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I'm not gonna beat the bush anymore and just get to the point. I'd like to give $2 to everybody. How the heck am I gonna do that? I'm giving it to you in the form of a credit card hack. In particular, this Discover card. About a year ago, I noticed there are such things as low-balance cancellation. In UNION 76 FREEMONT CA, I put in gas of $1.97. They would have this thing called "SMALL BALANCE CREDIT".
Minus $1.97. If the gas purchase is the only thing you have on the credit card, they will cancel it and you don't have to pay anything. So the trick to this is you have to use a credit card that you don't normally use. Spend a very low amount on them every month and there it is: you get your free money. Make sure you have automatic pay turned on. I advise not to use this credit card and buy really low amounts of stuff, like at a drugstore or something for $1.99.

First of all, you have to find the exact amount, right? And then you have to go in the checkout and actually use your credit card. And it might slow down the checkout lane or something; it'll annoy people. So we don't like to annoy anybody and still get away with cancelling out your low balance. The way I would do it is that you can just go to a gas station when no one's around and put in $1.99. And then you can just do it with as many cards as you have that you don't spend really. The thing with these credit cards is that right around November 25th, 2014, all the line of Chase cards They stopped doing cancellation.

Normally, they cancelled for anything less than $1. So if you spend $0.99, they would cancel out that. And you don't have to pay anything. Unfortunately, the party's over and you can no longer use that on a Chase card. A lot of people will be like, "Oh, my gosh. Such a low amount. I don't really care." But hey, $2 is $2. You don't want to just throw it away every month. It's like ehhh. If you don't have paperless statements turned on, it actually costs them quite a bit to send you the bill and actually mail it to you. The bill is usually in color and there's 4-5 pages. And it makes the whole envelope pretty heavy. I estimate it might take them maybe from $1-$2 to send all that to you. So it's actually cheaper for them to just cancel it out and not send you a bill. My experience is that sometimes when I don't have paperless turned on, they still send me a bill even though the bill gets cancelled. Which is really strange to me and I don't know why. So thanks for watching! Don't forget to click "Like" and "Subscribe" to my video.

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