign of destiny we have such a belief if Money can have energy and power so stuff also should have immaterial characteristics but stuff cannot have immaterial characteristics at least not the ones we usually imagine it has There is a huge variety of stuff some of it with healing power or with information content But what we see in stuff mainly depends on us Visionaries might see information and stuff others can't some people might be healed by holy water while some aren't so while for some a pair of shoes might create a good emotion for others the same shoes will look ugly, [so] Stuff is generally the same but our reactions to it are different Let's focus on the fact that the same stuff can cause different reactions For one buying and owning stuff can cause Euphoria, but another can feel absolutely indifferent So what does stuff arouse? Euphoria or apathy Stuff doesn't have any emotion inside that can be transferred to you More likely we associate various inner feelings with stuff that is around us We see stuff differently We put on our favourite shoes, and if our attention is directed to the shoes.

We are happy, but if our attention goes somewhere else Happiness dissolves But you can look back to your shoes and your mood is up again different stuff generates different emotions also you can generate emotions yourself thinking about your holiday or family or Remembering some pleasant events all these memories can generate the same sort of satisfaction and sense of good emotions When we need more good emotions. We forget to think about those pleasant memories or people? But if we wear nice shoes they always remind us about it because we spot shoes very often So they trigger good emotions more often than our thinking about holidays or our favorite ice cream Ice cream might be unavailable, but shoes are available stuff works as a reminder because it is material and visible if You had a picture from your holiday and looked at it as often as you look at your shoes It would also give you good emotions If we accept the idea that the same stuff might cause different reactions It means that it is [not] the stuff that generates happiness Because if the same stuff can be very appreciated by some and totally ignored by others then it is not the stuff that generates happiness Remember Columbus who traded glass for gold with locals when he first came to America? For the locals gold was just a stone in their mind It didn't have much [value] so stuff itself cannot create value Value is created in our minds Stuff itself cannot provide us with value or happiness because stuff doesn't have those features Value and Happiness are created in our minds Happiness should be sought in our mind not in trying to buy more stuff Stuff can trigger your mindset and because of that it can create positive emotions So stuff awakens our emotions more often when it is near us, and it is more visible Stuff can affect other people's emotions without any effort Stuff can create emotions instantly because everyone has eyes and can see stuff But it will create emotions happiness And so on only for those people who have the proper mindset for that if I don't like gold you can try to sell it to me even at a huge discount And I won't buy it because in my mind.

I just don't like gold One more example. Let's say a guy wants to leave a good impression on a date He can wear a nice watch and his date will notice the watch also He can tell about his holidays and what a wonderful place. He visits every year and what activities He does there so he can make the same good impression in two different ways he can show what good stuff he has or he can talk about the good time he has We buy stuff not only because of its functions But also due to our reaction to it our emotions change and one of our demands is to experience variety Sometimes we buy things but sometimes we buy a reaction Maybe we don't need more furniture, but we like the feelings connected to the process of buying We just want to feel the emotion which we felt when we bought that thing earlier For instance you buy a fresh roll because you like its smell this smell reminds you of childhood when your mother baked rolls Maybe you were not hungry, but you were affected by the smell and you bought that emotion Certainly things soon get boring and reactions to them get weaker for example We often buy shoes clothes or [accessories], you can have a full closet of clothes but it won't be enough you enjoy the process of choosing and trying on and the reaction of other people if You are emotionally hungry.

You won't stop buying Every season shops offer new colors or some tiny details change and we buy again the intellect Rationalizes what we buy because it is new and looks a tiny bit different But more likely we buy because we enjoy the process Stuff itself doesn't have the power to Satisfy emotional needs Sales theories say that people buy due to emotions, but they don't reveal the fact that stuff can't satisfy emotional needs otherwise all Capitalism would not make sense Why do we produce so much stuff if stuff cannot fully satisfy our emotional needs? Why do we work all day producing stuff that is not making us happier or more fulfilled? Consuming is like an addictive game Anyone who is invited will enjoy this game and live in an illusion? We probably have 100 times more stuff compared with our parents or grandparents But to live a rich emotional life is much more difficult Satisfaction of emotional appetites is more subtle It requires education and effort it is [not] enough just to have money Can you go to a shop [and] buy one kilo of love? We want it so much And there is no place where we can buy it so we buy thousands of other things Thinking it will bring more love and well-being to life We are bored of the functions of stuff for example You want to go somewhere many people can help you to realize this function.

We can go by bus taxi metro bike or your own car to Satisfy this functional demand is easy to travel from point a to B But for us it isn't enough We want together with function to satisfy our emotional demands We want a comfortable and luxurious ride with as good a car as possible, and we want others to see our ride in our car So our ride becomes not only a ride from point a to point B But it also might become a tool for satisfying emotional needs we buy new stuff because it changes our mindset a bit we learn something new I Got a tablet computer with a multi-touch display, so I learned many new things [I] had some very nice experiences working with a computer in a new way New stuff helps us to experience those new emotions. We feel more vivid energetic and attractive to others and ourselves a person wearing fashionable clothes or accessories Attracts the attention of others to him and wakes the emotions of others But emotions are awoken due to the idea of the creative designer and not due to the stuff he [bought] We are stimulated by a new idea without ideas there wouldn't be stuff a Person wearing fashionable clothes wears not only the stuff, but another person's talent and ideas without ideas fashionable clothes wouldn't be fashionable a Stone isn't cute and valuable But when a sculptor touches it with ideas and experience he produces something that makes us admire it Everything that is made is a product of the most energetic productive and creative people in Consuming their product we try to show [that] we are as good as those creative people Everything that we use is the creative work of other people when you look at a painting? It's worth isn't it itself but rather the most valuable thing is the person who created it and his talent? We don't see that every product hides other people behind it Imagine you are a light bulb, but the light is so weak and only the middle of the room is bright our consciousness also sees stuff but can't see people standing beyond stuff because they are somewhere in the dark as we don't see these people we have some kind of fetish for stuff and Believe stuff can give the same feelings as people give to each other What we want to get by consuming products we can get directly from other people Stuff and money are only mediators between other people If a person says money is everything Money is the most important thing in life and all I need to be happy in life is to have money Then such a person's consciousness sees only a small part of the room He doesn't see people hiding behind the stuff and money that [is] the same as saying oil is everything all I need in life is 1 million barrels of oil and After I have it I will be happy and fulfilled it sounds silly But that is because the fetish of money for us is very Humanized and when we speak about money this way we don't feel objections anymore But if I switch the word money to oil you will notice that we don't have such a strong passion for oil Money is sexy oil isn't You can say that money and oil are [very] different, and I can't compare them in this way But people have used various things as currency and in some countries still use different things today You might say that would be inconvenient Well, we can create some credit cards and a bank account, but instead of dollars we could use barrels So if you hear someone saying that money is the most important thing in life Try [to] discuss it with them by changing the word money into oil Do we get what we pay for? We buy lots of stuff, but is it worth it? We buy partly emotionally partly rationally and we apply different rules for different purchases Sometimes those rules lack logic the money we pay does not always equal the stuff or service we get For example say I pay ten thousand dollars and go on an exotic trip But after eating some local food I get diarrhea and spend the rest of the two weeks in bed Similarly I can go to a nearby lake and spend $1,000 [I] go fishing and canoeing have a barbecue and sleep in a tent So which trip is better? You will say that it depends on the circumstances and needs I Totally agree to make money and to spend money successfully a lot of favourable circumstances are required in My opinion money can satisfy about 30% of our needs But instead of spending only part of our money We spend all of our [money] on those needs because we don't know how to satisfy other needs we have All ideas on how to satisfy the other needs we have are based on incorrect beliefs For example our need [for] status and reputation results in buying Brand-name shirts instead of playing shirts We don't want an old-fashioned cell phone We want a high-tech 1 so we overspend and while we overspend we have the illusion [that] the additional money we pay Satisfies our other needs on the surface yes, but actually no Most of our desires are emotional and things cannot satisfy our emotional needs Their effect is superficial and therefore they only create an illusion for a short time That is why we buy and buy repeatedly We do not know any other way to satisfy those emotional desires all of us want some sort of comfort in life However will that additional comfort which we want to get for additional money be worth the discomfort.

We feel working extra hours the more discomfort we feel at work the more we want to catch up and pamper our selves, we [work] hard making money using our intellect and spend money easily on the weekend using our emotions We are [devided] creatures. We have emotions and intellect and we are influenced by both So we make money with intellect and spend money with emotions In order to spend money and enjoy life we have to earn Making money is not easy and often requires lots of effort and making money is not always a very satisfying experience Sometimes [we] have to go through pain, but we think about the pleasure we get when we will spend the money So there is pain while making money and pleasure while spending it My problem started when I lost the pleasure of spending money I had the very serious dilemma of why should [I] work hard if I won't get pleasure later spending money? basically this dilemma Woke my curiosity and I started to [investigate] and finally come [up] with this book so [what] if in reality we experience? More pain than pleasure and our pleasure mainly is based on illusions for example you go to a nightclub Where the music is loud? And you can't speak with others normally the ventilation is poor and the club is full of smoke and everybody around is drunk And I'm supposed to feel happy and imagine that I am having a good time Many advertisements [promise] happiness if you buy their stuff, but do you really get that happiness? Our consumption habits are based on many illusions and incorrect beliefs and as you probably have noticed all Of this book is about how to get rid of those illusions One of the most popular incorrect beliefs is if I pay more I get more While we use only one currency to measure our life, we limit ourselves and don't have an objective view It is very hard to count our inner dissatisfaction in terms of money because we count only satisfaction in terms of money Let's compare two satisfying experiences one of them is a [full-body] massage The other is a ticket to your favorite opera Usually we compare value for money For money, but if we measure pleasure with money why can't we measure dissatisfaction with money? Maybe you did some hard nasty job and felt discomfort worth – one hundred and fifty dollars and earned only Fifty dollars, so you are – one hundred dollars in total? counting and pleasure currency Maybe it is better to earn Thirty dollars in cash while working to get at least satisfaction worth 70 dollars In the first case the arithmetic is – [100] dollars and in the second plus 100 The difference is double if we add to the calculation not only cash money we get but also satisfaction and dissatisfaction in Cash the difference is very little in the first case you get fifty dollars in the second case you get thirty dollars So it is 40% less, but if we count satisfaction and dissatisfaction The difference is five times bigger We only see the material difference because our focus is mainly on the material world Also, it would be difficult to create a universal system.

Which could objectively count the price of all emotions. We feel while doing work But we can increase our consciousness Let's try to do an exercise To evaluate in money is a bit complicated. So we will use a new currency satisfaction dissatisfaction points We always have to consider the pleasure and pain we get while making money and the pleasure or pain we get spending money Because we usually tend to concentrate on one quarter of the whole subject we concentrate only on the pleasure We get spending money. [I] want you to see the other three quarters [of] the money mindset While making money we concentrate and push ourselves to 150 percent But when we buy and use stuff we sometimes get 50 percent or even less for the money We pay I have seen many families building a house But the children grow [up] and leave home and parents stay to live in this big house We work hard overtime hours for one hundred and fifty percent effort for [twenty] years [in] order to have a big beautiful house But we use only a small part of it Yes some spaces of the house we use occasionally But as I say you [can't] sit on two couches at the same time So if you have [ten] couches in your house, you use only 10% of it you buy a brand new car [you] work hard with a hundred and fifty percent effort, but you drive only a few thousand miles a year [I] don't say we all live like that [I] say some of us might live like that and waste precious time in our life buying stuff that we don't have time to use We experience tension while we are making money and release tension while spending money if we spent money with the same concentration and attention that we give [to] making money our Expenses would be many times lower But it is important to understand that Usually we make money with intellect and spend money with emotions Making and spending money is like some sort of completion within [ourselves] because both parts of our inner body are satisfied If only we could switch them to make money with emotions and to spend money with intellect Do we buy or give [away] money? Now let's talk about the wrong way to spend money from now on we have to separate two terms [to] [buy] means to get a thing which will provide obvious benefit for Anna's objective as possible Value that thing will at least pay off the price you paid for it or its usefulness and may even outweigh its price in KiyOsaki's words that thing would be active it constantly brings you benefit The other term is to give money away Very often we buy illusions and image to satisfy our emotional needs We already made clear that we first of all buy status reputation and design We need change and the last thing we care about is the car's function to take us from point a to point B The only thing that pays off is the car's function we over pay some sum of money.

Just because [its] design is better explain to me how the design pays off if you put a sum of money in a bank you get interest if A car is well made you have to spend less money for its repairs. So you save some money This is a real and tangible benefit, but what benefit? Do you get from design only emotional satisfaction we pay for beauty? Fair enough we need some beauty in our lives, but we should use a different term to give money away, [I] Am trying to spend money in a way that money would generate some sort of interest pretty design is a pleasure for the eye but I want to remind you that basic emotional needs have to be satisfied in other ways and Those ways require effort education self analysis and decisions when a man does [not] understand what emotional desires he has He has very little chance of finding a way to satisfy those desires, so he believes everybody who promised better well-being Of course these promises and solutions are superficial because true needs remain unmet We give money away [for] image trends and functions.

We don't need The main feature of giving money away, is that people do not get much benefit even if they spend a lot? People spend a lot not because they get a lot, but because they have money and what to exchange it for something Together with money we always get temptation the more money we get the more temptation We experience and if we are weak we indulge in that temptation very quickly We are seduced by sweet promises about a better life Probably you know that feeling of temptation when you can't stop thinking about how to spend money and all that stuff [that] was not available becomes available We feel like a small child who entered a toy shop? When we have money [our] emotions become impatient they start to whisper? Well, maybe my needs will be satisfied now. Maybe this more expensive thing will provide me feelings Which I was dreaming about for a long time The needs and wishes that we kept repressed for a very long time now awaken and overwhelm us We spend money because we don't control emotions and lack positive emotions let me remind you that there is always some inner problem inside you that appeared in early age and still burdens your consciousness Sometimes it surfaces, and we feel weak or bad about ourselves Unloved and all those sorts of things it Constantly burns inside and we have to constantly feed ourselves with good emotions So we go and buy something that instantly brings more respect to us but if this respect isn't maintained from outside we soon will look for new stuff if Our inner problem is low we feel good about ourselves.

We are busy and life is beautiful even without stuff Even if we don't get those good emotions when buying at least we enjoy the sweet illusion that our life is becoming better somehow Illusionists trick you but it is so fun to be tricked the same with buying stuff. We don't get that better life But it is so fun to be tricked Expensive stuff attracts attention [it] is some sort of energy because [where] our mind goes our energy goes That is why a man who owns expensive stuff appears different Stuff attracts lots of attention and attention is equal to energy, but as we talked about earlier Stuff itself doesn't have energy Stuff attracts attention and energy to itself and to [the] owner In order to make stuff we put in energy if we want to make good stuff.

We have to put in a lot [of] energy The more energy we put in the more attention and energy it attracts later So I just want to repeat once again Stuff doesn't have energy When we look at stuff we should think about how much energy was invested in order to make it How many people worked day and night improving it? Start separating when you buy, and when you give money away if you have more money than you need then you give money [away] you Cannot control it emotions defeat You or maybe others are trying very hard and [convinced] you to buy something of? Course you tell yourself that it is a very valuable purchase and you need it, but ask yourself is it not giving money away? However when you give money away, you get something you get image, and it becomes easier to understand status in the society money helps strengthen identity Self-esteem and status the weaker we feel the more we want everything that could strengthen status if we care [so] much about Status remember one thing we don't pay attention to what we have If I am tall I don't care about height, I just don't pay attention to it if I am short I notice all tall people.

I think about how much I would like to be taller So if you have something you don't pay attention to it if you lack something you notice it everywhere you go So if a person is triggered by status he lacks it our Attention Betrays, what we lack? because consciousness wants to be in harmony and get all the skills needed [for] survival in Society and If consciousness has incorrect beliefs that stuff can give those missing skills We do everything in order to get that stuff. It is the opposite effect from the one we want to have With expensive stuff we want to hide what we lack, but it only shows that we lack something Imagine you have an additional organ, and this organ is called status.

It is always worried about its size What others will think of it? It is programmed to want others to think of it as bigger, and it always thinks about that The smaller it is the more important this question becomes men and women both possess this status organ We buy in order to strengthen our identity but here is a question Which identity do we strengthen the current or desired one? do expenses show what we are or what we want to be if A man is truly rich he buys expensive things because he can afford them Another man buys expensive things even though he cannot really afford them But it is a way in which he is trying to strengthen his image in Society These two situations are very different arguably the amount of money is not an appropriate Criterion to decide which side a man belongs to The truly Rich can either buy or not he can control his desires Or it is not his main activity to search for stuff and to buy it He has more interesting things to do so who is richer the one who has more money? But has doubts about his identity and spins money in order to strengthen it or the one who maybe has less money But is sure of himself and does what he loves to do and of [course] makes money from what he does This is a question for you to think about Other Criteria that help us separate buying from giving money away is your answer to the question What will happen if I don't buy stuff if you can name at least one reasonable argument, then fair enough.

[go] ahead [and] Buy But if your answer [is] nothing will happen probably [you] are just giving money away Most of the time we are giving money away The world is full of money and people who are [motivated] and productive collect this money That is all there is nothing mysterious about becoming rich be active productive and have high status This is the foundation people want to give their money away for nothing You just [have] to put in effort and collect it you might object and say I'm not giving money away [I] get useful stuff that I will use for many years okay, so please answer these questions for me What will happen if you don't buy one more pair of shoes? Probably nothing What will happen if you don't buy a bigger TV? Probably nothing what will happen if you don't go to the cinema tonight? Probably nothing what will happen if you don't buy new furniture for your living room again, probably nothing I? could continue on and on We can decrease our expenses and nothing bad happens life will flow as it used to That just confirms that we buy not because we need something but for all the other reasons that I am talking about We are afraid of being last Imagine how you would feel [if] you came to a high-school reunion after 20 years with the oldest and rustiest car What shame you would feel? To avoid that emotion people work many hours ruin their health their relationships and everything else that can be ruined Just to Avoid that kind of shame at all costs When it is said [that] people buy [because] of emotions It is not said what emotions exactly have in mind that one of those emotions is shame We buy not because we want shame we buy because we want to avoid shame Shame is an emotion According to Meridian therapies emotion is energy flowing through your body That energy usually rises up unconsciously, and it is hard for us to control it Intellect can decrease it a little bit for example if you own an old car your intellect often tries to calm the rising emotion The intellect tries to explain emotion and says I don't feel comfortable in this car Maybe no one will notice me driving it.

It is just a car I have done so many important things in my life that I could be proud of But that explanation usually can't calm down the emotion and emotion [rises] creating inner discomfort, [and] finally we try to get rid [of] the old car and get a better one But getting a better car won't sort out the problem because there are always newer and better cars on the road Shame is an uncontrolled bodily reaction that triggers in certain circumstances If it is difficult for you to control your emotions including shame that Kills status High status people usually have well-developed emotional intellect. [it] simply means that they can control their own emotions They feel comfortable no matter what happens no matter how they are dressed or what stuff they have It drains energy to project status for others when you fight shame or other emotions inside of you My advice would be to develop emotional intellect to learn to control them Stuff strengthens status [I] come to a farm put on dirty shoes and start to think What is my status now am I a farmer or mis ceo? Then you look back at your limousine and relax Everything is all right.

I'm the ceo of a company This weekend I came to the farm to visit my relatives to do some work, but on Monday. I will be a ceo again The more stuff we have the easier it becomes to return to a higher status mindset Stuff is more real than inner body to most of us that is why we bind our status with stuff people want to have a system [that] is clear and easy for everyone to understand in order to Define people's status in Society and Stuff works as a currency in this system. You have a flat with two rooms and I have a flat with four rooms everything becomes clear instantly which of us is doing better in life of Course status is given to people not just for money alone it can be given for accomplishments There are many people who are not rich, but are [well-known] and respected However the more stuff there is the more real everything looks in our mind That is why we often give away money for the stuff. We don't need just to strengthen our status to remind ourselves what we have achieved [who] we are and who we want to be as We grow and change We change the stuff around us people Buy that mysterious something that will make them look better in front of others and that something is a mix of status and reputation But as they don't know the difference [between] those two They don't know that it is impossible [to] buy reputation if I have some kind of power or possess other Advantages which others do not have then I automatically have status, but it does not mean [that] I have reputation People make the decision to buy not according to the rational mind they make the decision based on how many status points they will get The same goes backwards if you want to Successfully sell any product you [have] to put as many status points into that product as you can think of We work day and night, and we give money away for status Remember the difference between buying and giving away money when you give money away You get status for example you buy an expensive perfume and you think this will definitely raise your status and attract the opposite sex and We hold on to the illusion that others smell our perfume and silently admire how sexy we are by the way I think that those who most care about status are those who feel they lack it if you do not have health What is the most important to you health if you do not have a partner.

What worries you the most? How to find a partner if you need a camera you will not be able to keep from looking for one in every store This is just how our minds work. If there is a lack of status then we see everywhere How much status other people have and we compare ourselves to them? Basically status is a feeling emotion a mindset and inner maturity stuff does not provide status Yes stuff makes the mindset stronger and stimulates emotions, but that is a superficial effect Why? give money to a [homeless] person dress him in the most expensive clothes put him in a limousine and Still after getting to know him you [will] find out who he is Money won't hide his true self and vice versa put the dirtiest clothes on a high-status man And he will feel and look great No, one will think that he is homeless So we should come to an agreement that stuff is not as important as inner Mindset high status people load stuff with status and that is the only way how stuff gets status and lower status People buy higher status stuff in order to raise their social image How does it work in reality? For example if a well-known celebrity is selling his car the price can be doubled because the car is loaded with status I Want to mention that there are many ways to raise status and reputation in front of others, but we are stuck on one of them consumption People with high status tend to check others boundaries and instantly see how strong you are Stuff won't help you to set boundaries where necessary Status is a part of the inner body and must be trained as an inner resource first of all Education and later on some decisions and activities are needed in order to improve boundaries It is nurtured with other tools and surely not with buying and consuming You can have much cash and stuff and still fill of low status Remember Gandhi absolutely no wealth but what a huge status and reputation We could probably name hundreds of similar examples have you ever seen celebrities wearing weird stuff [a] Famous person can put on an old worn-out sweater of her grandmother's and it will be considered a fascinating fashionable accessory People give meaning to stuff and if a personal brand is created then it does not matter.

What things you have Everything you touch will look in style and fascinating my advice is not to buy status because you are giving money away spend that money on developing a true high status Mindset become a high status [person] and load stuff with your status I Remember reading a fairy tale about a man who turns everything he touches into gold [I] think that is a good metaphor for status and stuff Become a person who adds value to everything you touch the Christmas tree effect You have heard me mentioning that it is important to put effort into something and we value more something that has been done with effort Value is very subjective, [but] [I] would say it can be defined by the effort I put in if I put more effort into something I value it more and that is a general rule The second rule is I value something if I know that somebody else put much effort into creating it Every purchase.

We make is related to effort and time The more effort we put in and the longer it takes to make that purchase the more happiness we experience To make this clearer let's analyze the effect of a Christmas tree Remember the happiest moments in your life, and some of them will definitely have happened at Christmas [you] waited a whole month for Santa to come and he finally did a Long time of [waiting] after which comes a huge wave [of] joy the joy lasts for a week and slowly drops off Now you are grown up and have a family, but the same process is happening except for the size of the gifts For example you save money for a dream home it takes time You choose carefully and inspect all possible alternatives you buy it take care of the paperwork Renovate the house buy furniture, and finally the big moment of Joy comes.

You move in and spend the first night in your own apartment The Longer we wait the more satisfaction We get afterwards if you have money you will not have to wait and there will be no waiting if there is no waiting Tension cannot rise and when nothing [rises] there is no satisfaction Not only the purchase itself brings satisfaction But the Christmas tree effect if we want to get more joy buying We have to put more effort or to wait a long [time] or a mixture of both People usually think that the more money they pay the more joy. They will get I'm not going to deny [this] but [I] just want to add that joy consists not only of the amount of money But also from the effort you have done and the tension that it created inside of you Waiting provides joy the shorter the waiting is the less joy it generates It seems paradoxical but the more we have the less everything brings joy to us because all challenges are quickly overcome if You have money you don't have to wait or put in any additional effort on the one hand It makes everything easier on the other hand it takes away some satisfaction Why do you think the most luxurious cars have to be ordered and waited for for about a year or two? Because manufacturers are overloaded with orders no They are not only selling you the car But you pay [for] the tension that rises during the waiting time you pay for boundaries that? Manufacture set you can be worth a fortune and could buy the whole factory But then you come [to] buy the car and they say there is a long queue and no matter how much money you have You have to wait They set boundaries that create high status and make people even more aroused To buy something is easy, but to experience new emotions is a bit bigger challenge in General We need challenges because they make us grow and if we don't get those challenges.

We try to buy them We buy expensive stuff in order to get more thrill and excitement We set challenges for ourselves to buy something and also we create challenges for [ourselves] that are not related to stuff We want to improve and we want to do something better to learn something not because [of] others but for ourselves those kinds of challenges are not affected by money it means that even if you have money that won't help you to perform better if You throw yourself a challenge to quit smoking Money won't help you there this challenge cannot be affected with money Rich people get everything they desire quickly, so they have to buy more expensive stuff because it requires more effort and more time That generates more emotions Buying a clock for 50 or 50 thousand dollars stimulates the mind differently Both plots will perform their function fine, but o'clock worth [fifty] [dollars] is simply not stimulating enough That is why a more expensive clock will have a lot of additions.

Which are not really necessary for a clock for example gold Diamonds or dinosaur fossils inside are they necessary for the clock? They are not necessary and have nothing to do with the clocks function But you need to somehow explain to the intellect why you are spending [1000] times more money Intellect does not understand that the desire to buy and have is Generated by emotion and of course the intellect has to explain that emotion somehow When it is explained that the clock is encrusted with diamonds and gold the intellect has something to justify such a price When buying stuff requires more effort and time it adds more value to the stuff So a Christmas tree consists of five steps Everybody can imagine what the [trees] shape is like it is a big triangle You can also imagine a mountain with a sharp peak our journey to the mountain begins on the left side We will split the whole Journey into five stages the first stage an idea appears that you need something it is connected with possibilities, which we talked about previously [as] Long as you do not know that you can get something you do not need it But [if] a thing appears the desire to have it will appear Until you have seen those pretty sneakers in a mall you were satisfied with the old ones but now you can't stop thinking about the new ones the [second] stage We are already little by little climbing the Mountain we start the analysis searches for a better price or a discount inner dialogues and self persuasion that I really need that if A thing [is] truly needed then we buy it quickly without any hesitation it is precisely hesitation that can be the indicator which shows you if you really need that thing if You hesitate and the more you hesitate the more it is likely that you do not really need that thing But we believe that life will be better with those new sneakers And we feel like we [are] worth those sneakers because we did this or did that We look for more argumentation, and of course we find it pay attention to very small details.

We look for [reasons] Why we need that? Why we deserve that or we set goals for ourselves [if] I do this job? I will reward myself with those sneakers that [clearly] shows that we pamper ourselves with purchases We treat our bad inner feeling we are hooked on the illusion that stuff will make life better and this illusion is supported by [our] inner lack and Our intellect has no other option but to find the arguments of why we should buy the third stage the mountains peak the buying process Culmination opening trying using stuff for the first time reading the instructions and the inner joy that I finally have it The fourth stage we are going down from the mountain and feel pleasant relief. We get used to the new thing it provides less and less good emotions We use it more and more carelessly the nurturing we gave to ourselves is disappearing because it was superficial The fifth stage the Journey has ended We do not use [that] thing anymore, and so we forget it sell it and start [looking] for new stuff Just like the Christmas tree [that] gave you so much Joy before Christmas We decorated it, and it was in the center of our attention, but after a few weeks We took it to the trash without any second thoughts The same happens with much of our stuff.

We use have fun and get rid of it We repeat this process countless times But there is some stuff. Which we gladly use for many years that stuff satisfies our needs much better Maybe that stuff brings back many good memories awakens good emotions performs its function very well or has many status points if Stuffs impact is not a superficial one. We can use it for a very long time Probably emotions tied to that are still feeding us The idea appears that not the purchase itself provides the feeling of an inner satisfaction But that we can convert our inner resources into something material that we will finally get something real for our hard work That we create some value for others if I can afford to buy valuable stuff it means I am valuable My work is valuable and my life is valuable if I do not have valuable stuff.

I naturally start questioning Maybe I and my life are not very valuable Moving on to conclusions. Most importantly a Christmas tree has to be as tall as possible getting ready for the things purchase or Stage 2 Has to raise as much tension as possible and if the process of purchasing is special then during the Journey to the mountains peak We feel the greatest joy because the tension gets stronger and stronger The Christmas tree shows that price is not adequate [to] its value. We pay the most when our emotions are raised We want to get rid [of] tension when we have money and to get rid of that inner bad feeling The wish to buy something appeared because of believing that a thing can maybe solve not only functional desires, but emotional as well when emotions decrease the stuff does not look so valuable and Precious and maybe after some time we will agree to sell it for a lot lower price The smartest time to buy things is after some time when emotions have already decreased, but probably you already know that as The Christmas tree symbolizes mostly one component that designates price Time I would like to add a third component that creates value Mindset a Mindset Is full of beliefs some of which are right and some of which are wrong? My life experience revealed that about 80 percent of them are wrong, but you have to check your belief system yourself How does belief Create value? Very simply in China people believe that a bird's nest can be used as food or for healing purposes They are very expensive, but science hasn't given a definitive answer about its healing power So we don't know if this belief is true But for people who have this belief a bird's nest has value for other people for example Tourists it might not have any value at all if they know nothing about the local customs and beliefs after we are introduced to the local customs and if we choose to let those beliefs in and they become our own beliefs [a] Bird's nest becomes valuable to us so value is created out of time effort and beliefs experiment We used to hang four-legged trophies that we had shot on a wall now We place trophies with four wheels in a garage a four wheel in a garage is constantly visited by its master Just like a horse in a [stable] the master checks if the hooves are inflated the skin is clean and various liquids are filled enough and With pleasure [works] at it with a vacuum cleaner and washes the outside The [four-Wheel] animal repays its master with its purring or roaring engine sound Just as a woman loses all logical thinking when she sees shoes a man loses logic when he sees a good car Have you ever thought? Why some of the cars look like Sharks have cat or owl eyes? The shapes of others look like muscular animal proportions furthermore.

Take a look at the names Jaguar Puma tigre lion cougar in car logos you can see Buffalo horses rams For a man to travel fast and vigorously from point to point has always been important, but [that] traveling cost us a lot Let's say you bought a new car You did not buy the function to drive from Point a to point B Because another car could do this function fine and its price could be 10 times less You bought emotions status a dream however your dream every month will cost about $500 less if you don't believe it look on the internet for any new car and the same model only one year older Compare the prices and divide by 12 this is not vine.

I call it giving money away Did the car become worse in a month? No but every month it is worth Less The only thing that is truly changing in this industry is car design Because of [the] design and impression on us we can separate which car is old and which is Their technical characteristics may be equally good, but old ones just do not look as good as a car with a fresh design Many people think that the cars production year mileage and other similar information are the most important features But production Year is highly overrated If a new model didn't show up for 15 years a 15 year old car would look fine and would still be Fashionable because there would be no better looking cars around would you worry that your car is old not at all you would be calm and happy [if] No New models were [created] for 15 years then even a car straight from the manufacturer would make no huge impression because it is similar to all others made in the past 15 years if There were no impression then there would be no sales because if a new and 15 year old car looked the same Then which one would you choose? You would be happy having your 15 year old car Several times I had the chance to confirm that 15 year old cars can compete well with new cars in terms of technical speed and other characteristics Even in the 60s cars had automatic windows and other comfort equipment their economy did not change a lot however The price of a 15 year old car and a new one is 20 to 40 times different Therefore we pay that 20 to 40 times higher price mostly for the [car's] design and even car makers admit that What else are we paying for? We pay because a group of people sit day and night thinking what else they can offer to their clients and what improvements can be? made This group consists of engineers designers and others who work long hours and search for new forms ideas and improvements Maybe we don't need those improvements at all but what should those people do then their Productivity and efficiency is rushing with an intention to realize self, and it makes everyone else try to do better if it was not for this little group of Workaholics pushing the quality of life forward we could happily live in Peace and in a comfort Zone Life is pushed forward by those creative Enthusiastic and productive people and we want to be just like them We want to have things that they invented we don't really want those things, but we want to be just as creative Innovative and persistent as they are we think that by having stuff created by those people we will also become like them The car industry needs to profit.

How can they do that? After all it cannot sell the same product for the same price [for] [10] years therefore the product must have something [so-called] newer and better Did you ask during the last 10 years to put something into new cars? we did not ask but they did because they are forced to do that in order to show that everything is improving and Therefore could Increase the price How could they ask for a higher price if they did not think of anything new? Sometimes they put a socket in a car, so that you could insert your mP3 player And they call it a huge benefit of course this car will cost a few thousand more than a new car Which does not have this improvement? When nothing is improved in general we start playing with details Every year one or another Knick-knack is added and the car is sold as a new one. I want you to understand the main idea Cars have been manufactured for 100 years and for the last 50 years I have not seen that big changes have been made We mostly save in little things But when we make big [purchases] our emotions come out and we spend money trying to satisfy not functional but emotional desires when we deal with big money or big purchases emotions win over the intellect and the [final] results are not [always] in our favor I won a new car a Good car is a dream of many people however is this dream a rational one? I want to provide you a little more perspective seeing and thinking from another point of view I have studied 150 posters on the internet and [too] popular but different class cars The first car has been produced for 20 years and is considered a luxury class car This new car costs around [300] thousand now the most interesting part after the first seven years Its price dropped by a factor of ten from three hundred thousand to thirty thousand After twenty years its price dropped by a hundred times to three thousand Visually the drop looks quite drastic the second car is a medium class car This new car cost sixty thousand or five times less than the luxury one the fall is not so sharp But still after ten years its price dropped by six times and after [twenty] years [eighty] [eight] times Here are the numbers after ten years? It's price is twelve thousand and after [twenty] years seven hundred Talk about fuel economy entertains me a lot when I hear people saying that they buy a new car because it consumes less fuel Yes, it's true.

It consumes 1 liter less But let's do the calculation of how much is saved on fuel and how much is lost on Depreciation I? Count that if you buy a new [mid-sized] car that uses 20% less fuel it takes 60 years to pay off on fuel economy compared to a 10 year old car [so] [the] question is to buy a 10 year old car or to buy a new car that uses 20% less fuel You can buy a new one, but the fuel is not the argument because it would take 60 years to feel that economy Yes, the intellect rationalizes that fuel saving is the main criteria But basically we buy it because of status or because we simply can afford it We consider expenses for fuel service parts and insurance But rarely how much we lose because of depreciation But depreciation happens not because [the] cars technical condition becomes ten times worse and its price dropped Tenfold The price dropped because of design depreciation the outer look is not fresh anymore It doesn't make an impression for others.

That is why the price [falls] Would you invest in stocks or real estate if its future worth's curve looks like this Yes, we can think of many arguments that a new car is safer Bla Bla Bla But I think that safety is measured by the speed you drive and not the cars price if you want to live a rich life [you] must not fail while making big purchases Would you invest in a stock fund when its future graphic shows an obvious and steady downward trend? most probably not This is the part where [we] have enough smart But when we spend money on a new car We can tell anything just to avoid the thought that no matter how good this car is it? Will lose at least 15% of its worth in the following year we do not invest in a stock fund whose price is dropping [15%] every year, but we do invest in such a car and These decisions are made in one in the same head what confusion as I told you earlier? [we] apply very different rules for money and buying stuff if we [buy] stock shares we expect at least a 10% increase and choose very carefully when we buy a car We try to ignore the fact that its value drops 10 to [20%] a year and we consider it a good investment What do we really want we? Continue to explain that we buy to satisfy not functional needs but emotional ones It is very important to understand that most people buy because they want something, but it is not clear.

What precisely So they buy everything and expect to find what they are looking for However, if you do not know what you want You will not find it even if you buy a lot The less you know of yourself the greater chance that you will spend your money and will not satisfy your needs So my aim is to provide some clarity in this mist. We are wandering through if Understanding of needs is superficial Everything we buy will provide only superficial benefit if you don't really know how to train in a gym Exercise will only provide little benefit The more knowledge you have about how to train how your body works, and how food affects the body The quicker you will get the desired results the same goes for buying stuff The better you understand which desires you satisfy by spending money the easier.

It becomes to make correct decisions Money is one of the tools to reach goals And I have many goals in life however if my money goes everywhere and for everything My goals will be postponed to the next day again and again So what are our desires? challenges and adventures We want and we like to overcome challenges in most cases purchasing becomes a challenge it seems like sellers are throwing us challenges saying can you afford my stuff and Of course we want to say of course I can We like challenges because after we complete them we feel stronger better and improved we want to complete them and feel the joy [of] victory if Challenges did not exist life would be without spice We would not feel that.

We are growing in becoming longer We also want to experience adventure When we want to experience adventure [we] buy a ticket to the cinema the [theater] a concert or an amusement park or we travel somewhere? We want diverse free time after [all] we work in order to be able to live interestingly and feel something new We spend money on fast cars compete in sports spend money on leisure activities. Go gambling and leave our money at the casino? We do all this because we want more adventure in life Buying for us is an activity that makes us stronger because that is probably the only part in life where we take risks We want to feel tension and some pleasant calm after it We want to know that when we work we maximally use our resources there is probably nothing that upsets a man more than knowing that he could do more but Circumstances do not allow it or he does not know how to force himself or how to make the necessary decisions to change that If a man works too much he burns out on the other hand if he works too, little he also becomes weak brains if not used atrophy just as muscles do Therefore we need strain Responsibility and effort to push ourselves to the limit but after that we let ourselves take a breath have some rest Refill our tanks recharge our energy and reach new goals again Stroking we also want to get attention.

Love and intimacy these desires can only be satisfied by other people and therefore we buy everything that could make people show us attention and love a Man buys flowers and perfumes for a woman showing his attention we buy well-made clothes furniture Shoes and [accessories] as tools to communicate our nonverbal message about who we are and what [our] attitude is Communication is not meant to be one way it has to be two ways stimulus and response Message and Feedback So by dressing in a certain way, we send a message Some might say I dress not for others but for myself wrong have you ever seen a woman who puts on full makeup and dresses in her finest clothes to watch TV at [home] if We are alone we never primp We primp only if we know that we will meet other people we send a message with the stuff We have and we [are] not always seeking a direct response Sometimes it is enough for us to have an imaginary response we imagine how people react to our stuff and that gives us a feeling of getting to use a term from transactional analysis Theory a Stroke, [I] dress up in my best suit and imagine that people are thinking in their minds, what a cool guy How well he is dressed and that? Thought makes me feel great I don't need them to actually say that of Course if someone were [to] compliment me that would strengthen the stroking if I drive a cool car I imagine other people thinking about what cool wheels I [have] I? Imagine them being jealous and [that] makes me [feel] great Different messages we create with our stuff generates different answers Even though we only [imagined] those answers.

It is still very important for Even if no one is paying attention to my stuff [I] can still imagine that they [think] in one way [or] [another] about me, and I stroke myself with those thoughts The stuff only gives a reason for stroking but stroking itself is happening in my mind My mind creates stroking, so if stuff is not providing stroking But only gives a reason for it might it be that stuff is not needed. [I] can stroke myself only with the mind Lots of stuff is written in self-help books about boosting ego giving love to [yourself] writing Affirmations, and so on that is all stroking, but why if stroking can be made with the mind alone? Do we still need stuff in order to make it more real? Well that is what we talked about before We are material creatures We have minds, but we also have a body and we [are] very dependent on stuff because it helps us [to] survive So in all actions we perform stuff has to be involved [even] [though] those actions could be completed without stuff We want reputation status everything that boosts our ego We [pay] money for addiction such as alcohol or smoking because we want to pamper ourselves to give some stroking inner peace and safety We also want stability [and] peace we want to sit down and taste that new coffee Which we bought recently light candles and incense We go fishing probably not only to feel [adventurous], but to feel peace We go for a vacation to a distant hut after [work].

We hurry to yoga or meditation Activities to calm Ourselves down and have some rest [as] you [can] see we need quite different feelings And we expect to get all of them in exchange for money We want respect and others to feel proud of us to meet others expectations our emotions change and it affects our intellect our emotions influence our minds our Emotions change constantly [and] we constantly try to explain why it's happening We want to feel all sorts of emotions and look for all sorts of stuff that could help to reach those emotions I would say that there are three main emotions.

We seek Challenge inner peace and stroking and there are some main emotions that we want to avoid Shame Guilt inner bad [phears] which might be of all sorts and anger So it is like motivation theory that says we are driven by seeking positive emotions and at the same time We are pushed by negative ones because we want to avoid them our buying decisions are also driven in the same way We all seek Harmony [I] would say that not having those negative emotions and having those positive ones results in Harmony If we break down all our purchases We will get some proportion of how much money we spend on our actual needs and how much money on our emotional needs For some it might look like 30% for rent food gas medical care and so on and the remaining 70% for emotional needs for others 70% for living and 30% for emotional needs What proportion might vary but emotional needs might be satisfied by education and effort? No need to spend money on that Well you can but the results won't be [long-lasting] We want to know that we use all of our resources And talents because by realizing them we prove to ourselves that we have them It doesn't matter that a woman is beautiful She must hear that to believe it more The same goes for the mind.

It doesn't matter if your mind knows that it is talented It needs to work to materialize its talents We want to work and spend time with people of maximum quality Doing the biggest and most important tasks which our mind is able to think of at that time We have already talked about that extensively When we are near [the] best ones we create an illusion [that] there is no need [to] do anything Because it is enough to be near the best ones to improve ourselves At least it is good that we reach higher and don't fall down Say that a man has throughout his life sowed and patiently waited for his harvest and raised and fed animals Because he knew that a happy day would come when he would be able to eat a lot We also want [to] put our effort into something that would give us one or another return we want glory and appreciation power because we feel great pleasure when we have monies power, and we can choose a Salesman has to hop around us because it is me who has the money and he has to try to sell me something I? Feel superiority toward Salesmen and feel pleasure for at least a short time I Have jumbled everything into one pile and various theories would sort these desires by different schemes But my purpose is not to provide you a primer in pSYchology Sociology it is important to me that you understand consumption habits [I] teach you to see not only the things you buy, but also your needs which you are satisfying at this moment [if] You start to analyze and understand you will be able to consider alternatives? You will be able to find better ways to satisfy those [needs] money helps to satisfy our physiological needs of course with some exceptions our Physiological functions help us to survive so we put them in front of other needs But lack of analysis leads to the situation where we start to believe that money can also satisfy our emotional and spiritual needs But those needs are met in very different ways You can't go to a shop and buy one kilo of love and a few packs of inner peace Yes, money does affect our inner body but very little have you noticed that for a long time spirituality was associated with giving up all material belongings a man who dedicates himself to spirituality [should] very clearly show that money cannot satisfy his inner needs and That is why he abandons all stuff and money This act only shows that his consciousness has already grown enough to understand this truth as I probably Mentioned before the rational mind is very manipulative the rational mind will give you some theories that Spirituality and money can live together there are many books and authors who speak about that, and that is also true Both truths can be proven equally right the only question is which truth.

Are you going to choose? buying is a brave decision I Want to examine a very interesting topic. How does buying help us grow psychologically? Before analyzing this a bit of basic knowledge about decision-making is necessary Buying is decision making and every decision that requires courage increases self-confidence the more courageous decisions you make the more self-confidence you get Everybody speaks about self-confidence, but nobody tells anything about how to develop it or what it is exactly The more you fear something the more Self-confidence points you will collect when you overcome it if you evaluate some fear on a ten-point scale at eight points After accomplishing that task [you] [will] receive eight points of self-confidence Firstly measure the situation's difficulty and how many courage points you need to make it? The situation may be difficult not only because you are afraid but because you have a lack of experience or knowledge Maybe you feel anger anxiety or something else that makes the situation more complicated rather than fear Anyway overcoming those emotions requires courage The more courage a situation requires the more self-confidence points you receive It is like a law of physics [it] does not change You solve a problem that required eight points of courage you receive eight self-confidence points There is no limit in collecting those points, and there is no other way to develop self-confidence than to make brave decisions You can put an equal sign here brave decisions equals Self-confidence when people don't understand this they are afraid of difficult situations and life's challenges They think that if they make decisions they risk losing something and will not get any benefit Folklore says challenges make a man stronger, but in reality Nobody wants to become stronger and to leave their comfort Zone However keep in mind that there are no better circumstances for a person's pSychological growth than various Fears Defeating limited beliefs and leaving the Comfort Zone The same goes for buying buying is a brave decision When you buy something expensive you feel adrenaline rising inside you it is such an expensive purchase But I want it so much We take a long time to consider whether to risk it or not, but there are so few chances in life to gamble So we finally decide, I will buy We feel a very strong need to grow and to get stronger [in] order [for] this to happen We [have] to make great [decisions], but there are no circumstances where we could make those brave decisions Everything around us must be safe We have to act safe our need to feel an adrenaline rush is always limited to some rules of safety Isn't it ironic then an ordinary man has nowhere to feel a gamble or a thrill? Therefore he tries to get it by buying So when we want to experience some adrenaline we go shopping the more expensive purchase the more risk [I] say to myself Today, I will be brave and by washing powder that is double the price Taste a wine that is two times more expensive Today, [I] will let myself have more I will take the risk and will not mind paying more for something exotic for dinner Why does buying require courage? Because I am giving away my resources and I don't have any guarantee that I will renew those resources if I spend big I give away all [my] resources if I take a loan I give away resources that I don't even have now So we give away [our] future that is a risky deal Every day, we see loss people get sick earthquakes Destroy homes and cities So we need safety and [they] guarantee [that] tomorrow everything will be ok on The other hand we need thrills and some risk otherwise We don't grow psychologically those two needs are fighting inside of us one side needs safety and stability the other needs risk and courage and Both needs we try to get met by consuming We buy insurance in order to feel safe and at the same time we go over the speed limit because we want to [you'll] some excitement [a] Really large amount of adrenaline is generated on the way back home after buying an [expensive] car if the engine starts to buzz strangely and shuts off Your heart starts beating harder and not because of the breakdown But because you are having second thoughts about whether you bought a lemon or not Emotions rise up when you think what if I have been cheated will this car turn out to be a good deal? Or will I have to spend thousands in repairs? The stress of losing is instantly generated the same stress would be generated if you woke up in the morning and saw that your flat has been robbed or Someone stole your wallet in the street.

We become used to risk and we do what I call giving money away The problem is that we choose to give money away of our own free will because we simply have nothing to do and our board Have you seen tourists shopping that is the perfect [example] of [how] people spend money because they have nothing else to do? They lazily examine the goods have a chat with the seller They don't need another watch t-shirt Shawl cup or carpet But they buy this stuff because there is nothing else to do they desperately look for new experiences But can't find anything apart from buying more stuff So we look for adventures and where there is money true adventure happens I have heard a story about con artists who on the same day sold one piece of property to 15 different people and Disappeared with the money the few thieves managed to visit 15 different attorneys who confirmed the deal on the same day People lost hundreds of thousands the thieves total profit was a few million However both sides felt an adrenaline rush the Buyers felt it when they found a good deal for a very good price When emotions rise high we quickly find a way to realize our idea we become very creative we find money time and everything else that is needed such a deal for such a price a Big purchase is a risky decision because you spend your savings, but you feel that it has to be done this way That is why many people feel so bound to buying and consuming because the same mechanism of making decision works and cases a mechanism that helps your personality grow Risky and Courageous decisions really influence psychological Maturity A Man grows if he makes decisions takes risks and [responsibility] and learns from mistakes Buying is risky because we give our resources without knowing if we will be able to regain them Maybe tomorrow we will become sick with some deadly illness and we will be unable to work We have to overcome anxiety about tomorrow and the stress of losing When we buy we want to feel risk we want to test our abilities How far we can go and how much we can spend this is a specific way to show Bravery? to spend a big sum of money often requires courage or foolishness We will not analyze the theme [of] foolishness because everything is already obvious Maybe it is just worth mentioning that foolish decisions are made when emotions shut down intellect and it cannot function properly It is important [to] understand that in this monotonous life Buying often becomes an action which we use to distract ourselves from monotony to achieve and have something new and better To record materially our improvement This is the feeling that we got something beneficial and valuable that we did something, right? This is an inner resource that pleasant satisfaction of psychological growth and has nothing to do with buying stuff in Other words it does not matter if you made a courageous decision and bought an expensive Vase or after a year of postponing it you finally made a courageous decision and told your mom that you had broken her expensive beloved vase in both cases you will feel psychological growth because you made a brave decision in One case the brave decision was to buy and in the other to confess having done something wrong It is just a false belief that we can only feel satisfaction by buying We get satisfaction by growing our inner resources as well.

They are uncountable in monetary terms That is why we don't take them [seriously] with money Everything is more clear money helps to calculate improvement We don't have currency to measure our inner growth, but we have the currency to measure stuff Most people believe the more expensive stuff I can afford the better my life is or the more money I make the better person. I am but those beliefs are not necessarily true When we buy we get some confidence and the expensive stuff We bought works as a reminder that we've made courageous decisions that we let a courageous life that We are not afraid of life's challenges in other words purchasing challenges And we buy even if we do not need it even [if] that exceeds our needs even if the stuff brings even more Expenses and requires additional time we close our eyes and say whatever happens I am buying this stuff because I want to feel brave and overcome this buying challenge jumping over [a] fence Buying is like overcoming something something similar to jumping over a fence in childhood sometimes when I am walking in a mall I imagine the chops are enclosed in some sort of fences if a shop is expensive I imagine it has a very high fence, and it is higher than my ability to jump over it Fences are barriers of price and status which I am not [very] able to climb over What does the barrier of status mean I could overcome the price But the status of stuff is too high to use it in daily life it will stand out from other stuff I use every day which is of lower status Let's say I have enough money to buy an expensive coat however my colleagues or friends wear simple warm jackets [I] would feel discomfort because I would visibly stand out from the others, but I don't want to stand out And I don't consider myself as high status as the expensive Koteas shops enclosed themselves with fences in the shape of price from those who have not got enough money if products in the shop are affordable to me then I can jump over its fence if Products are very cheap then you do not even have to dump you.

Just walk over and buy what you need The point is that a man who is left outside? Feels challenged to overcome the fence the higher the fence the more interesting what it hides becomes When you cannot see what is inside? Your brain starts to create various illusions about the sweet and happy life happening Beyond the fence The grass is greener and the sun is brighter on the other side That is why I repeat how many illusions We have created by autopilot about money and a rich lifestyle For us it is a sweet illusion that we want to taste The further and harder to reach the illusion is the sweeter it looks To jump over a fence becomes life's challenge, and when talking about challenges It is necessary to understand that challenges are of two types with and without meaning However a challenge without meaning is better than no challenge at all What is a challenge without meaning for example say [that] some young men are racing in the street with their cars? What will one get if he defeats his opponent nothing except for a little adrenaline? But think how much they risk in order to get a few drops of adrenaline So this challenge has no meaning because you risk losing much more than what can be gained but as I've mentioned previously [a] challenge without meaning is better than a life without challenge of Course it would be ideal if you only posed yourself challenges which have meaning in other words Whose Challenges bring some benefit to your life? Nevertheless to jump over a fence only for the fences sake is a challenge without any meaning See if reaching money has any meaning [if] you are doing it to prove yourself something all right Maybe it has meaning to you we accept consumption and these meaningless challenges of consumption Society Willingly Western Society has a challenge to consume as much as it can the greatest challenge for most countries is to increase their GDP This is so because in this quite boring life there is nothing more to do Masses of people do not have a direction for their energy and creativity So the only remaining thing is producing buying and owning stuff If somebody leaves you outside the fence your whole life's purpose becomes overcoming that fence and showing the world that you can You can buy a leather handbag for [1000] those shoes for 2,000 that telephone for [3,000] and so on Remember childhood when we used to challenge each other in many ways Right on one wheel ride down from that cliff steal a few apples from a nearby Garden Even though sometimes those challenges were dangerous to our health and life.

We did not want to give up The same goes for money in many cases consumption is meaningless But somehow we accept this life's challenge to earn as much money as possible to own as much stuff as possible Stuff and money wake up our minds and emotions. We have [a] belief that money and stuff will make our wishes come true Shops are teasing us look how much nice stuff We have but in order to get that you have to overcome my fence The Buyer indirectly says I will overcome your fence with my money muscles He takes out his wallet and shows his strength, and then he can afford it in School we used to compete in physical strength by jumping over a pole and in life we compete in our skills to earn money The more expensive stuff is the more it triggers in us the more we think about that Firstly we try to rationalize Why it is so expensive and why we analyse features trying to understand the link between quality features and price? If everything seems logical we convince ourselves that the price is right But what triggers in us more deeply is the fact that someone was arrogant and cocky enough to ask that price the Challenge was made and we feel like we can overcome the price and beat the challenge if We can't it creates frustration and constant anger there are so many walls around me But I can only overcome the lowest and weakest of them buying the cheapest stuff When someone tells me about buying an expensive camera.

[I] feel dual emotions on the one hand I envy and on the other hand I feel Disappointment in myself that I could not overcome such a barrier Although at the same time. I am thinking how silly a good camera can be bought for half as much I have emotional and rational Reactions the emotional one is envy and disappointment in myself and the rational one is counting and considering other possible alternatives The intellect tries to measure if it was a good deal the intellect analyzes And I can't stop thinking about it because emotions were triggered and emotions hold ideas We cannot stop thinking about the purchase and torture [ourselves] until we buy a similar camera, and we don't buy a standard one We want the expensive one. This is so because emotions appear before thoughts do emotions influence intellect a lot stronger than intellect influences emotions Emotions are glued to us and it is not that easy to get rid of them But as soon as we do we can detach ourselves from dependence on stuff because emotions No, longer generate a need to buy stuff We feel a need for stuff because of wrong beliefs in intellect We think that stuff will solve our life's problems and because we have emotions that support various beliefs and bad habits so you have to decide whether to jump over the fence or not if You feel like competing and want to prove to others something in order to have your ego flattered then you will inevitably buy You will try to attract attention by buying of course nobody will understand your inner needs Everybody will think that you [are] buying something because it is of good quality has lots of useful functions and so on You will say the same – because you need to somehow rationalize your emotional needs The funniest part is that most people will not buy a standard camera because if everybody else jumps over the fence by buying an expensive camera then they must jump over it – nobody wants to be inferior to others if all children Jump over a fence then of course you will run along and you will use your every last drop [of] energy to climb over The more money we have the more money muscle We feel each fence requires a specific amount of strength When a man starts to boast he is only communicating between the lines Look I overcame this barrier this cost dearly But I overcame this barrier and for this thing I was asked five times more than the real market price of course I Thought that this is a lot But because this thing's quality is very good or I'm forced to believe that its quality is good because I paid such a price I Overcame that challenge and bought it of course I have not used it yet But I will use [it] someday it is important to show others that I am as good as they are and Maybe of course I don't want to say this out loud even [better] than everybody else You think I exaggerate? How else can a man today prove his personal quality thou you status if not by buying and owning stuff? You can say by accomplishments talent Relationships with other people and so on I absolutely agree with you But none of these things are accepted in people's minds as a universal value system a man simply reaches What is massively considered to be? universal currency in Capitalistic society purchases materialize our inner goals we buy because we need challenges We do not have anything to convert our energy to so we surround ourselves with stuff improve it and watch over it The only thing left inside is [just] a feeling of self satisfaction Which is felt as a feeling of completing some sort of task Tension was rising you were saving working doing something looking for the best price and quality ratio and after some time You bought the stuff you wanted you feel satisfaction which mainly has nothing to do with stuff Maybe you rationally enjoyed it counted how much that [thing] will pay off you wanted it for a very long time and so [on] But the point is that any mountain climber can feel that joy by finally reaching a mountains peak? After a month of planning and two weeks climbing even though he did not get anything material he Experienced exactly the same thing he completed a challenge.

He did not climb over a simple fence He climbed over a whole mountain Remember what I said earlier the higher the Christmas tree the better Society constantly poses as various challenges for example everything is constantly getting more expensive The tempo is rising newer and better things constantly appear around us and if you do not know how to step aside And take a little break you [will] be forced to play all your life this Eternal game of challenges without having a minute to stop and take a break you freedom to [buy] dreams I Aimed to change your priorities You should spend money for your dreams not for stuff that you don't need or [that] everybody else is buying We over value stuff and spend too much time in order to have something But having doesn't provide those emotions that we expect We have hundreds of wrong beliefs related to buying and it is not surprising that we lack happiness It is simply [not] possible to be happy while having wrong beliefs Wrong beliefs work destructively, and if I haven't succeeded in changing those beliefs yet It is because beliefs are rooted in emotions.

I Can influence your emotions a bit through intellect, but I cannot change them completely That requires completely different techniques life's purposes And tasks have to drag you out of bed [every] morning and not forcibly going to work and forcibly Consuming what you maybe do [not] even want to consume? We mature with challenges, and that brings joy This is so because in order to do something new that you have never done before [you] need to change yourself Adjust and create a better you people often say that money provides freedom I want [to] specify that they have in mind a feeling of strength When all barriers look low and a feeling that anything can be bought? There are none of the previous barriers it is freedom to buy anything, but not inner freedom a freedom To have stuff but not a freedom to feel free inside free of negative emotions and thoughts free of bad habits and bad Relationships free to do whatever you want free to act however you want we often mix up outer and inner freedoms? Money gives the outer freedom to have use stuff and other people's resources Stuff makes your life more convenient.

You can perform something more easily So you save time and energy you are free of doing hard tasks because now your stuff does it for you For example a washing machine washes for you, so you are free of washing clothes But we mix outer and inner freedoms and that is how wrong belief is born we start to [think] that the more stuff We have the more freedom we will feel and partly it is true You will be free of many boring or difficult jobs for example You have a new car it breaks down less So you saved yourself lots of time and energy you have more comfort and are free of discomfort You have a cell phone with wireless internet, so you are free of searching for wireless internet Spots You have freedom to check your email whenever you want that feeling of freedom comes from outside And this outer freedom is always tied to stuff as soon as you forget your cell phone You won't have the freedom to check your email whenever you want Inner freedom is generated from inside Inner freedom requires putting [in] effort finding the right knowledge and spending time [studying] to know yourself better If you have a fear of mice then stuff or money will not help to eliminate this fear You will remain controlled by a fear and there is no freedom in [that] If you smoke then even if you have more money It will not grant you freedom not to smoke if you do not feel free Communicating with other people then even if you have money You will not feel this freedom if you have habits that you want to change or to develop new ones stuff won't help You have to develop will and discipline.

I have seen people buying various types of exercise equipment Expecting that they will start [working] out, but after a few weeks most of them give up They are not free of their old habits and they cannot change them Buying exercise equipment provides the freedom to workout whenever you want you don't have to go to the gym anymore? So you have outer freedom? But if you don't develop inner freedom your stuff becomes useless you can buy a vacation home But if you don't have inner freedom to take more time [off], it will stay vacant so stuff gives us some freedom But full freedom is experienced only when we develop inner freedom without it stuff is simply useless Why does the material look more real to us? This is so because it [is] encoded in our DNa [that] physical strength and stuff is important the ability [to] hunt to build a house to farm People's needs were very real down to Earth tied to food and touchable things not that long ago People spent more than 90% of their time growing food Only during the last century have our lives change so much that we started to satisfy emotional and other needs Because all of us already have basic needs met many major things have changed But changes in our minds are late people have not understood the inner body's rules yet Because of inertia, we apply the same rules to our inner body as we apply to stuff But the same rules do not work here today more than ever [we] can have fun party spend time for intellectual activities But in our minds and understanding a certain power of inertia remains And we give priorities to material and touchable things You could spend money to travel around the world or to buy a new car.

We choose the new car We don't want to pay attention to the fact that it will lose 20% of its value every year to buy a new car requires much less effort than to plan a journey around the world also We don't feel free to turn off autopilot and leave our daily routine for half a year or more That is why we put this wish on our list of goals and leave it for better days So this is what I'm trying to change. I want [to] show you that most goals can be reached with prioritizing money differently You have to understand How you spend your money today? And to start changing those habits in a way that helps you reach yours and not other people's goals Every time you spend money on something that you actually don't really need you help other people [to] reach their goals Your spending habits are the key to your dreams if you don't move closer to your dreams It is probably not because you lack money.

It is because you don't handle your money in life as well as you could I Hope you enjoyed [my] thoughts and insights Spending money wisely [is] a huge topic, and it has never been as important as it is today I will continue this topic, and it is going to be updated at least three CDS are going to follow this audio program in The following Cds. I'm going to consider human transactions more closely How we communicate with each other and how it affects buying I? Will tell you about the evolution of ego and status how our ego state is Related to buying and what sort of needs our ego stimulates.

How we create meaning around us with stuff How we reflect our inner body outside with the help of stuff? That helps to establish a healthy and ecological attitude towards consuming I Will speak a lot about saving saving can be harmful for your consciousness if we concentrate only on Saving we concentrate on scarcity and cannot accomplish abundance It is very complicated to run two completely different programs inside the mind Some I opening insights about buying luxury stuff and many other very fresh ideas Don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter and find me on Facebook. Take care and spend money wisely you.

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