What’s it like working at Bulb?

[Music] so exciting to know that out of every hundred people that I pass on the street at the moment four of them are with bald and and four out of those hundred have chosen renewable energy and they're saving money for it I speak so positively about bulb that people are like what is this talking about we are making renewable energy affordable at the same time we're building a new way to supply energy so we're both really an energy company and a technology company the good thing about bulb is it's been rethought from the beginning the product and the service and the company has been designed to be the thing that people want people really lit up by really deeply understanding our members and I see change happen off the back of the insights I bring back [Music] I'm just really excited to see what bulbs gonna look like this time next year dynamic has overused word but I say this is really like a dynamic workplace I've tried so many different things but I don't think I would have done previously or felt like I have your authority to advise on and being listened to in that capacity is great you have so much agency in your own role every day you can take action to like make a change in the industry make a change within the company so much of what we do is the accumulation of lots and lots of really important ideas there are so many other things within the company that I guess we didn't expect and that's due to one of the people that work at Bob who are amazing anywhere I look it's like one of my best friends are sitting next to me and I did not expect to have that close friendship at work as a pleasure to do work with you Dan Oh too

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