sBooster BOTW Power & Precision Eco MK II linear power supply

or on the month ago who es boost it best of two worlds power and precision eco and watched linear power supply was once something perfection takes time and finally delivery to place [Music] ds had to insert product ben audio file your popes instead of the start of the medifirst morrell the best of two worlds meet for that squeezebox in 2015 the introduce much larger moodle takes the best of two worlds power booster and precision iko this fast leg replaced by mc drivers who were in. mobile was first available is 5 volt dc mobile about which time models became available at any fool teams 325 for volts dc [Music] by toucans or power supplies linia and switch mode the linear power supply like ds had to go inside since the beginning of electronics use the lies power supplies wants integrated in the devices that power we want be games mill a narrow way fucks with wanted to conquer the had there was a continents we ate out complications occurring since globules of mains frequencies and safety legislations differ from consumer content or even from country to country and especially for the cheap recruitment in a page at local safety you taste that is why the external power supply the wool words power brick comes into play the manufacture of let's say and network player by certified power supplies satellite mains voltage and the bright local profile of my local brushing in boxing with the stripes and well the streamer is a logo it is the sea power device that not snow certification wall the external power supply was already certified [Music] of the switch mode power supply baby fix it you trail way or working day work at any means full teach asia manufactures to-day about that swollen it becomes ni output voltage and amperage certified for world youth and the extreme lilo prices it seems to be doing such a group and there is the liesbos series audio switch mode power supplies she erased the design volts inch and a half and in very high frequency occasionally 100 kilo words or higher since the will be no account for the full teach you ready switched off soon concealers to get going a very tiny step down chance for me can be used since ds no risk or overheating and rectifier and and more salt filters pas is to the sea is like borrow jobs or floors for by free and than using and special there are two of these old debic it's wrong is that the melted wish forming is in human cheaper than the don't transform it for libya break plague and other hand is that such as switch mode power supply is capable of delivering tower instantly by design sw with lydia power they don't supply this clever designed to which used at switch fashion power supplies at only one disadvantage da by nature xtremelimo she and it takes a lot of effort to give you some noise two levels acceptable there for quick corio applications which can be done and see you might know cinema review of the also such an audio too workshops lps for power supply naf compare the sodm sps 500 pope apply to the ass had to text in that sodm other top women review and what is a performance what boat switch mode power supplies and more expensive and yes boot as specified the deliver a high account what we the specified for the switch mode absolutely absolute linear linear designs raise the flower bent the specified maximum cart and buy a shirt peaks [Music] one love prima could switch mode power supplies gates leverage designs not all i can he left the dc output bacon also produce the mains and so on negative influence of all components your stereo an it is so example was the for super audio cd player at philips that essentially was a factory u ranch design philips hr and they train what am that influence is marketing that pipe and then films because it needs something like a chip break pie so deep to praise the certain level Eefje plucked oil in the mains could axel web player sommer close trio stereo the sound quality thing reason cross knee just as with those audio connections for the fcc the player not connect it display one for me to the source the apple i always use mains filters for connecting switch mode power supplies that we keep the pollution from entering the switch mode power supply what to prevent the switch mode power supply found polluting but man does switch mode designs don't take the course is what the number of goods which will designs is a ltd [Music] the basic architecture of the him looked at us not change from that or something princesses let's open boat and show the next to each other means of difference at first sight maybe the power switch and year is see my sock it there nobody works it The PGB holding the queen is always mine silence and the land also this clean the input from high frequency pollution like switches to set him once holties of choice that is a priori to shipping to the right volt something for the destination ' and and put your site in that chain setting the transformer that follows is a custom-made audio greyjoy mobile de sec and side or the transformer bike that rectifiers the closure capacitors and the full teacher at you know and that is a switch to select the car photos the a very close together like my aunt and completed 12 13 and 14 point 5 volts that medal for the mobile of choice [Music] such as the difference in em catch you so is the different views holde de color of the pc bis differs and the cooling profile or the falls something you know first be slightly thick with his trivial with the left being arnold d yes p yes that transform well he is noralie electrostatic chili or something ef magnetic shielding it twents according to specialist oil that the magnetic shielding is still freewheel that pcb to redesigned to double sided well now to scupper issues twice twitter youtube the or so is a goal plated finish can be seen here that went where in tunnel is already high quality silver plate it beat with Teflon insulation your blood cable well it promotion in free copper conductors wider shielding it and broad it bespoke dc connector and also a goal to eat cables and the sea with attic high quality silver sales and the production is brought back from china ' europe where more attention to the chill is chickens and king two so they had to have been since that us had the product for arch my so tm is a polling station screeneo and the mytek brooklyn hi every place boat with img to version and immediately had problem how can a comfy this experience trio in the credible people you might have an all-road idea handsjes you the most or you the changes that myset one to the wind or the las tunas draw people are crisis collection of those sms-200 lady of the chord she hugs the mytek brooklyn booster power once win that sms-200 altura neo and now that engage with boosters that sms-200 ultra was a giant leap the pants link I claim refinement and every other step and the other from eggs that fit point to stay thing diddl would be there too and I know that mg to bring it on a step further the voices ire and after the step closer to perfection trench and sapphire and fix the background I get further to the back so pimples so if sorry is king well we share level der excelled members with my brother fitz since your house full of thing siety and this will be credible this would make them natural logic thai soup and he never had heard glockenspiel with clean what who massage in perspective or cools [Music] So attention when settle came is a dead end break you to the ass booster mg tube an application or college working to be my set oh just bread to a very well tweak system at the slider sting taste my future clear in media I am a set of 3 the difference between img want to lose you will be much more aiko a chai so since alia de nine it's well for version or the app page you and the raspberry pi nothing 5 volts dc my set up to eight master really be although oliebol i'm just an educated guess it's all about matching qualities putting racing thai under kia picanto residential source jorisco and for box this too so a front end the bikkers thief and his god was by placing the mgo men's boots round mike the one around that sodm neo as well clear improvement what sun is lesson like poco wiebe draijer how designs that s didn't have to help that the image quality of the bulgarian factry is clearly your sharks and third pay make it clear the fence from the third best components and small it soaked left anciaux drove intel more oil in did this in typed in tasted sound quality when you see my shadow came and unsure of so and my key to just wanna hear my dreams of the wall of the company and the product very much arnold barry two booster just after the manufacture or links here is the best product or eco pro league in the lower price a furry interest in do one review and has that jury dress to subscribe to this channel followme to the social media fill out this video please consider supporting the channel to page you no pay any financial support this much appreciated the link will be organic in the comments video in youtube help me help you from more people enjoy music at home by telling your friends on the road patrice chéreau aymes hans brookhuyzen fring for this and see winds just show or on there are do and jolly music here [Music]

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