Apple iPhone 11 hands-on

– This is the iPhone 11. The sixth phase and updates
to the wildly popular iPhone 10R. On the outside it looks
almost exactly the same. You got a 6.1 inch Liquid
Retina LCD display. Yep, it's still an LCD. It's covered in a stronger
glass this year though. On the back, the big change, two cameras. You've got the 12 megapixel,
wide angle F 1.8 lens, and then a new F 2.4 ultra wide angle that lets you see a lot more of the frame. Apple's calling them 1X and .5X. Those cameras are now
covered in a new camera bump that's integrated into this glass. So you've got the stronger glass here and then kind of a matte
finish camera bump, which is really interesting to look at. You kind of have to see it in person but it looks really cool. So you can see the new software interface for the camera and iOS 13
lets you see the wide angle while you're shooting
with the regular camera and you can push shot, you can zoom out, you can see way more of the frame, you can push in and then obviously you've
got the zoom slider here that lets you go all the way from wide, all the way to 5X digital zoom.

A lot of people asked me to tutor where the live photo icon moved. You see this icon here? The live photos are still right here, you can turn them on and off. This little arrow brings
up your options over here. So you got filters,
the timer, the framing. You got the live photo
button there and the flash. So that's all been hidden
away so you get to see more of what's going on down here. Of course, there's still the flash button and you can flip the camera around, get the new selfie camera, which shots in 4K, 6D,
and has a slow-mo video. I asked my friend Joanna Stern to help me shoot a slow-mo selfie. Let's check it out. The iPhone 13 has Apples
A-13 bionic processor, which is up to 20% faster
than the A-12 bionic in the iPhone 10R. It also offers up to an
hour longer battery life than the 10R, which I think is what most people will be most excited about.

And you can see it's
playing this game from Apple Arcade just fine Apple also announced Apple Arcade today, it's $4.99 a month for
all the games you can play from Apple Arcade. Videos also been updated from iPhone 11. You can shoot 4K 6D from both lenses, with the regular and the ultra wide. You can also shoot 4K 6D from the front. It's got that slow-mo selfie mode. And, check this out on the front camera You here, you turn it wide you'll see it pushes out wide. So you'll get a wide angle selfie. There's Deeter, Want Deeter out, you pull 'em in There's Deeter again, Here I am, THere's Deeter.

It's pretty good on the front camera. iPhone 11 starts at $699 and goes on sale September 20. It's available in six colors, let me see if I can get 'em all black, white, red, purple, yellow, green. That's it, that's the iPhone 11. Ready Go Give me a hair flip (laughing).

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