Gas-powered vs electric lawn mowers – which is right for you

with all the rain we may be getting you better have your lawnmower ready to go Carlos Diaz went down to Sullivan hardware to talk about the great mower debate which is better gas powered or electric that's right it is the great debate and we have Pat Sullivan from Sullivan Hardware here to break down the debate between should you have a gas-powered lawn mower or should you have not your debate mom cuz I'm gonna leave not much of a night give me your give me your plane for Howard Carlos you need power yeah the variety you get you can get some propelled you can get electric start sure all the different brands you can get mulching blades but power because the grass grows so quickly in the spring a lot of times it's three and a half four inches you need something like this okay and I'll give you also two of the yards and in Indiana are bigger than your normal yards like on the East Coast so that's right this can go longer because on this you're talking about maybe an hour before you have to recharge the battery so I'll give you that I mean that's you know you're going to take like a weekend to cut your lawn with nothing no I mean if you have batteries you know or if you can recharge it you know that kind of thing so the great thing about the electrics Consumer Reports say that finally electric lawn mowers are aware that gas-powered lawn mowers are as far as torque and power goes that is your battery no gas no oil no upkeep no spark plugs no power no you're getting bogged down in wet grass the great thing about these also too lightweight so you know you can't store that because you the gasoline has to stay in a certain place in the oil so I can pick this up and I can store it in my garage without using a lot of space you put it next to your electric car so that's one of the great things another great thing of course is emissions do you realize is a new study is new Swedish study out that says running this for an hour is the equivalent of running a car for a hundred miles will say I will concede that that was a shocker I really doing so maybe maybe we need to tweak this and make them a little more efficient make sure this is not the antigen but there's new ones though this is an amazing model here they have a new one called an ego which is getting rave reviews now here's the thing I'll give you this you want to have an ego you get one of these baby listen an evil electric borrowers in a runya around 500 $600 I know it's expensive home it's like even get a lawn mower for a couple hundred bucks these electric mowers are like that newfangled big TV that you have to get if you're an early adapter at an early adopter then you're gonna want what do you get a really sucker is what you are today was I this is the Indiana baby higher yours up real quickly here we go there we go there we go see oh yeah you can't fire because you got a private oh you have to prime it to get it done there we go okay thank you okay you can hear that I hear that feeling in comparison yard someone say why are you back you mean your lawn now for some of the small smaller tools though I agree the batteries come a long way a little blowers like that very nice yes II see have a battery of this and a lot and it's some of the newer models the battery in this interchange will look with the battery and that so it's kind of a nice thing so I'll just say I mean okay so you're giving it to me on this you're saying that I agree the whole line of tool string trimmers old bit so trimmers like trimmers back here even this will chainsaw where you can where you can change the battery out okay so these these you're giving the thumbs up to right you're saying it's not yet ready for this right here alright what are you doing just checking out my hair gotta keep that Hank or hair back to you guys

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