Solar industry hires more people than Oil, Gas and Coal Combined

We have hard news
Lets bring it to you You know those people that say
that you know: uh solar power what's the big deal
Yeah! We need coal jobs! WE NEED COAL JOOOOOOBS
JOOOOOOOOOOOOOBS Well lets talk about jobs
lets get this Ok
More people are employed in solar in the United States than in coal,
gas and oil energy combined Combined. Combined. Combined. Yeah. According to a new report
from the U.S., Department of Energy Have you heard of them? That's, Yeap. Pretty big. Yeap. Solar power employed 43 percent
of the electric power generation sector work force int 2016 while
fossil fuels combined accounted for just 22 percent. Wow! So if you want jobs *cough* JOBS! You're wanna go green. And some people say: This is just
percentages, you're throwing around statistics – No, I'm giving you a number,
a hard number here: Just under 374,000 people were employed in solar energy
according to the report while gas, coal, and oil, all combined, had slightly more
than 187,000 people.

And solar energy added 73,615 new jobs in the U.S. (Those are the best kind of jobs)
Over the past year. Wind added a further
24,650 And here is a chart which I think shows
shows it visually And I would just pass this along you know? To that someone that you had at Christmas
or Thanksgiving that was arguing about coal Just pass this along to them.

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