Hi Jay in here for energy partners
we're just down at a customer site in Logan where they are susceptible to
KVA demand charges and today we've got a Fluke Data logger power works clean power system connected
up here these are the units that we install for commercial businesses and
they do Surge & Spike protection harmonic filtration and power factor
correction and the power factor correction side is what we're going to
demonstrate today so here in front of us we've got our fluke data logger
it's a power analyzer and over on the left here you can see the different
parameters of electricity we've got KW active power kVa which is
the power that Energex supply you kvar the reactive power and the power factor
efficiency is a ratio between the top two
so kVa over here in 91 kVa is what Energex are supplying them however
they're only consuming the kilowatt demand and this is an effect because of
the amount of reactive power 52 kvar that the equipment is consuming but
doesn't effectively use and the power factor percentage is 80 percent of what
is supplied is being used so we're going to turn the power works unit on over at
the circuit breaker we now have a look at our data logger the first thing we
notice is the amount of kvar is halved the power factor efficiency has gone up
and now we can see 70 kVa to around 68 kW so these two measurements are coming
close up the kVa and the kilowatts are coming closer and the more we can reduce
to kVa and bring it closer to the kilowatts the more the customer will
save on their next bill on the following month thanks for listening you

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