Yes ~ It is a puddle bond Please ~ Let's do our best every day Yes let's do our best IPhone and android, respectively Eh ~ Calendar function I use quite a bit If you go down this way, the next month will be more and more bars, and the next month will be more and more … For now, this is a Yuyu calendar Every month Mind (laugh) How far ~ ぉ is it prepared ~ ah yes yes yes Now 2015 Yes Yes Yes Now this Up to 18 years 3 years ! # $% & '() (' &% $ ()) 2020 2062 e! ? 2102 Ahahahaha ww Just like people are running Isn't that so awesome? This is about 400 years away It ’s over! ? So tired I ’m not tired, I'm really going here but don't go here D ~ Yeah So, December 2037 At the end of "Shooting" Huh! When? It's also called "Gaki use".

Then line the day before, then After forgetting me Then, line 30 Yup Oh! Fast Fugu Oso no Oso No no One minute is about 800 years? Yup Oso No sooner Fugu I said 10 minutes Hahahahaha This is now, 2959 Because it flows so fast Once Oh, it's not at all 3,000 Hey, when is this really over? I'll start from scratch why? Ah! How far back can you go? It's interesting to come back Hey I went until 1970 No, this is not Many people are born in the past I'm just weak 1970! Should I do it for 0 years? Maybe It might be interesting Actually Hey No, now it's been 4000 years? Now, 4000 years With numbers Oh, are they being made more and more? this so e? So the capacity of mobile phones is getting smaller and smaller eh? I had been there for about 4500 years Should I do the opposite? do it Oh no No one is doing this, At all eh? It's interesting e? Can you see it? Wait a minute This may be a great discovery This is interesting, interesting Maybe I found a hole in Jobs Well, do you know this? 1937 Return to What I understand? this November but still November 5,12345,5,12 I guess the data was probably not entered I'm sorry Because the gold stamp was sent in 1957 Himiko? Isn't Himiko born? gradually Are you alright What do you think? Everyone 2 years This is January of the year Yes, what ’s going on here This is a little serious Yes To go From January 1 here There is! What about the display From one? 1 year Go back once, go up, go up Is that BC? So Yes Well Number goes up even though we go back OK, so it's the same as the years From 1 BC And probably We were on this side of 2000, right? Because this was infinite There is also infinity here Both are endless Yes That was today's puddle bond Yes, please subscribe Yes, thank you again tomorrow

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