do good die great merch is on sale for the next 24 hours get it it’s make sure that let’s jazz all the side when he eats for 24 hours [Applause] hello come on up so today I am going to be swapping at diets with my best friend jazz Paul who is completely addicted to fast food I have been dreading in this moment ever since you guys started commenting about letting jazz Paul decide what I eat letting jazz Paul do this and doing this with jazz well you guys say I should do a lot of things with jazz call that aren’t gonna happen and I know the guy’s a goddamn fast-food I because I just filmed a video on his channel with him where he was he guest almost in every single I’m gonna need your strength in today’s video I’m gonna need your strength in this video if I’m gonna make it through and get Oh God okay guys here we go come in it’s open the videos about to start when I snap my fingers our diets are gonna be swamped and we’re only gonna be able to eat things that the other person would eat for each meal I don’t know if you’ve been watching videos recently but I have magical powers now to make things happen in videos ready 3 2 1 [Music] [Music] okay there we go now we can only we are not allowed to eat anything we would eat our diets are now swapped so they just came inside me but like oh I love me what are you to say like that so the first meal is breakfast we’re gonna have one hour to go out and find anyone know what I want to eat not only do you want to eat do you have Ritz crackers in your pockets got it you’re not gonna be a believe that are you kidding me I’m gonna eat these on a day to eat all right I know you ate on it normally I would wake up and have a nice juicy grape and just swap one right into my mouth but I don’t get to eat grapes dude see that see pants are being swapped today let’s put one hour on the clock [Applause] as much as I would like to eat my normal breakfast this is for you wait to swap before you got a call [Music] are you a child are you okay what I need for breakfast you have eggs you have toast and you have a quad espresso on Isis this is a god damn Mick it’s a goddamn miracle oh my god what I think it died maybe this time that’s right where’s the ketchup ketchup are you – brown why did you not like about it what’s that oh it’s healthy protein and wheat and I end up losing yeah people don’t forget that do they even talk about cheating okay I’m looking your Instagram recently what be the first vitamin McGriddle is great my name’s great in the kitchen making them oh really hard to walk over to meet go and grab that and come behind you drove tomato tomahto be having anything yet today so I’m hungry but I dude this is you’re getting a bomb three foot one combo all right guys we’re gonna finish all of our breakfast next up is lunch this is a terrible chefs everybody in the comments saying we’ll just won’t assign what you meet and this is what happens look he’s suffering too so I hope you guys are happy I have grease running through my veins I’m gonna be oh I can fry fries in my toilet you can’t pee what do you mean I smell pee okay editor Derek you’re popping in um I have real Derek’s wallet here and I said just show you guys how he has absolutely not oh no yes he has a single dollar in his wallet and some someone has to pay for his coffee addiction so I would like to thank today’s sponsor audible so if you guys want me to Instagram you know I recently took a trip to Iceland while I was there there was so many long trips where I was just driving having nothing to do and audible was my savior if you’re unfamiliar with audible they have the largest selection of audiobooks on the entire planet even maybe even the other planet when I say largest selection they have something for everybody one of the ones I recently listened to is called minecraft the island which is a Minecraft story narrated by Jack Black Jack Black reads you of the book so if you want to have Chaplinsky games read you an entire book about minecraft and give it a try you can follow the link in my description for a 30-day free trial which includes one audiobook and two audible originals do you want to get your 30-day free trial and support Derek’s coffee addiction all you gotta do is go to audible.com slash d-squad or text d-squad to 500 500 and sign up today if you don’t like the audiobook you choose they will exchange it for free all right now we can get back into the video after we put something besides a single dollar at Derek’s wall there’s a cheese string and just fall go to audible.com slash alright so London I was hurt yeah okay okay okay so please guys like the video otherwise hurt will never let go of my ear there’s about five minutes away for the time that we are gonna get lunch normally for lunch what ie lunch is the halfway point throughout the day I like to rejuvenate my system with something healthy gives me a lot of energy okay kiss me Booth’s coffee just gives me motivation to continue on coffee please if you guys right now what I want you to do is leave in the comments down below do you need anything for a lunch like if you could bring your dream lunch to school what would it be then at one point one time I let my mom make lunch I mean I make my own lunch high school I’ll make my own lunches in elementary slumber one time I brought chicken noodle soup to elementary school and everybody called it P and they laughed at me and I ended up drinking my soup in the bathroom crying on the and now let us say that this video 250 million won though it is gonna be 12 o’clock in 5 4 3 2 1 we have one hour as of now to get our lunch that we are gonna swap yeah but you normally get for much special video oh I’m sorry so like I have to do this food on the table for my son [Applause] [Music] you don’t actually you don’t would you get something for Juke let’s just so we have our food here let’s swap drinks first I got a nice iced water I got a milkshake I want a strawberry hot roots it gives you energy it’s healthy for you why not this is healthy for you it’s summer this is water did you drink you everyone’s about healthy water or strawberries what I got is a nice Greek I didn’t know McDonald’s had this a nice Greek salad and of course I got no chicken because I would never get chicken on my salad know how much I hate don’t I would have went to my I would need this clear multiple times I would have gone to my normal salad place chopped leaf but that’s that would take me more than an hour so I had to go it was close this who goes to McDonald’s and gets water it’s all a drink day got myself a double Big Mac cuz you can’t go single on this boys and girls sorry I don’t want to discriminate against any other gender you know anything Jenner’s don’t even exist here don’t forgot a large fries with that you do not eat this on a regular basis you’re literally just trying to kill me so you can take my youtube channel no I don’t that didn’t even make sense awesome oh yeah this would normally look really good but after what are you doing so is dropping see that would make me feel so good right now you’re gross Sammi Donald’s milkshakes taste good for the first sip the hell is this hardened garlic pita chips like his quinoa he want is healthy for you is this too much work what’s the point it was gonna be a lot of work me trying to get my sorry I’ve been all over the freaking place yummy oh that is all me I shall try to work on this time dear one like you know life is so much effort make miss brought that thing there’s a workout and a meal what’s a workout and eat at the same time and this makes no sense you’re supposed to eat after you work out or before not during it doesn’t make sense it makes dollars do not play that marketing game on me right now you need a cucumber for me because like that idea of eating your cucumber right now makes me feel so happy a cucumber yeah all yours you come if I might even miss Tony this looks good tell me this what the fuck is that gonna finish off our lunch right here after that we have a snack before dinner like you just get me a coffee would you ever go to you know McDonald’s coffee Starbucks anything actually when your merge came out I started going to Starbucks quite a bit there’s might be still hope left for Derek in this video [Music] so at no point in a video have I been on the toilet dropping a massive just dump disgust sickness this early in the video this never happens this is usually the day after the challenge not midway through the day I’m snack is coming up and I know what I have as my snacks are today and I hope jazz pauses just somewhat just give me some sort of caffeine because I honestly don’t know what I’m gonna do about the rest of them then this is just not a sustainable diet to have for your life let alone throw out a single day if I have some caffeine at me it’ll definitely give me what I need to finish off this video complete this challenge I just don’t understand how someone could look oh gosh it one sec alright guys I don’t know how I’m gonna survive this I have two more meals left and I just literally oh I’m starting right now yeah I just thought I was supposed to be the one you know deciding when he has to eat for 24 hours how I get involved in this why don’t I always have to get involved it’s costing more energy I feel so drained right now I have a very high metabolism if you guys don’t know okay I’m a very skinny person because I need to eat I can’t do that while eating what Derek eats the only reason I think I’m okay right now is because literally it may be like a day or two ago I filmed a video on my channel so I’m gonna plug my video so there’s a reason why I don’t have a dick so learn it oh gosh is that okay [Music] Starbucks the best place to get a snack about you at ice oh I got myself technically an iced coffee and a cookie well it’s kind of crazy because I’m gonna Starbucks to a strawberry frappuccino delight and they’ve never had before you go oh you too girly you know what break the mold Derek break the boundaries be your own person you’ve got a strawberry milkshake and then a strawberry frappuccino first of all I’m not really too happy about this cuz I know I know why I won’t like it as much but you got me a cookie I do have high hopes for you but hopefully this cookie do you see this figure yeah it looks beautiful amazed of the only reason makes for the bitterness of the coffee is perfect what is it the taste of the diabetes mix with the other diabetes oh man that makes even the bathroom so bad every single time I’d say a certain level of coffee in my body this is all looks so good no reason country it’s not that bad yeah joking this is why I’m not being funny in this video there’s so much grease clogging my brain that I can’t attack the intellectual portion of my brain that I usually use to make these hilarious communique Oaks now I’m just already really oatmeal raisin you’re 24 years old stop acting like you’re 80 you know what oatmeal raisin is the best cookie [Music] this coffee is running straight through me I don’t know why Derek brings so much coffee how does that help and cannot be healthy there’s no way to be healthy yeah and neither is eating McDonald’s 17 times in one day Jasper feel like absolute crap right now I’m not talking you know healthy piece of crap I’m talking about full-fledged just flowing out of my bum bum it puts me in these uncouple situations and it’s some Oh God this is game just take a lot oh my god my body is not doing well right now guys it is just deteriorating as I speak to you right now my head hurts not only from all the sugar fat grease and salt I’ve been injecting into my body but I have not had a single sip of caffeine and it’s almost dinner time then when I did letting the person in front of me decide right like when I was letting random people sometimes entire families decide what I was eating and eating the same thing as them I didn’t feel as gross as I do just eating what jazz Paul eats in one – how disgusting is that it Donald’s for breakfast McDonald’s for lunch and for dinner what do you guys think it’s why do you think it’s gonna be I shouldn’t talk won’t that mean Wow okay and also normally when I’m filming alone you know I’ll be doing all this work throughout the day that I’ll take a nap halfway throughout the video so that I can get some energy but jazz ball no I can’t take a nap because he has real-life stuff to do he has a family is a job he’s a girlfriend I just have her I’m gonna do what I’ve been doing throughout this video being honest and getting what I actually get for dinner one of my favorite things to get for dinner is sushi so that’s probably why that’s weird when I’m gonna go and get right now because I’m honest guys you right now well that’s why you’re switching weird dude I just spent so much time at the washers before I had no you look back do you realize we only have an hour gooshie place is about good sushi I have to call it’s a 30-minute Drive they take 50 minutes to make it I can’t do it in an hour it’s a cucumber roll iced coffee yes you know how much acne I’m gonna have after this video you know so I saw no wonder it tastes bad you’re saying sometimes you get a double Big Mac for lunch and then a normal Big Mac for dinner is that you’re trying to tell me right now going wrong with that is the 10th anniversary yeah respect your elders also look around for 10 years no 1956 that is that’s right are you freaking kidding me [Music] [Music] just call it a day yes I can end the whole thing where you know we can’t eat this and they’ll swap booze and everything but we gotta go through the whole what’s works eating TNT I would much rather go through again and then eat this I agree we’re gonna switch back and end this challenge in three one [Music] call me oh okay thank you guys so much for watching it this video good to be home oh it’s so excited to eat sushi in my entire life oh my god how can you not like this now is gonna do it for swapping diets with my fast food addicted friend I’m sorry guys I’m really so longer I can do this we didn’t do dessert because I don’t want to know what Jess won’t let me guess I’m McFlurry my you spin gum another Big Mac maybe you should have all the link in the description to check out the video we did on Jenna’s policin channel it was a kind of a fast-food forget merch is on sale for 24 hours after this video has gone up thank you guys so much for making it to the very end always remember the motto of do good diagram I will see you all in the next video I’m never filming with this guy again

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