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Press the bell Icon on the YouTube app and never miss another update All right Guys What up everybody so today I'll be Showing you Guys How to get free iphone from the official Apple Website I'm not even Kidding Make Sure To subscribe to my channel Because it Really Does Matter I'm Really Stuck on 3604 Subscribers to Make Sure you hit the subscribe Button and Without Further, due let's Get, Into the Video Alright so first of all you need to go to the official Website, by Searching apple Calm Yeah and you will need to select the iPhone Option Because you need a Phone right Click on iPhone and Just go to iPhone 7 Because That's Where you will get the free iPhone upgrade Program and What you need to do you need to scroll all the way Down and Search for iPhone Upgrade Program and On The Program I'll Just Show you yeah you can See
It'S an iphone Upgrade Program you'll need to Refresh it like A 10 to 15 Times In Order to get the Option of FREE iPhone upgrade Program you Getting me Right? so refresh it as much as Possible in Order to get the free iPhone Upgrade Program It Takes A lot of Patience To do it in to Refresh Like A 15 to 16 Times not even Kidding so let me Just Refresh it I'll just skip Probably.

Skip This Okay, Let's Refresh it again And then Let's go all the way Down and let's See the FREE Program Appeared or not Yeah f*** it is there the free Program has Appeared yes You Just need to click on it alright guys, the sad part has come again so you need to Refresh it like 15 Or 16 Times again in Order to get the free iPhone upgrade Program Should Let You Crash it Alright Guys So we've got this free from the Program So you need to click on and on now um SORRY Guys I Forgot to tell you guys that you'll need to create a new apple id If You Already have one You don't need to create it if you don't have on the search for create apple, Id and Just Click The first Link that is the Create Apple ID and Simply Create A new ID so let's get back to the apple Website And Guys I'm Really sorry
If I'm boring you guys Because I'm not Cutting any Frames so that you know this is not Inspect Element or Stuff it is Hundred Percent LEGIT and it Requires A lot of Refresh you know So let's select on iphone 7 Plus or you Can select Anything that's like an FREE iPhone 7 Plus you Can Already See it Says Zero per Month LOL F****ng INSANE Let Slide all the way Down Select by Without a carrier or you Can select a carrier thats up to you.

Let's select A color, i will choose a black one Yeah Choose the Black and Then Select A variant I'll just Choose 128gb Because if I take a bigger variant the people from apple would feel suspicious All Right so select our Variants and Stuff and Let's go all the way Down and you can see it Is $0 or One-Time Payment and if You Take the apple care it will cost you 129$ Dollars so I'll Probably not Take it and Just Click on Add to back Sorry Bag* and you need to go to your card so basically click on Right Guys as you can See it's Literally Done I'm in The Checkout Stage Right Now I'm Really, happy you know It's going to see the Prices are Zero Already and the Shipping tolosa, do, also so let's Check out Now you will in Turn Into your apple id Which you've Created, Previously Let's sign Into our Apple, Id All right so now Let's put all the Details About the sitting Address and Payment Let's Continue Just Properly Fill This Up and Alright Guys so this is after 1 week since I have Placed the order I finally got it so it Is the iphone 7 plus 128GB black F****ng INSANE Made in California It has got some Stickers on it The Paperwork and Stuff Let's put Them, on the Side These are similar to pin, also as you can See and Look At it Guys Be the Silly Egg iphone 7 plus meat Leg This Stock is Really Actually Look at that dual Camera Guys You See that This Stuff is Really sexy Honestly? Right Guys so that's it for the Video If you Have Any Queries and do Let me know my social Media Handles which will be linked in The Description Below and I'll See you in the next one.


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