Unboxing The Samsung Galaxy S9 Clone

Hey, hey! Samsung Galaxy S9 + 诶! We are out of the box today! How is it possible that this phone has not been released yet? What's in this box! ? I think it should be a high imitation version of Samsung S9 This stuff was sent from China $ 100, I bought all three colors Look, here is a Samsung LogoLog If the package is broken, do not receive it But Nima did n’t even seal it. This font is a bit strange The real box for the S9 doesn't exist yet, so. . . The cell phone just turned on in the package I heard a shake just now OLED screen written on the box, $ 100, I really doubt it 12MP DP dual lens They think what the S9 box will look like, they just made it, and it ’s kind of decent.

Under normal circumstances, the phone will not fall Black ~ golden The charger looks almost the same as Samsung's Headphone, USB type-C interface Uh ~ Good workmanship, reasonable and reasonable A bit heavy Fingerprint identification moved to this position At that time, the fingerprint recognition of S8 and S8 + was sprayed miserably. Because the fingerprint is next to the camera and the shape is the same This design is much better And the camera seems to have fewer protrusions than before Help me get the S8 This is the fingerprint recognition position of the S8, as you can see, placed next to the camera Button layout is the same USB type-C interface The headphone jack is still there, then the speaker They still make the theme as similar to Samsung as possible. So this is definitely not the native Android, but the Samsung S9 system.

Touch feedback, a bit like a buzzer Considering this is a $ 100 device Operational delays are obvious and perceptible Considering this is a $ 100 device, don't think about top performance No OLED screen Considering that this is a $ 100 setup, don't even think about OLED screens. From my current perspective, this screen is really dim You see, this chin is much bigger than the real machine. Who would like the frame of the S9 real machine to be thicker than the S8? Try the camera Slow to exploding shutter speed hhhh but the effect is not as bad as I thought The interface of the Camera App is nothing like Samsung If the real S9 is so heavy, I ca n’t think of it I try fingerprint recognition, after all, this is the biggest improvement over the S8.

S8 fingerprints were really sprayed The user points out the shortcomings of the product, and the manufacturer listens to it and improves it. This is golden If you buy a real Samsung phone, it will definitely not be dirty when you take it out But this blue looks pretty It's black It looks a lot like the black of the S8. See how many fingerprints are on the back of the real machine These three are the colors Samsung has made before They call this champagne gold But honestly, if the real machine also looks like this, then S9 is an iteration. No major changes have been made to the previous generation Nothing revolutionary Of course, the glass back panel may have wireless charging, which is the trend after all But keep in mind, this is just a copycat Just speculation on S9, and then made the real thing Unless this cottage manufacturer is very confident that this is the final design Otherwise, I don't think they will make it real.

Of course I would not recommend you to buy this Crude Take a look at Youtube not good Do you want to stop trying the S8 speakers? Good ~~~~ A world of difference But this cottage S9 is still worthy of recognition $ 99 can do this, it's great However, I still do not recommend buying this Wait for the real machine This cottage version made me more curious about the final design of the S9 I have been using S8 for a long time Camera, screen are great All signs indicate that the S9 will make some improvements on the S8, and everyone is looking forward to it Of course I know that there are always hopes that the next generation of mobile phones will be redesigned, completely different, but this is not very realistic If the previous generation is great, then the next generation makes sense based on it But who knows, maybe S9 is my favorite phone.

See if this manufacturer can copy the Pixel 2XL If the dual lens configuration of the S9 is the one everyone wants Then this phone may be hot I hope the starting price is not $ 1,000 But no matter what, time will tell us everything If so, do n’t buy this copycat But it's pretty cool anyway .

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